10 Best Ever Celebrity Dolls, Ranked

Ever since Barbie's launch in 1959, the doll has been a toy phenomenon. Over the years, the Barbie collection has grown to include family members, pets, occupations... And celebrity lookalikes.

Having a doll created of a real-life person acts to immortalize them, and can be a highly sought after honor. An A-lister knows they've made it when they have a doll created in their likeness.

Some buy these dolls for their children, others for collection purposes, and in some cases, only a select few dolls are made in order to be auctioned off for charity. Most, though, are available for widespread purchase, piggy backing on certain pop culture phenomena and ensuring that the Barbie tradition continues going strong down through the generations.

As time and technology march on, the demand for these dolls hasn't lessened, and new celebrities are having dolls made of them every year.  Some have left much to be desired, with a very poor likeness, but some have been particularly impressive. The following ten are the very best of the best celebrity Barbies to grace shelves.

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10 The cast of Mad Men

via entertainment.time.com

Mad Men has raked in huge numbers of viewers and has a large, dedicated fan base. Set in the 1960s, the show takes its name from the term given to those who worked as advertisers on Madison Avenue. This 60s' charm is seen in the dolls of those who star in the series. The dolls first became available in July of 2010.

They were designed by Project Runway contestant Robert Best, with exquisite detail and a unique charm and style that's perfectly aligned with the hit TV series. The dolls mirror their real life counterparts, down to the clothes, hairstyles, and facial expressions commonly seen on the show.

9 Beyoncé

via nlcafe.hu

Beyoncé has had multiple Barbies dolls made of her, both commercially and by individuals, but perhaps the most iconic dolls are from her Destiny's Child era.

The above doll resembles the star almost startlingly, and great pains have been taken to model her facial features as closely as possible. The doll is wearing a pink gown, similar to one the star once famously wore.

Beyoncé recently hit headlines in a different Barbie-related way: In a birthday party for her daughter Blue Ivy, she and husband Jay-Z purchased a diamond encrusted Barbie as a gift. The doll cost $80,000 and included 160 diamonds.

8 Taylor Swift

via eBay.com

Taylor Swift has millions of fans, has won multiple prestigious awards, and her music continues to top the charts. As an idol for many young girls, it's no surprise that there's a demand for her dolls. Many of the TayTay dolls attempt to recreate her style and music, but most are generic and don't bear much facial resemblance to the singer.

The above doll, however, was a one-of-a-kind repaint which sold on eBay for over $130 in 2011. No Taylor Swift-branded doll has come close to her likeness before or since.

7 Lindsay Lohan

via flickr.com

At one point, Lindsay Lohan really did have a promising career. It was at this point that a doll was made of the starlet, for the My Scene collection. She was to appear in the My Scene movie, too.

The doll became available in 2003, but since then, as her career went downhill and into very kid-unfriendly territory, merchandising also halted. This My Scene doll is still being collected though, and pictures Lindsay at her peak. The doll is wearing a fashionable outfit and has Lohan's signature freckles and red hair.

6 One Direction

via nydailynews.com

These One Direction dolls have been immensely popular, especially when they came out around Christmas. The dolls premiered at the peak of the band's popularity, ensuring thousands of sales. The stars have had different dolls made in their likeness, including singing dolls. The dolls come with an outfit modeled after the real thing, microphone and the ability to sing "What Makes You Beautiful." The singers' hair is moulded on and each member of the band has a unique outfit and facial expression. Many fans, both young and old, bought all the dolls in the collection in order to put them on display.

5 Prince William and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

via searchpp.com

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge have been popular figures in Britain and North America alike and after their marriage, they became available in doll form. The dolls are modeled to look like the couple on their wedding day, and were released on the royal couple's one-year anniversary.

The Barbie dolls were initially sold for £99.99 and proved to be very popular items. Along with this pair, Barbie has also created British dolls for Harry Potter and JK Rowling. Kate Middleton is wearing her floor-length wedding gown and signature diamond earrings. Prince William dons his Irish Guards colonel's suit which he wore on their wedding day.

4 Jennifer Lawrence

via noeling.deviantart.com

Following the success of The Hunger Games movie series, a number of dolls have been made of the star, Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence. The Barbies are dressed as Katniss appears during the Games, complete with bow and arrows, braided hair and functional outfit. However, the dolls' facial similarities to Lawrence were unimpressive.

The Barbie doll above was given a makeover by an artist named Noel Cruz, bringing it from underwhelming to incredible. Cruz has been responsible for a number of other doll makeovers, including Angelina Jolie.

The incredible detail of the artist's Katniss doll and its uncanny similarity to Lawrence earns it a spot on the list of best celebrity dolls.

3 Nicki Minaj

via bet.com

Nicki Minaj is another celeb that has seen her likeness recreated in the form of a Barbie Doll. The star was delighted to learn of the doll's creation, especially since it was then auctioned off for charity. Proceeds went to Project Angel Food, a charity that feeds people affected with AIDS.

The doll itself is wearing a pink gown and has matching pink hair, which is modeled after Minaj's own unique style. It's posing with its hands on its hips and is smiling in a way characteristic of Minaj. Its style and detail, plus its charitable goal, make this doll a contender for one of the best celeb Barbie dolls.

2 Katy Perry

via charitybuzz.com

Katy Perry's custom doll was also auctioned for charity. It features the singer in her distinctive California dream outfit and has many intricate details. It has hand-painted cupcakes, bright blue hair and sparkly Swarovski crystals in the stockings. The doll even has hand-painted tattoos and a candy cane mic.

The singer was exceptionally pleased with the doll, and when she holds it, the resemblance is uncanny. The Katy Perry California dream doll also comes with a certificate of authenticity for those who purchase it.

1 Farah Fawcett

via extravaganzi.com

This Farrah Fawcett doll is created to copy the famous Charlie's Angel poster, complete with facial expression and pose. The original poster was a record-breaker, selling millions of copies way back in 1976. Today, this doll brings back the charm and appeal of that vintage poster. This Barbie doll, when it was first released a few years ago, sold out incredibly fast; it is a highly collectible doll and a favorite with fans everywhere.

The doll also features those signature golden curls and red swimsuit, as well as the rug which sits behind her. Such a well made and collectible doll was instantly successful, and continues to be highly sought after in the collector's market.

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