10 Beautiful Actors Who Played Ugly for Laughs

Beautiful Stars Who Played Ugly For Laughs

What do you get when you put an actor or actress in a frizzy wig (or bald cap), bad clothes and some braces? Well, you probably have a hot actor who is looking to “uglify” themselves for some laughs. Depending on the role, these determined actors will bust out the fat suit and fake body hair, similar to what Ryan Reynolds did when he played a chunky teen in Just Friends, while allowing themselves to be the target of cruel jokes.

While a lot of the roles on this list have the moral to look past the outside and find the person within, some simply dressed down to get the biggest gut-busting reaction from the audience. While we agree that perhaps a couple of movies on this list might be seen better as a drama than a comedy, there are some elements to the look and performance that bring on a laugh or two. Either way, they certainly left an impression. Here is a look at ten beautiful actors who decided to play ugly for laughs.

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10 Colin Farrell

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9 Cameron Diaz


8 James Franco


What is there to possibly say about James Franco’s transformation in Spring Breakers that hasn’t already been said? Well, let’s start off with fact that he’s nearly unrecognizable, with his hair in cornrows, a grill covering his magnetic smile and tattoos in every place you could imagine one to be. But to give the Milk star credit, he does dive into the role with full on gusto, creating a character that looks funny on the outside, but carries a dark menace on the inside. That he was able to make someone so truly detestable so memorable, is a testament to Franco’s talent.

7 America Ferrara

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6 Gwyneth Paltrow

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In the comedy Shallow Hal, Gwyneth Paltrow played a character that was so heavy, she could bring down a steel chair. Of course you wouldn’t know it, since Paltrow spent most of the time on screen as herself. Only a few glimpses were offered here and there, until the very end when movie goers finally got to see the Shakespeare in Love actress in all her full fat-suit glory. The movie got a lot of flak for its treatment of Paltrow’s character, however Paltrow’s character didn’t just sit there and take the insults; she belted out a few of her own too.

5 Anne Hathaway

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In her first major role, Anne Hathaway played an ugly duckling that suddenly became a beauty. Of course, this was The Princess Diaries, and her character Mia was supposed to be a princess, which means the Queen (Julie Andrews) couldn’t have her with such unruly hair. So take this lesson to heart girls: the only thing you need to have in order to reveal your inner beauty is a team of stylists that make you beautiful on the outside. Maybe we shouldn’t be so harsh, since this was a Garry Marshall film, and without him, we would probably never have known Anne Hathaway existed.

4 Emma Thompson

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3 Emma Stone


Everyone knows that Emma Stone is a hot girl who is also incredibly funny, as her work in Easy A and Superbad prove. But if she needs to, Stone doesn’t mind covering herself in 80’s style denim, frizzy hair (which seems to be a requirement for hot actors that want to dress down) and braces. She did just that in Ghost of Girlfriends Past when she played Allison Vandermeersh, the first ghost to show Matthew McConaughey his dating past. Stone was one of the few bright spots in an otherwise routine romantic comedy, and while she didn’t look like herself, she was still adorable in her own way.

2 Drew Barrymore

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In what world would the adorable Drew Barrymore be seen as a high school nerd named Josie Grossie? In the world of Never Been Kissed, a 90’s romantic comedy that Barrymore produced, that’s where. Though we only see her “grossie” self for a few scenes, the routine involves the usual bad hair and braces to get the point across. The only problem is that the E.T. star is so cute regardless, you hardly notice the “grossie” part. The harder part to believe, which the movie does have fun with, is that anyone would think that Josie is an actual high school student when she goes undercover as a reporter.

1 Tom Cruise

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Fat? Bald? Crude as can be? Those words usually don’t follow the enigmatic Tom Cruise, who has a smile and physique that have been entertaining audiences for decades. Even now, he still has the boyish face that charmed everyone when he danced around in Risky Business. But in Tropic Thunder, Cruise went all out as Lee Grossman, the producer of the film that Ben Stiller and company were trying to finish. Letting it all literally hang out, Cruise was outright hilarious; a standout in a movie that was filled with comedy greats. Not an easy task at all, if we do say so.

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