10 Athletes Who Were Victims Of Photo Leaks

Celebrity nude photos leaking are becoming more and more common as the years go by. Ten years ago, seeing a celebrity have their private and personal photos surface online might have been considered scandalous, but these days, it's not necessarily a big deal, other than the fact that people will be keen to look. After 2014's massive iCloud hacking scandal, celebrities have tried to stay much more discreet when it comes to sending their lovers private photos, having learned that even stuff that they think is securely stored in the cloud can still be accessed by the growing number of hackers. Below, we have gathered together the biggest athletes who have experienced the photo leaking scandal themselves -- while some have embraced it, others were mortified, and were quick to apologize to their fans for being so reckless. For athletes, it may seem much more scandalous seeing that you wouldn't usually associate a person in a sports field with nude photo selfies making their rounds online. Athletes are more or less very discreet about their business, unlike models and musicians who live for the attention.


10 McKayla Maroney

McKayla Maroney, the teen athlete who took part in the 2012 Olympics, was stunned to find her own nude photos circulating in her Twitter timeline. It was considerably bad for her since Maroney was only 17 when the pics from her phone had somehow gotten into the wrong hands — someone was clearly out to embarrass the youngster, and it seemed to have worked. McKayla gave an apology to her fans, stating that the images were private and that her team were out to find the person who leaked the photos. Although, what could be the chances of McKayla having “leaked” the photos herself? Perhaps she mistakenly pressed the “Tweet” button. It happens, right?

9 Hope Solo


Hope Solo’s nude photos leaked last year during the iCloud hacking scandal, and boy has she taken the news well — not! Hope was said to have been furious when she found out that the private photos she sent to her lover were now all over Twitter and Tumblr. Even worse, thousands of men rated Solo’s private parts as their least favorite out of all the nude photos that had leaked at the time. Hope had around twenty photos of herself in all kinds of positions. This was certainly embarrassing for the soccer star.

8 Pedro Gonzalez

Soccer player Pedro Gonzalez, has no problem being naked — in fact, he’s so comfortable with being naked that even his friends don’t make a big deal out of it anymore. In 2009, Pedro was on a much-needed vacation with a group of pals, who, strangely enough, all got naked and chilled on a yacht together. Photographers, with lenses miles away from the scene, managed to snap several photos of the athlete as he sunbathed naked with his male companions. Just a casual day for the soccer player, it seems.

7 Lebron James


During a basketball match back in June, Lebron James certainly didn’t think that readjusting his sports gear would end up showing his private part on television. While the cameras kept rolling on Lebron, the athlete adjusted his pants while tucking his shirt inside — but nobody was ready for what happened after that. The 30-year-old pulled his pants so slow that his private part was on full display. While there was said to have been a 5-second live taping delay, the production crew could’ve easily switched to another camera to avoid letting people see the mishap, but they refused. The somewhat of a nude scandal has been regarded as one of the biggest things that has happened in sports this year.

6 Andrew Zollner

Andrew Zollner must love taking nude photos of himself, at least that’s what people are saying, judging by the number of photos that leaked onto the internet of the athlete with no clothes on. The pole vaulter, who has represented the US in the Olympics, might have had his phone hacked when six different nude photos suddenly appeared on social media sites. It was a little weird because Andrew would pose in all kinds of positions, almost presenting himself as a real narcissist.

5 Justin Verlander

During the massive iCloud hacking scandal last year, many celebrities were scared that their nudes would end up being found and distributed to the masses. Unfortunately for Justin Verlander, this ended up being the case. The baseball player, who is in a relationship with model Kate Upton, both had their phones hacked, resulting in both of their photo galleries being shared online. Literally, every photo they had was now able to be viewed by their fans and any other person who might have been curious. One photo saw the couple naked as they pointed their backsides to the camera, recreating the famous Sports Illustrated butt pose.

4 Martellus Bennett

Dallas Cowboys’ star Martellus Bennett felt the need to take naked photos of himself before taking a shower, but what he wouldn’t have thought is that the snaps he took would end up online. Nobody really knows how Martellus had his private parts surface on many popular blogs, but one can assume that it would’ve probably been somebody he was seeing at the time. Bennett would go on to say the following, “I understand that they are totally inappropriate. And for that I am sorry. I regret the embarrassment that it has caused the organization.” We thank you for your apology.


3 Roy Jones Jr.

Roy Jones Jr. found himself in a nude photo leaking scandal when his supposed female companion, Stacy Reile, decided to put the pics out to the public? Why? Well, it is believed that the female boxer was fuming over something that Roy had done to her — it is unclear what actually got her so annoyed, but it was enough to put an end to their fling, and leak all of the photos that the boxing champ had sent her way over time. Jones never spoke about the incident publicly, presumably because he hadn’t expected this to happen to him. Nobody is safe, clearly.

2 Seth Rollins

WWE star Seth Rollins was embarrassed to learn that his ex-fiancee, Leighla Schultz, had decided to leak his nude photos on his social media pages out of spite, following reports that she may have caught him cheating. Rollins had posted several photos of well-known models on his Instagram page, along with emoji hearts that seemed to have insinuated something. At least for Leighla, who took it in her own hands to get into her fiance’s accounts, and seemingly publish his nude pics. Because Rollins’ account is linked with the WWE website, his nude pics were also seen on their official web page, causing outrage with parents and young children. Seth had since apologized, and confirmed that he and Leighla are no longer an item.

1 Chad Ochocinco Johnson

Chad Johnson shared a Christmas present of his own to the world when his infamous sex tape made its way online, circulating all around the web just one week before Christmas. On top of that, a bunch of nude photos soon followed. The disgraced NFL player, who is notoriously known for beating his ex-wife Evelyn Lozada, was said to have been humiliated by the leak of the tape, having said to have had no idea how it managed to get out in the first place. Johnson took things into his own hands, by threatening to sue any website that continues to share the video under their server. Trying to find the video now is pretty hard, but once you’ve seen it, then there’s no point in watching it again anyway.


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