10 Best Celebrity Feuds We Didn’t See Coming in 2015

Celebrities enjoy the exceptional advantages of financial prosperity, professional success, and public notoriety. This glamorous lifestyle keeps us very curious and intrigued regarding the lives of celebrities. However, fame can also require celebrities to engage in high-profile feuds that are perpetuated throughout the media, publicized by the press, and relished by the masses. Although celebrities might seem friendly and harmless, feuds can impel them to take out their artillery and deliver vicious blows of disrespectful remarks and merciless insults against their rivals. The feuds then provide the media and the public with a valuable sense of entertainment. For instance, we enjoy hearing about which famous superstars are fighting, the various details and storylines that facilitated the feuds, and the many attacks and counterattacks unleashed by the stars as the feuds develop and intensify.

Even the most prestigious and knowledgeable Hollywood insiders experience difficulties trying to predict which celebrity feuds will emerge in a given year. Many times the feuds that generate among superstars can be shocking due to the unexpected people involved in the battles and the brutal verbal blows fired by the stars. 2015 stimulated several surprising and intense celebrity feuds that we simply didn’t see coming. You might be surprised and delighted to hear about some of the most shocking celebrity feuds that developed in 2015, the storylines associated with the feuds, and the many ruthless attacks and devastating insults launched by the celebrities that we revere and admire.

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10 Taylor Swift vs. Nicki Minaj


9 Kylie Jenner vs. Amandla Stenberg


The 2015 celebrity feud between Kylie Jenner and Amandla Stenberg was sparked by a controversial hairstyle. The squabble began when Jenner shared Instagram photos of herself sporting a cornrow hairstyle that is commonly attributed to black culture. Apparently, the Hunger Games star Amandla Stenberg, was not amused by Jenner’s new hairdo. Stenberg responded on Twitter by condemning Jenner for wearing a cornrow hairstyle that traditionally reflects black culture while failing to ever address important issues that typically confront black culture, such as racism or police brutality. Jenner then retaliated with a Tweet telling Stenberg to just go hang out with Jaden Smith. This was a subtle yet effective dig. Although Jaden Smith took Amandla Stenberg to the high school prom, Smith has also been romantically linked to Kylie Jenner. This romantic triangle may have also motivated the hairstyle feud between the two young celebrities.

8 Kelly Osbourne vs. Katie Hopkins


The feud between Kelly Osbourne and Katie Hopkins was especially viscous and nasty. This feud was generally instigated by Hopkins. The Celebrity Big Brother star unleashed a Tweet that ridiculed Osbourne’s appearance and outfit for the 2015 Oscar Ceremony, the Tweet compared Osbourne to a troll, and Hopkins even displayed images of a troll to validate the comparison. An extremely offended Osbourne then retaliated by Tweeting that Hopkins is a sad and insignificant old woman. However, Hopkins had her insult arsenal ready and quickly countered with a Tweet contending that Kelly has no accomplishments of her own and is only famous because of her rock star father, Ozzy. While Hopkins is known for her uninhibited remarks about other celebrities, mocking Kelly Osbourne’s red carpet attire sparked a long and ruthless war that was primarily fought on the rough and dangerous Twittersphere battlefield.

7 Lil Wayne vs. Birdman


In a classic record label dispute, 2015 saw an intense feud erupt between prestigious musician Lil Wayne, and Cash Money Records owner Birdman. Lil Wayne operates the Young Money Label, which is owned by Birdman’s Cash Money Records Company. However, in 2015 Lil Wayne launched a series of attacks against Birdman in interviews, songs, and on Twitter. In the attacks, Lil Wayne criticized Birdman for ripping off his artists and expressed his desire to leave the Cash Money label. Birdman responded to the bombardment of attacks by indicating that Lil Wayne is being petty and greedy regarding financial issues and that Lil Wayne has been incompetent regarding business affairs. After a merciless exchange of insults, Lil Wayne launched a lawsuit against Birdman and his Cash Money Records Company. As a result, this contentious feud should linger until the victor is officially decided in the courts.

6 Ronda Rousey vs. Floyd Mayweather


Another surprising feud involved former UFC champion Ronda Rousey vs. legendary boxing champion Floyd Mayweather. The fighting was unleashed as the two brawlers took turns exchanging relentless verbal blows through the media. Mayweather threw some jabs by stating in interviews that Rousey would never be able to match his exceptional status as a fighter or the superior TV ratings of his boxing events. Rousey then threw some counter punches by mocking Mayweather for beating up on women and by implying that he was illiterate. The two continued to trade blows through the media, even implying a desire to fight each other in the ring. However, Mayweather scored another point in the latest round of the feud. In November of 2015, Rousey suffered a devastating UFC loss in which she was beaten, dominated and knocked out by the underdog Holly Holms. A few days after the loss, Mayweather posed in a highly publicized photograph with Holly Holms to add insult to Ronda Rousey’s many injuries.

5 Anthony Bourdain vs. Guy Fieri


While famous celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, has been attempting to start food fights with other chefs for years, in 2015 he hurled salty insults at Guy Fieri to generate a fierce feud among famous foodies. Most reports credit Bourdain for initiating the feud. In numerous interviews, Bourdain mocked Fieri’s bleached hair and flamboyant fashion styles, called his enormous restaurant a “terror-dome,” and insulted his food selection and chef skills. Guy Fieri then retaliated by hurling some juicy insults of his own towards Bourdain. In a series of interviews, Fieri stated that he detests Bourdain, that the outspoken chef has serious issues, and that he is a coward for only serving insults through the media. The chefs should continue to cook up delicious insults, dish out humorous attacks, and fill our celebrity feud appetites for a long time.

4 Kylie Jenner vs. Blac Chyna


The feud between Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna was sparked by the typical cause of a good catfight: a boy. Blac Chyna was previously engaged to rapper Tyga, the couple had a son together, and Chyna was naturally upset when Tygra broke up with her and began dating Kylie Jenner. Many different battles emerged in this extensive feud. Kylie Jenner mocked Chyna by posting an Instagram picture of her wearing a watch that was identical to a watch Tyga had previously given to his ex girlfriend, thus reminding Chyna that she stole her boyfriend and was now wearing her watch. Blac Chyna struck back hard and quick with a series of relentless Instagram attacks. The photos posted showed an old picture of her with Tyga, text messages of Tyga begging to rekindle their relationship, and then Blac Chyna wearing fake and inflated lips to mock Kylie’s dramatic and infamous lip-puffing job. However, after Kylie counterattacked by referring to Chyna as an old and ugly ex-stripper, the offended Blac Chyna challenged Kylie to a fight. Although no physical blows have been exchanged as of yet, the verbal attacks and social media insults have intensified to wild and entertaining levels.

3 Miley Cyrus vs. Nicki Minaj


The highly publicized Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj feud was displayed on television and in front of the world during the 2015 MTV Music Video Awards. Prior to the award show that was hosted by Miley Cyrus, the young pop star insulted Minaj during an interview in which she was asked about Minaj being upset regarding her “Anaconda” video not being nominated for Best Video. Cyrus responded by indicating that Minaj was being a jealous, angry, and mean-spirited person. The comments backfired when Minaj won an MTV Video Music Award and was afforded the opportunity to stand on stage and speak in front of the world. After vocalizing a gracious acceptance speech for the award, Minaj menacingly turned to Miley Cyrus and shouted, “Back to this b*tch that had a lot to say about me the other day in the press; Miley, what’s good?” As the camera shifted to a shocked and terrified Miley Cyrus, the teen star attempted to placate her aggressor by claiming that the media manipulated her comments. However, from across the stage Minaj stared down Cyrus with an evil-eye while screaming at the host in an incredibly tense and heated on-air moment that would immediately go viral.

2 Meek Mill vs. Drake


The Drake and Meek Mill feud began with a single shot fired on Twitter. Meek Mill is apparently not a fan of Drake’s rapping and was offended by critics comparing him with Drake. Meek Tweeted that he is not at all similar to Drake, he criticized Drake for not writing his own songs, and he insisted that people stop comparing him to such an inferior rapper. The series of insulting Tweets eventually impelled Drake to jump into the battlefield and to strike back with offensive comments of his own. Drake launched his counterattack against Meek by criticizing him in interviews and by releasing a diss track to insult Meek with catchy rhymes. The two rappers then traded blows in interviews and with diss tracks, as Meek continued to contend that Drake is a hack who does not write his own songs, while Drake continued to defend his song-writing style and criticize Meek for being jealous of his status. This intense battle and ongoing rap war has been further exasperated as many other rappers have taken sides and entered the fight.

1 Katy Perry vs. Taylor Swift


The feud between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry erupted and soared to epic heights in 2015. Although the two pop stars had previously been friends, several moments curtailed the friendship and generated a contentious rivalry that magnified throughout the year. Apparently the stars became enemies when Katy Perry attempted to steal many of the backup dancers and production professionals from the Swift camp. Afterwards, Swift expressed her contempt for Perry in several interviews and with her song, “Bad Blood”. Katy Perry then retaliated during her 2015 Superbowl halftime performance. During the performance, Perry clothed herself and her backup dancers in an awkward and high-wasted polka dot outfit to deliberately mock the same infamous outfit worn by Swift. This poured fuel onto the fire, and throughout the year the two stars exchanged an abundance of insults in interviews and on Twitter. The intensity of the rivalry and the animosity between the stars even required award ceremony producers to diligently keep the Swift and Perry armies separated from each other during the many ceremonies that were attended by both superstars. As the millions of fans for both Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have begun standing behind their respective heroes, this royal war between the two pop queens should provide us with many more catty moments and entertaining battles.

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