10 Best Fan Theories About 2015's Movies (So Far)

If there's one thing you can definitely say about all movies, it's that they get people talking. Whether it's a movie everyone loves or a terrible movie that's universally hated, there is always a reason to talk about it.

Generally, the talking points are things that actually happened in any given movie, but these days more and more movie fans are talking about theories that they have come up with themselves regarding what they watch.

A famous example - just so you know the kind of thing we're dealing with here - would be the theory that Joel Schumacher's Batman Forever and Batman and Robin are movies taking place within Tim Burton's Batman universe. The basis for that theory stems from things like Gotham City going from a dark, gothic place to looking like a neon camp-fest and therefore not possibly being in the same continuity - the idea being that Batman retired after Batman Returns and the film-makers of that universe took it upon themselves to make a kid-friendly movie franchise about his exploits.

With that in mind, let's take a look through some theories fans have come up with regarding this year's biggest movies. Here are the ten best fan theories about 2015's movies (so far). This article contains spoilers for some of 2015's biggest movies.


10 It's An Early Version Of The Matrix (Jupiter Ascending)

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While this particular fan theory was only suggested briefly in a tweet (and therefore not in much detail at all), it's still very interesting. It suggests that the existence seen in the Jupiter Ascending movie is actually an early version of The Matrix - one that the Architect (the Matrix's creator) made as a failed prototype prior to finally achieving success with the Matrix seen in the movies.

The complex nature of the Jupiter Ascending universe makes this theory sort of make sense. And Mila Kunis's Jupiter was "special" in a very similar way to Keanu Reeves' Neo. She could be "The One" of that reality.

9 It's Directly Connected To District 9 & Elysium (Chappie)

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This year's Chappie already has an obvious connection to both 2009's District 9 and 2013's Elysium in that they were all directed by Neill Blomkamp - but a fan theory suggests that they all take place in the same universe and are part of the same story.

It's quite an in-depth theory but, in a nutshell, the idea is that all three movies represent the same global populace evolving to fear different things it doesn't understand - because that's what happens in that timeline. First, it's the District 9 aliens, which results in the development of the robotic police force seen in Chappie. Then, it's the fear of that very artificial intelligence, which has resulted in those who can afford it moving off the Earth and becoming fearful of the poor, lower class people who were left behind in Elysium.

8 Harry Hart Faked His Death (Kingsman: The Secret Service)

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In Kingsman: The Secret Service, Colin Firth's Harry Hart AKA Galahad appeared to perish at the hands of Samuel L. Jackson's Richmond Valentine following a mass brawl (Hart appeared to be the sole survivor prior to Valentine shooting him).

However, although Hart appears to fall backwards and die, a fan theory states that he is actually still alive and will return in a potential sequel. His dead body is never shown and, given that the movie parodies spy-genre tropes, he will reappear seemingly inexplicably. Throughout the whole movie, Hart wanted Taron Egerton's Eggsy to get the Kingsman job, but he failed. Hart thus faked his own death to give Eggsy the push he needed (kind of like what Nick Fury did with The Avengers after Phil Coulson "died").

7 Ben Is Responsible For The Whole Thing (San Andreas)

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This is something of a cruel fan theory, centered around Hugo Johnstone-Burt's Ben Taylor, which suggests Taylor is the cause of all of the terrible events (earthquakes etc) in San Andreas. It's extremely far-fetched and unlikely, but it's very interesting nonetheless.

It suggests that he stumbled upon Blake's (Alexandra Daddario) Facebook profile, believed she was perfect for him and that his mother would love her, and hatched a devious plan to win her affections. He placed explosives along the unstable San Andreas Fault, headed to San Francisco and let his evil plan unfold. Taking his brother (because he knew their bond would grow in a disaster situation and saving him would make him look good), he sought Blake out (knowing she would have some survival instincts of her own, thanks to her father - a fireman played by Dwayne Johnson) and "saved her" (knowing the exact extent of what his explosives would do i.e. he knew he wouldn't be killed, but would look brave anyway. Basically, he caused the earthquakes to get the girl.

6 Bryan's Daughter Was The Bad Guy All Along (Taken 3)

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This fan theory suggests that the biggest "victim" in the Taken series is actually the mastermind behind it all. Why? Because she wants to take advantage of the life insurance policies taken out by her parents and step-parent.

It suggests that she arranges a deal for her mother and stepfather to be killed by the Russians so that she is the sole beneficiary. The plan would also make her father Bryan spring into action, which is key to her plan. If he gets sent to prison or dies, the Russians will kill her stepfather and get his money, while she will get the already dead mother's money. If her father kills the Russians, she would still be a part of the now wealthier estate. Given her rather abrupt attitude towards her father, in spite of what he's done for her, this makes sense in a twisted way. And, given how she acts like a "normal" teen, in spite of the supposedly awful things that have happened to her, it adds weight to the theory.

5 Caleb Is A Robot (Ex Machina)


An Ex Machina fan theory suggests that the main human character in the movie - Domhnall Gleeson as Caleb Smith - was actually a robot. And it's quite a convincing argument once you actually realise why it's been suggested.

There are a number of reasons and these are just a few; First, when Caleb realises that Oscar Isaac's Nathan is working on artificial intelligence, Nathan is upset - could this be because he had created Caleb and didn't want him to see through the ruse? Nathan also mentions that Caleb would be monitored constantly and that he would be tested just as much as Ava - Ava being a robot. Caleb often doesn't "get" jokes either, suggesting he lacks the humour of humans. And he is also suggested to be there to "ask the right questions," as if he is programmed as such.

4 The Characters Know They're In A Movie (Furious 7)

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This is a fairly simple theory, but one that certainly makes sense - the characters in Furious 7 know they're in a movie. Why? Well, because they know that they couldn't possibly survive some of the stunts they pull off in "real life" situations.

This, of course, could apply to any number of action movies, but the Fast and Furious movies in particular have stunts in them that are beyond ridiculous and have people doing things that they should have no right to attempt. In Furious 7, for example, there was a lot of jumping between buildings that totally defied physics and there was the time when Dom was cornered on that cliff and just drove off it. Surely they knew in a "real life" situation that those stunts would kill them?


3 Tom Hardy's Mad Max Is A Different Character To Mel Gibson's (Mad Max: Fury Road)

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Mad Max: Fury Road starred Tom Hardy as the titular character - the same Max played by Mel Gibson in the previous movies in 1979, 1981 and 1985. But was that actually the case? A fan theory suggests that Hardy's Max is actually a different character altogether - but it suggests he's one that people familiar with the franchise will know all too well.

It suggests that Hardy's Max is in fact the feral kid from Mad Max 2. You remember him? A mute, grunting little boy - played by Emil Minty - who was extremely and deadly talented with a boomerang? The reasons for this theory are threefold; First, Hardy's Max has in his possession a music box that Gibson's Max gave to the feral kid in Mad Max 2. Second, when Furiosa (Charlize Theron) asks him his name, he hesitates to answer and then grunts like the kid did. Third, given that the events were meant to happen after the previous movies, Max looks younger and that makes no sense if he's the same man.

2 Ultron Was Part Of Thanos's Plans (Avengers: Age Of Ultron)

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When Thanos appeared in the mid-credits scene of Avengers: Age of Ultron, he said "fine, I'll do it myself," suggesting that he was sick of his henchmen failing to acquire or hold on to the Infinity Stones on his behalf. However, people found this weird, as there were none of his henchmen in that movie. Or were there?

A fan theory states that Thanos gave Loki the sceptre in the first Avengers movie with the creation of Ultron in mind. He knew Loki would fail and knew that the Infinity Stone located in the sceptre would activate an artificial intelligence on Earth - essentially he placed it inside the sceptre as a Trojan horse - and it was his plan all along to have Ultron inside Vision's body working as his agent on Earth. Of course, that idea failed and, as a result Thanos was ticked off, hence the mid-credits scene.

1 Chris Pratt's Owen Grady Is Jurassic Park's "Six Foot Turkey" Kid (Jurassic World)

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A very cool fan theory relating to Jurassic World states that Chris Pratt's character Owen Grady is actually a grown-up version of the mouthy little kid at the start of Jurassic Park. The kid - listed as "volunteer boy" in the credits - questions the ferociousness of Velociraptors at an archaeological dig - calling them "six foot turkeys" - prompting Alan Grant to explain how they would eat him alive if he encountered and order him to "show a little respect."

Owen Grady is a Velociraptor trainer and handler in Jurassic World and explains that his relationship with them is based on "respect." Could it be that the volunteer boy learned his lesson and took an interest in Velociraptors, resulting in him getting a job at Jurassic World? It's certainly an interesting idea - though the actor who played the kid (Whit Hertford) attempted to shoot it down on Twitter.

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