10 Best-Selling Comics of the Decade

Despite a new age of technology, comic books still hold their place among its many readers. From action to comedy, comic books bring to us a good story, entertainment, and a great hobby. Comics can se

Despite a new age of technology, comic books still hold their place among its many readers. From action to comedy, comic books bring to us a good story, entertainment, and a great hobby. Comics can sell thousands of issues in a month and millions within a year, depending on its popularity. Have you ever wondered what the 10 best-selling comics in the past ten years are?

The list below highlights the top-selling comics of the decade. The comics are from the ingenious teams of DC and Marvel, who have done nothing but give us exquisite art, unique heroes, differential plots and, more importantly, a comic reading experience that will never be forgotten by its loyal readers and fans.

10 Justice League of America #1 (250,847 Unit sales)

Bringing back the United States’ favorite super heroes to fight the crimes of the universe, Justice League of America is one of the best-selling reboot comics of all time. With in-depth plots, many story arcs and heroes in colorful outfits and personalities, avid readers have considered it “hard to put down”. Justice League of America #1 sold 100,000 more copies than expected and is considered one of the best-selling comics of the century. The comic was written by Brad Meltzer, who also wrote the well-known Identity Crisis #1. The fine artwork throughout the comic is the work of Ed Benes.

9 Action Comics #1 (250,898 Unit sales)

This best-selling first issue reboot brings Superman, the most popular superhero of all time, back to his roots when he was young, inexperienced and had only a fraction of what his powers are today. Created by writer Grant Morrison and artist Rags Morales, the book was launched as five years in the past of the new DC 52 Wave. It was among the best-selling along with Detective Comics.

8 Batman # 1 (262,379 Unit sales)

In Detective Comics, writer Scott Snyder had used Dick Grayson as Batman just prior to the prelaunch of the DC new 52. Batman now goes back to the story of the original hero, Bruce Wayne. Artist Greg Capulo and Scott Snyder joined forces to make a comic of pure art and plot, as readers would put. The comic has had tough competition with the other Batman titles in Detective Comics, Batman: The Dark Knight and Batman and Robin. However, it still reigns as one of the top selling comics of the decade and of the DC new 52 wave itself.

7 Secret Invasion #1 (262,975 Unit sales)

Secret Invasion #1 was released after months of building up. Drawn by Leinil Francis Yu and written by Brian Michael Bendis, Secret Invasion ranks as one of the best-selling Marvel Comics. The comic had been hinted in many previous ones, dating back to The Avengers #1 in 2004. The story line focuses on some of Marvel’s heroes banding together to create a group known as Illuminati to fight against the Skrull Empire. It was well received for its strong introduction, good pacing, and fine art. An estimate of over 260,000 copies were sold and it falls just behind the second issue of the series.

6 Infinite Crisis #1 (269,991 Unit sales)

Created by current DC chief officer Geoff Johns and illustrated by Phil Jimenez, this best-selling comic was sold a year after the release of Identity Crisis. It was made as a sequel to the mid-80's Crisis on Infinite Earths.

5 All-Star Batman and Robin the Wonder Boy #1 (276,017 Unit sales)

Famous writer Frank Miller Art and renowned artist Jim Lee make the best-seller list with All-Star Batman and Robin the Wonder Boy. The story features the beginnings of Batman and Robin when Bruce Wayne witnessed young Dick Grayson’s family die right before his eyes. Intense action in the plot, guest stars within the script, and a share of the story fifty-fifty between the superhero and the sidekick made the story all the more exciting. Miller and Lee deliver the Dynamic Duo in a way that has never been presented before and has continued to surprise and satisfy readers with the unique dialogue, art, and adventure presented into one.

4 Captain America #25 (317,713 Unit sales)

People were shocked and stunned when Marvel Comics killed Captain America in the issue after the Civil War. The death of the iconic figure, who was loved by everyone, made nationwide headlines. Despite being reborn in an issue in 2009, people have not forgotten the tragic plot twist of March 2007 when the hero of America died.

3 Civil War #2 (341,856 Unit sales)

Marvel’s Civil War issue brought an unknown story plot to the world: heroes vs. heroes. Iron Man and Captain America go against each other with superheroes on each side, fighting for fine philosophical lines between them. Surprises, suspense, and twists embedded the comic of superhero war. One good example was Spiderman’s revelation of his true identity, Peter Parker. Written by Mark Millar and illustrated by Steven Mcniven, the comic sold its way to the top ten list.

2 Justice League #1 (361,138 Unit sales)

Justice League #1 was the first issue of the first book in the DC new 52 wave. The comic was clamored for being the rebirth of the old Justice League comic and presented an entirely new image of the superhero guild without losing their traditional touches. The relaunch issue was done by the dynamic DC pair Geoff Johns and Jim Lee. Its unit sales were a combination of sales, reprints, reorders, and the polybagged combo packs. Despite many controversies on the differences and other problems in the story, it still sold over 360,000 copies and ranks second in this list.

1 Amazing Spiderman #538 (530,500 Unit sales)

Marvel’s Amazing Spiderman reigned as the top-selling comic of the decade with the 538th issue. This was mostly due to Barack Obama’s appearance in the issue, specifically a back-story by Zeb Wells and Todd Nauck. It was released just two months after his election and was considered the “Special Inauguration Issue.” Due to its relation to politics, it affected the audience immensely, gaining nationwide press coverage and drew people from beyond the comic book crowd.

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10 Best-Selling Comics of the Decade