10 Bad Boys Who Haven't Learned From Their Arrests

Bad boys have a certain quality that many women can’t resist. They’re mysterious and irresistibly hot. Some bad boys even have a skill or talent, but can’t seem to get it together in the social graces department, which makes them even more intriguing.

Just like in high school, there are cliques in Hollywood. You’ve got the pretty girls that everyone wants to date or emulate, the intellectuals who don’t have time for trivial forms of enjoyment, and the rebel bad boys who look for rules to break. Some of these “bad boys” have made a career out of being naughty, even though many of these celebs are well past their high school years and should probably look into acting like adults for a change.

There are also bad boys who have seen the error of their ways and have made a new start in life. Then again, some Hollywood rebels see no reason to start being law-abiding citizens. After all, their multiple arrests have been working for them so far, right? It’s also clear that the public can’t get enough of hearing stories about these ill-behaved guys, so here’s another article for your reading pleasure. Here are 10 bad boys who haven’t learned their lesson, even after their arrests.

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10 Justin Bieber

In recent months, it seems like Justin Bieber is trying to get his act together, but we’re not so sure yet. The pop star has been on the fast track to fame since his YouTube videos got him noticed by the music industry. Unfortunately, he’s also been on the fast track to destruction due to his questionable behavior. He was arrested for drag racing, and instead of laying low, he continued to stay in the news for vandalism and being drunk in public. Bieber was also in a relationship with former Disney star Selena Gomez, and threw a bit of a tantrum when he was asked about her during a press conference. We’re hoping Bieber gets back to concentrating on his music soon.

9 Christian Bale

8 Lil Wayne

Rapper Lil Wayne seems like an intelligent and well-rounded guy in interviews, but he takes on a completely different persona at times during his performances and in music videos. He got a lot of criticism when he unintentionally trampled on the U.S. flag while on stage, and he’s made it no secret that he enjoys recreational drugs. He was arrested for possession of a weapon and narcotics, and didn’t stop working on his music when he was locked up. He’s also referred to his time in jail in a number of his songs, stating that he wasn’t worried about the jail time, and just wanted to get back to doing what he loves. Since he never agreed to stop using drugs or carrying weapons, we wouldn’t be surprised if he got arrested again.

7 Mel Gibson

6 Charles Barkley

The NBA veteran and sports commentator has also had his share of run-ins with the law. In 2008, Charles Barkley was arrested for a DUI. He was charged a fine of $2,000 and spent 10 days in jail. After his DUI, he took a hiatus from commentating on TNT. Barkley also had an endorsement deal with T Mobile at the time of his arrest, but the company decided not to air the commercials. The former basketball player was also charged with assault after getting into a fight with a guy and breaking his nose. A few years later, companies were apparently willing to give him another chance when it came to endorsements when he became a spokesperson for WeightWatchers.

5 Sean Penn

4 Tim Allen

3 Charlie Sheen


2 Alec Baldwin

1 Chris Brown


Chris Brown has been in the news for his arrests and otherwise bad behavior just as much as he’s been in the spotlight for being a talented singer and dancer. We all recall when he was arrested after his physical assault on singer Rihanna. He then went on to lose his temper during a Good Morning America interview and threw a chair out of the window while on the set of the show. It seemed that Brown was improving, until he went to rehab in 2014, got kicked out, and then got into a fight at a club, which landed him back in jail. Then there was that whole scandal that involved him fathering a child with another woman while dating model Karreuche Tran. Maybe fatherhood will help Brown understand that it’s time to turn his “bad boy” card in.

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