10 Bad Girls Club Contestants

Bad Girls Club is a hit reality show airing on the Oxygen Network. The show brings seven self-proclaimed "bad girls" together and proposes the question, "Will living together help them move forward and turn their lives around or will chaos rule?" The show first aired back in 2006 and since then has had eleven seasons with season twelve premiering in May 2014. There have been four spin-offs of the Bad Girls Club, including Bad Girls Club Road Trip, Tanisha Gets Married, Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too and Bad Girls All-Star Battle. BGC has received a lot of negative criticism, due to its violent and crude nature. Although most of the contestants obtained their fifteen minutes of fame and then returned back to their normal lives, other contestants have gotten themselves in trouble with the law after filming was over. But, there are the girls that have parlayed their badness into success. Here are ten 'bad girls' who have garnered success after starring on Bad Girls Club.


10 Kristen Kelly

Kristen Kelly, also known as Blondie, appeared on season five of Bad Girls Club. In 2008, she graduated from The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Following her time on Bad Girls Club, Blondie has also pursued a career in modeling and radio hosting. She currently is a promotional model and hosts a talk radio show at Playboy Radio.

9 Janelle Shanks


Janelle Shanks appeared on season eleven of Bad Girls Club as a replacement and was only on the the show for five episodes. Although not a fan favorite, Janelle also appeared in season two of Bad Girls All-Star Battle. On BGC, Janelle referred to herself as 'The Black Barbie,' and since the show, Shanks has pursued a career in modeling. Janelle has appeared on the cover of Show Magazine and does club appearances on a regular basis. The 23 year old also has her own t-shirt line called, 'Hate on It.'

8 Camilla Poindexter

Camilla Poindexter appeared on season eight of Bad Girls Club as a replacement and only lasted two weeks on the show. That was all the time the twenty-four year old needed to make a splash. After BGC, she also appeared on Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too and Bad Girls All-Star Battle. Camilla co-hosts "Making it to the Mansion", which is an episode that chronicles the casting process before each season of Bad Girls Club.  Ms. Poindexter also hosts parties and club events around the country. Camilla is a model and appeared on cycle ten of America's Next Top Model.

7 Judith Camille Jackson


Judith Camille Jackson appeared on season seven of Oxygen's Bad Girls Club. She also appeared on Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too and Bad Girls All-Star Battle. Judith hosts a radio show called The Judi Jai Show, where she discusses fashion, gossip and music. She is a published model and owns her own line of lipstick, nail polish and eye lashes, titled, Vixen. The reality star continues to do club and party appearances around the United States and she'll be hosting two specials on the Oxygen network this spring including, "Most All-Star Moments" and "Bad Girls Funniest Clip Show."

6 Mehgan James

Mehgan James appeared on season nine of Bad Girls Club and left during episode eight, after attacking two castmates. Mehgan has also appeared in season one and season two of Bad Girls Club All-Star Battle. Ms. James earned her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Houston in 2013. Mehgan began pursuing modeling after BGC and has appeared in Drake's music video 'Put it Down.' She has also worked for Paige Parks Modeling Agency and hosts club events all over the world.

5 The Victor Twins


Twins, Dani and Gabi Victor appeared on season eight of Bad Girls Club. Being the first and only set of twins cast on a season of BGC made them instant fan favorites. After leaving the show, the twins had their own two hour special titled, "Double Trouble: The Twins Speak". Dani went on to appear on season four of Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too. Both, Dani and Gabi appeared on season one of Bad Girls All-Star Battle and Dani came back to compete in season two of Bad Girls All-Star Battle. The twins also co-own, an online clothing boutique. Dani continues to do appearances and model, while Gabi has decided to focus on her son, whom she gave birth to in January 2014.

4 Elease Donovan

Elease Donovan appeared on season eight of Bad Girls Club, as a replacement. The Jamaican beauty quickly captivated audiences with her bikini body and no nonsense attitude. Elease also starred in season two of Bad Girls Club: All Star Battle. The twenty-six year old has created her own swimwear and t-shirt line. After season eight wrapped up, Elease went back to school and finished her bachelors degree in fashion design. Prior to appearing on Bad Girls Club, Elease was already modeling. Since the show, Ms. Donovan continues to model for print and music videos, as well as make club appearances. She has modeled in hip hop videos for Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and Ray J.


3 Sarah Oliver


Sarah Oliver appeared on season eleven of Bad Girls Club. Between her Kim Kardashian like body and her blunt personality, she quickly became a fan favorite. Although Sarah was kicked off the show in episode four for fighting, the bad girl has been able to parlay her short lived badness into success. Sarah has modeled for Playboy, Maxim, Jezebel and Blackmen Magazine, just to name a few. She has also released a 2014 calendar and has her own fashion accessory line titled, #SO. The 28 year old  starred in season two of Bad Girls Club: All Star Battle. Ms. Oliver continues to make club appearances and is planning on releasing her own swimsuit and t-shirt line in the upcoming future.

2 Natalie Nunn

Natalie Nunn appeared on season four of Bad Girls Club and quickly became a fan favorite. Her popularity landed her additional appearances on season five and season six of Bad Girls Club. Nunn also starred on Hair Battle Spectacular, Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too, Bad Girls All-Star Battle and Bridezilla. In addition, the 29 year old co-hosts, Making it to the Mansion, an episode that chronicles the casting process before each season of Bad Girls Club. Natalie has released two books titled, Straight Like That and Turn Down For What. The former bad girl has quite the modeling career, which includes print modeling, calendars and music videos. Nunn continues to capitalize on her fame with club, party and red carpet appearances.

1 Tanisha Thomas


Tanisha Thomas appeared on the second season of Bad Girls Club and started the show off with a bang, literally. She is best known for banging pots and pans together while singing, "I didn't get no sleep, because of ya'll. Ya'll not gonna get no sleep, because of me." Since her tumultuous season, Tanisha has appeared on several reality shows including, Kathy Griffin My Life on the D List, Marriage Boot Camp and Celebrity Fit Club. Ms. Thomas is considered the godmother of all bad girls and is the host of the Bad Girls Club reunion shows and Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too. She even landed her own show, Tanisha Gets Married. Aside from television, Tanisha is set to release a "thick-size" clothing line in the upcoming year. With the continued success of the Bad Girls Club and Tanisha being branded the godmother of the club; it's clear that she will continue to shine in the spotlight.



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