10 Animated Hotties Most Men Have Daydreamed About

The mind of a young adolescent male can be a complex thing, full of feelings and desires that seemingly come from nowhere, all bubbling away under the surface. Naturally, society has purposely designed itself to cater to this exact thing. Commercials, TV shows, movies and music videos are all targeted to those audiences with the subtle promise to fulfill their deep desires. The world we live in is bursting with sex appeal.

However, there is one aspect of the entertainment industry that takes that fantasy to the next level; animation. With cartoons, comic books and video games, the world of animation can bring fantasies to life in a different way. Not only is each character expertly drawn by animators to make them appealing and perfect, animation also pushes the boundaries of taboo, as it's not just humans that grace pages and screens; a whole world of mermaids, animals, fairies, mutants and aliens is opened up.

Animation is no longer just confined to Saturday morning kids' cartoons. It's big business, and the business they're selling is desire. Both adolescents and adults can today openly admit to having crushes and fantasies about these animated hotties. What once would have been branded as weird is now not only expected, but encouraged.

With that in mind, we take a look at the hottest female animated characters that many men would give anything to spend a night with.


10 Stripperella - Stripperella


There can't be a list of sexy animated characters without Stripperella. After all, her main purpose is to be sexually alluring. With a name like Stripperella, it's not hard to imagine the intent and target audience behind this creation.

Stripper by day, with the name Erotica Jones, Stripperella became a crime fighting vixen super-spy by night. A sexy female version of James Bond, Stripperella even had her own gadgets. Created by the great Stan Lee and modelled on and voiced by Pamela Anderson, Stripperella was a raunchy adult show known for its double entendres, innuendoes and topless scenes. A cartoon that's strictly for adults to indulge their animated desires.

9 Elsa - Frozen


If there are any dads out there with young kids, then chances are they've seen Frozen - probably hundreds of times - which is no doubt the reason that queen Elsa has become the newest animated character to reach sex symbol status.

The queen of ice has very quickly managed to freeze herself into the fantasies of a lot of men. It's understandable really, if we're made to watch the movie over and over again, then there has to be something in it for the adults. Right?

Whatever the reason, there's a new Disney princess in town and she's taking over everything.

8 She-Ra - She-Ra


Today's movies, TV and cartoons are filled with female superheroes, all of them bringing their own skills, talents and skimpy outfits to the genre. But in the 80s, the best female cartoon hero was She-Ra.

This princess warrior was brought in to balance out the genders in the He-Man franchise. And just like He-Man, (Who essentially ran around in just his underwear!) She-Ra's costume didn't exactly cover all. In a dress that was so high you could almost see her "Power of Eternia," She-Ra became an 80s sex symbol.

Fighting off the bad guys with her sword of protection, She-Ra was smart, agile, strong and even had her own talking unicorn.

7 Lara Croft - Tomb Raider


There are two signs that your medium and creations have become a success; when your character is considered a sex symbol and when it gets a Hollywood make over. This is exactly what happened to Lara Croft. The first video game character that crossed over into mainstream sex symbol status, Lara Croft has become a pin up icon all over the world.

The adventuring archeologist is famed for wearing tight shorts, high boots and a tank top that shows her ample figure. Portrayed aptly by Angelina Jolie on the big screen, Lara Croft kept many young men confined to their bedrooms. To make things more exciting, there was a rumor about a cheat code in which Lara could become naked. Teenage overload!

6 Draenei - World of Warcraft


She's probably known only to the true hardcore players of World of Warcraft; however, as there are over 12 million subscribers, it's become one of the biggest forums for animated hotness.

Draenei comes from an alien race that was forced to flee their homeworld. The reasons for this are long and complicated and are only of real importance to the true players. All that's important here is the way she looks. With blue skin, a tail, horns, hooves and a more than generous rack, Draenei is one hot alien that could make even the most casual gamer very quickly sign up and subscribe. Game on!

5 Lois Griffin - Family Guy


There was a time, not so long ago in fact, when if you were to ask people who the sexiest mom on TV is, most would probably have said Marge Simpson. However, today there is a new queen of the animated sitcom world, and that's Lois Griffin.

As with Marge in The Simpsons, Lois follows that old sitcom format of a hot woman being inexplicably married to, to put it nicely, someone beneath them. We don't know how this keeps happening, but it does.

Lois Griffin is sexy, feisty, loving and often puts herself in adult situations for her own amusement. She also has more patience than a saint with everything she has to put up with. This gives her the edge over Marge and would be most men's fantasy wife.

4 Ariel  - Little Mermaid


There is an age old question when it comes to one of the most popular female cartoon characters; how would sex work? And is it even possible? No one has yet to find an answer to these questions, but then again, does it really matter?

The answer is no. The practicalities of being intimate with a mermaid have no relevance to the fantasy. Especially when you have a character that's based on the body and personality of the gorgeous Alyssa Milano.

The sexy and joyful mermaid is not only an exotic and mythical creature, she is also the reason that many man find red hair irresistible.


3 Daphne - Scooby Doo


The original cartoon hottie that had many of us rushing to turn on the TV every Saturday morning is none other than Daphne.

Since the 60s Daphne and her gang have been solving mysteries and getting themselves into all kinds of trouble. Although, Daphne started life out as the typical damsel in distress, and didn't particularly contribute anything to the gang - except for letting herself get captured on a weekly basis and relying on her boyfriend Fred to rescue her. Daphne seemed to be there purely for eye candy, not that anyone complained.

As the series developed, and women's lib moved forward, Daphne slowly started to become a fuller and more rounded character. Standing more independently and not relying on her male counterparts for help, Daphne today is one tough cookie.

2 Leela - Futurama


From the mind of Matt Groening comes an animated sitcom like nothing else on Earth. Centered around a delivery crew in the year 3000, Planet Express is lead by the sexy, butt kicking Leela.

This spaceship captain is also kind and caring and often wears a low cut tank top, tight pants and knee high boots. All these traits means the purple-haired Leela is pursued by every man she meets. They obviously don't mind the fact that she's a sewer mutant with only one eye. Or maybe the cyclops look does it for them?

Either way, Leela is so popular with fans that she can often be seen in many fans' erotic online art. I think we all know what is meant by that!

1 Jessica Rabbit - Who Framed Rodger Rabbit


When it comes to animated hotties there is only one true queen. Jessica Rabbit is the ultimate sex symbol ever to be drawn on paper. That's just a fact!

Inspired by the sexiest stars of Hollywood, Jessica Rabbit was model inspired by the likes of Rita Hayworth, Veronica Lake and Marilyn Monroe. No wonder she has a body that would make any mortal man's eyes pop out of his head.

As well as her perfectly drawn body, Jessica Rabbit has a sultry, femme fatale persona that makes her irresistible. Not to mention her voice, the deep throated tone that could sooth all our troubles away.


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