10 Beautiful Stars Who Were Dumped In The Worst Ways

No matter how hot, rich and famous some people are, this doesn't protect them from being dumped. It's happened to the best of us. Unfortunately, being the most sought-after actress or artist in Hollywood doesn't make you immune to a broken heart. Sometimes a relationship just wasn't meant to be, and beauty and millions of dollars can't change that fact.

However, it may be easier to accept a breakup when your ex doesn't publicly humiliate you. After all, it's important to leave a relationship with at least some of your dignity intact. Perhaps some of the men who broke the hearts of these Hollywood women figured that a devastating break-up would deflect from the fact that the end of the relationship had a lot to do with the man's infidelity, or some other act of extreme inconsideration. Or, maybe some of these guys are just jerks. Perhaps the relationship had simply run its course and it was time to move on. Whatever the case, there's a right way and a wrong way to part ways, whether you're a celebrity or not. A number of these former boyfriends and husbands of popular actresses and singers clearly found the wrong way and utilized it to the fullest. Here are 10 beautiful celebrities who were dumped terribly.


10 Brandi Glanville

TV personality and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Brandi Glanville used to be married to Eddie Cibrian. The former couple have two children together. According to Glanville, she assumed that everything was fine in their 9 year marriage, until Cibrian met singer LeAnn Rimes, on the set of Northern Lights. Rimes and Cibrian played lovers in the film, and started to fall for each other in real life. By the way, LeAnn Rimes was married at the time as well, to Dean Sheremet. Rimes and Cibrian soon went public with their relationship and got married, much to the shock and dismay of Glanville. She and LeAnn Rimes have gotten into a few Twitter wars and Brandi has had some harsh things to say, but it seems like she's learning to move on from such a devastating blow these days.

9 Sophia Bush


Sophia Bush is best known for her role in One Tree Hill, where she met her future and now ex husband, Chad Michael Murray. Bush and Murray were already married when she found out that Chad had a tendency to spend time with other women in a way that is definitely inappropriate for a husband. The couple were only married for five months before Sophia annulled the marriage and cited fraud as the reason for ending her union. After the two ended their relationship, they still had to work together on One Tree Hill. Awkward, to say the least. But Bush has stated that the two were young and probably shouldn't have ever gotten married in the first place. Way to take the high road. Bush currently stars in the TV police drama Chicago P.D.

8 Jordin Sparks

Jordin Sparks is the talented singer who was an American Idol winner. Jason Derulo is the popular singer who may have jerk-like tendencies, which were displayed when he dumped Sparks over the phone after the two were together for three years. Jordin has since stated in interviews that she has moved on because there's nothing else she can do, and she still doesn't fully understand what happened. She revealed that the two talked the day before the breakup and Derulo showed no signs of wanting to end the relationship. Jason Derulo has even gone into detail about ending the relationship in interviews, and admits to breaking up with Jordin over the phone, as if that's a good thing. He also stated that he decided to break up with Sparks because he felt too much pressure to get married, even though he wrote a song about getting married and she starred in the video. Interesting.

7 Katy Perry


The pop superstar and her British bad boy ex-husband Russell Brand, ended their union after just 14 months. Brand is the one who filed for divorce. He has stated that intimacy with Perry was boring, and that he prompted himself to think about other women when he was with her. How insulting. Katy Perry revealed in an issue of Vogue that the last time she heard from Brand was New Year's Eve of 2011, when he sent her a text letting her know that they were getting a divorce. That's no way to treat your wife. However, this likely led Katy to pen her heroic and inspirational hits, Part of Me and Wide Awake.

6 Elizabeth Hurley

Model and actress Elizabeth Hurley and actor Hugh Grant were together for 13 years. So, it was quite shocking to everyone, especially Hurley, when Grant was caught cheating with a prostitute. However, Elizabeth still managed to show support for her man, even after the scandal was confirmed and Hugh was arrested for soliciting sexual services from Divine Brown, in 1998. Two years later, the couple split, but have remained friends. Grant is even godfather to Hurley's son, Damian. Hurley later went on to marry Arun Nayar, who is an Indian textile heir. However, four years later, she filed for divorced. She stated that Nayar's behavior was "unreasonable", which is grounds for divorce according to the laws of England.

5 Sandra Bullock


One of America's sweethearts was unfortunately, the victim of a breakup with a bad boy. Her ex-husband Jesse James, had multiple affairs, and then had the audacity to state that he didn't have any regrets about how his relationship with Bullock played out. He also added insult to injury when he claimed that the media portrayed him unfairly concerning the demise of his marriage. Wow! However, the actress, producer, Golden Globe winner and Academy Award winner seems to be in a better place these days. She has an adorable adopted son Louis, and was recently named the world's most beautiful woman by People Magazine for 2015. Bullock is known for her roles in films like Gravity, The Blind Side, Miss Congeniality and its sequel, and produced The George Lopez Show.

4 Jennifer Aniston

The beautiful and successful star has starred in many movies, but is perhaps still best known for playing Rachel, on the hit sitcom Friends. Unfortunately, her relationship troubles with David Schwimmer's character Ross, weren't that far of a stretch from her real life. Remember that time when Rachel and Ross were "on a break," and they each had a different interpretation of what that meant? Well, Aniston's real-husband at the time, fellow actor Brad Pitt, allegedly cheated on her with Angelina Jolie. Jolie and Pitt have now been together for a decade, and have a large family that consists of adopted and biological children. Aniston went on to date singer John Mayer, who broke up with her via text message. Ouch. She is currently engaged to Justin Theroux. The couple have been engaged for a few years, but it's not hard to see why Aniston isn't in a hurry to walk down the aisle.


3 Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez is another Jennifer who hasn't exactly been lucky in love. She is known for being a hopeless romantic, and has stated several times that she believes in love and wants to get it right. Jennifer Lopez has had several marriages, including a short-lived one to Chris Judd, and a union with singer Marc Anthony, with whom she has twins Emmy and Max. She has most recently been romantically linked to backup dancer Casper Smart, but the two have ended their relationship as well. There was also that time when she dated Sean Combs. While it's safe to say that some of these guys actually regret letting Lopez go, she's also been dumped before. The singer, dancer, actress and American Idol Host was once engaged to actor Ben Affleck. Most of us recall her beautiful six-carat engagement ring. But a few days before the nuptials, Affleck called it off. Some say it was because his mother didn't approve. He went on to marry another actress named Jennifer. He and Jennifer Garner have three children together. Lopez has publicly stated that she wants to take some time to be single, so that her next relationship will be more fulfilling.

2 Halle Berry

Halle Berry's breakup with singer Eric Benet, was so awful that at one time, she vowed during an interview with Oprah that she would never get married again. Benet admitted to cheating on a woman that many consider one of the most beautiful in the world. The singer admitted to having a sex addition, and received treatment in 2002. But three years later, Halle divorced him. So, while Eric Benet technically didn't dump Berry, he pretty much sent her heart to the dumps with his actions. Fortunately, she found French actor Olivier Martinez and changed her mind about being a wife again. Her marriage to Martinez has not been without trouble, however. Her husband and ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, actually got into a fist fight concerning custody details for Berry's daughter with Aubry, Nahla. Recent reports have stated that Martinez and Berry, who have a son together, are having some marital problems. Hopefully, this won't lead to another breakup for the beautiful Oscar winner.

1 Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift may be the queen of being dumped. Or, the princess, since she's only 25 years old and has a lot of years left to be in relationships, and possibly get dumped (again). At least she's been creative about the breakups and has written hit songs about her bad luck with men, which has earned her a Brit Award, eight Academy of Country Music Awards, 12 Billboard Music Awards, and 11 Country Music Association Awards. Taylor is also one of the best-selling music artists of all time, and has sold more than 40 million albums worldwide. She has been romantically linked to singer John Mayer, actor Jake Gyllenhall, singer Harry Styles and singer Joe Jonas, to name a few. Perhaps her worst breakup was over the phone with Joe Jonas. Jonas apparently took less than 30 seconds to end their relationship. That's got to hurt. Looks like they're never, ever, ever getting back together.



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