10 Awesome Comic Book Villains That Deserve Their Own Movies

Comic book movies have classically been focused on the heroic characters like Superman, Batman, the Avengers, Spider-Man, Hellboy and the X-Men. Although the likes of Suicide Squad and the touted Sini

Comic book movies have classically been focused on the heroic characters like Superman, Batman, the Avengers, Spider-Man, Hellboy and the X-Men. Although the likes of Suicide Squad and the touted Sinister Six movie look set to break that pattern, there still seems to be a hesitancy when it comes to focusing a villain-centric movie on a single character.

That's a real shame, because there are countless villains in comic books whose stories are strong enough and interesting enough to warrant them being the titular solo stars of a movie. In fact, villain stories can often be more interesting than those of the heroes and can often warrant the sympathy of the audience (you know, prior to the whole "being diabolical" thing).

Villain origins and arcs have been depicted in movies before, but never in the amount of detail they would otherwise be depicted if a movie focused solely on them.

We think there are a number of villains whose solo adventures would be worthy of making a movie about - and that's what this article will focus on. Here are ten awesome comic book villains that deserve their own movies.

10 Sinestro

via: DC Comics

Sinestro's story is a very interesting one. It sees him joining the Green Lantern Corps, becoming the most capable member in their 7200 strong ranks, before harnessing the power of fear to form his own Corps - aptly named the Sinestro Corps - of which he was obviously the leader.

9 Magneto

via: Marvel Comics

Magneto has certainly had his fair share of screen time in the X-Men movie franchise, with both Michael Fassbender and Ian McKellen having portrayed the character at different stages of his life. You could say the X-Men: First Class was a Magneto origin movie of sorts, but it would undoubtedly be great to see a movie that focused solely on his transition from innocent child to adult villain.

8 Evil Ernie

via: Chaos! Comics

The only character not from Marvel or DC on this list, Evil Ernie is a Chaos! This comics character (and later, Devil's Due Publishing character) would genuinely make for a brilliant (if not slightly horrifying) movie.

7 Lex Luthor

via: DC Comics

The iconic and bald-headed Lex Luthor is actually a very weird character when you think about it. He's just a regular man (albeit an extremely rich and successful one) with no superpowers to speak of and yet he's the arch-nemesis of (and a major threat to) one of the most popular and powerful superheroes in fiction. What's even weirder is that he pulls it off, which makes him extremely interesting.

6 Thanos

via: Marvel Comics

Thanos is the current "big-bad" in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He's slowly being built-up for what will be a very Thanos-centric story arc in the form of the Avengers: Infinity War movies, but it would be very cool to have a movie focused solely on the Mad Titan.

5 Darkseid

via: DC Comics

If Marvel's Thanos deserves a movie of his own, then DC's Darkseid - the character whose look Thanos' is based on - definitely deserves one. Darkseid was born as Prince Uxas, son of the rulers of Apokolips, King Yuga Khan and Queen Heggra, and started plotting to takeover their rule at a very young age.

4 Loki

via: Marvel Comics

Surely, Tom Hiddleston's performances as Loki have earned the character the right to a solo movie? Not only is he a tremendously interesting character, he has also become an extremely popular one thanks to Hiddleston's portrayal and there are a number of ways in which Marvel Studios could go about giving him a titular offering.

3 Norman Osborn

via: Marvel Comics

Norman Osborn is so much more than the mere Spider-Man rogue he is so often thought of as. He had a troubled upbringing with an alcoholic father that physically abused him and he began having homicidal urges as a youngster as a result. But he got past all that and established Oscorp, becoming a successful businessman in the process.

2 Doctor Doom

via: Marvel Comics

The way Doctor Doom has been depicted in movies to date is unforgivable. Portrayals by Julian McMahon and Toby Kebbel in two different Fantastic Four franchises have been terrible and far cries from the formidable version in the comic books. For that reason, a movie based solely on the character (and one done properly) is needed to give the character what he deserves.

1 The Joker

via: DC Comics

Who else? The Joker holds the distinction of being the most popular villain in comic books - and arguably in all of fiction - and is just as popular as the majority of the most iconic superheroes too. His portrayals in movies to date by Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger have been great and he is due to be played by Jared Leto in 2016's Suicide Squad.

But he undoubtedly deserves a movie of his own. He's a truly unique and extremely interesting character with a superb story and wicked personality that deserves focus. His origins are famously mysterious and ambiguous, but seeing Joker in some detail as a child and as an adult would certainly be interesting, as would his transformation from a normal man into the psychopathic criminal mastermind audiences know so well. Could it actually be done? It would be quite the task, but well worth the risk.

Sources: Wikipedia,,, Marvel Wikia, DC Wikia.

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10 Awesome Comic Book Villains That Deserve Their Own Movies