10 Athletes With The Hottest Non-Famous Wives

It’s pretty incredible how these athletes' wives have managed to keep their names out of the limelight for the most part. While they may have their own social media profiles, these women are rarely ever seen out and about, trying to get the attention of photographers to snap photos of them wearing the latest designers clothes. This is certainly not the case. In fact, the majority of these women are not only incredibly good-looking, they are also business owners themselves. While their men are living their lifelong dream as a professional athlete, most of these women have managed to build a company of their own, while others have dedicated their lives to becoming stay-at-home mothers. When your husband is pulling in more than $10 million a year, what’s the need in working, right? Or better yet, what exactly are you working for if it’s not for the money? All in all, their husbands have done well by keeping their hot wives out of the limelight, and these women have done well by creating a lane for themselves.

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10 Ayesha Curry


Ayesha Curry is the stunning wife to NBA player Steph Curry, who has been playing exceptionally well in 2015. So much so that many people have been eager to get to know more about Steph and his family. Well, Ayesha shares two children with her husband, who she first met as a teenager. These days, while she’s still planning to build an empire of her own, she’s made her two bundles of joy her main priority — Steph brings in enough money for the entire family, so why shouldn’t she enjoy being a stay-at-home mom for now?

9 Lilit Avagyan


Reggie Bush made a lot of headlines when he introduced his then-girlfriend, Lilit Avagyan, to the public. Her resemblance to the football player’s ex girlfriend Kim Kardashian, is unbelievable. The twosome could easily pass as twins if Kim wasn’t famous. So, it is clear that Reggie has an attraction to women that look like his ex. And while Lilit doesn’t really do anything outside of her home, she loves documenting her fitness routines on social media — especially on Instagram. She has an amazing body, there is no need to hide it, that’s for sure.

8 Savannah Brinson


Lebron James has been with Savannah Brinson for as long as he can remember. The duo met when they were still teenagers, and once told themselves that they would spend the rest of their lives together. Well, so far it seems to be going really well for them. Savannah walked down the aisle at her lavish wedding ceremony to Lebron just two years ago, having welcomed three children to the world, prior. When she’s not posting stunning selfies on Twitter, she can be found taking care of the kids, or supporting her man at a Cleveland game.

7 Vanessa Bryant


Sure, Vanessa Bryant has had her fair share of news coverage, but that hasn’t necessarily made her famous in her own right. In fact, Vanessa actually keeps a very low profile and is only ever seen out and about when she’s with her husband, Kobe Bryant. His sexual assault case in 2003 cost the NBA baller a fortune, but Vanessa remained by his side. And despite all of the alleged cheating she has put up with over the years, she’s ageing extremely well, because we all know what stress can do to somebody’s appearance. Good on you, Vanessa.

6 Miranda Brooke


Miranda Brooke knows how to keep herself busy while her husband is playing football. The wife to A.J Green is super athletic herself, having shared on social media how much she loves working out. Judging by her Instagram photos, her workout routines are most certainly paying off. Again, it seems as if Miranda has dedicated a lot of time to her body in the hopes being in the best shape. So it would only make sense for her to document her journey, seeing that, as far as we know, she hasn’t got anything else going on. She’s more of a socialite, but a hot one at that.

5 Misse Beqiri


Misse Beqiri is the smoking hot wife to soccer goalkeeper, Anders Lindegaard. The two only married last year, so things are still relatively fresh for them as a married couple, but being a wife has not changed Misse’s dreams of becoming a professional model. She’s had some gigs here and there, but it is believed that she really wants to push for a full-on career while her man continues to follow his dreams as a goalkeeper for West Bromwich Albion. It could work out quite well if that was to be the case.

4 Yolanthe Cabau


Yolanthe Cabau is absolutely mesmerising. She’s had a couple of television gigs in Spain, but aside from that, nobody really knows her for being anything other than Wesley Sneijder’s wife. Cabau has focused her time to work on her very own charity named ‘Free a Girl Foundation.’ Aside from dedicating most of her time to her charity work, Cabau loves to read and write, which would make sense, considering that she’s so used to having read lines when she hosted TV events.

3 Danielle Lineker


Danielle Lineker is an up-and-coming Welsh model, who has stayed relatively under the radar since marrying English soccer legend Gary Lineker, in 2009. She’s been featured in a couple of high-end magazines, so her fame status is about to explode once she really puts all her focus on that career move and nothing else. Danielle is very pretty — one can definitely see why Gary was instantly attracted to her when they were first introduced to one another. She has a killer figure and the fact that she makes her own money is even more attractive, right fellas?

2 Antonella Roccuzzo


Antonella Roccuzzo is the not-so-famous wife to the very famous Lionel Messi. It sounds crazy, but this stunning beauty has managed to keep herself out of the limelight and let her man be a part of all the things that come with being one of the best soccer players in the world. Messi is pulling in more than $20 million every single year, and that’s just for his soccer deal alone. Antonella is a stay-at-home mom, who just welcomed her second child into the world in September. Lionel wouldn’t want to have it any other way — his hot wife staying at home and raising the children while he lives his childhood dream and makes millions from it. Stunning couple, beautiful wife.

1 Oksana Andersson


Oksana Andersson is one of the hottest Swedish WAGs you’ll probably ever come across. She married Christian Wilhelmsson back in 2010, and has since launched her very own lifestyle website, where she consistently updates her readers on what she thinks are vital for women in their everyday lives. The site is incredibly popular, so one can easily assume that she’s making a good amount of income from her own business. Furthermore, the couple is now living in Dubai, so starting a company out there should be even easier for the two; especially since people don’t pay tax over there. Hot and making a fortune. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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