10 Amazing Spider-Man Stories We Need To See In A Movie

Spider-Man is now a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Okay, granted, that's not exactly breaking news, but it's still fantastic news and means that we'll finally get to see the Webbed Wonder inte

Spider-Man is now a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Okay, granted, that's not exactly breaking news, but it's still fantastic news and means that we'll finally get to see the Webbed Wonder interacting on-screen with characters other than those from his classic cast of supporting characters (J. Jonah Jameson, Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy, among others) and his personal gallery of rogues (like Doctor Octopus, the Green Goblin and Electro).

Tom Holland will portray the character in the MCU and his first appearance will be a relatively minor one in 2016's Captain America: Civil War, but he will get his first solo movie in this franchise in 2017 and will undoubtedly get more thereafter (given that he is set to become an important character and a key member of the live action Avengers).

This new Spider-Man needs to be differentiated from the versions portrayed by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, and there are countless diverse and interesting stories from the character's comic book history that could ensure that happens.

This article will look at a number of arcs that could be adapted to the big screen that would make sure that was the case, while also ensuring the fans were kept interested. Here are ten amazing Spider-Man stories we need to see in a movie:

10 I'm With Stupid

via: Marvel Comics

Two of Spider-Man's most important relationships that haven't yet been explored on-screen are those with Black Cat and the Human Torch. Black Cat has been an ally of Spider-Man, a foe of Spider-Man and a lover of Spider-Man, while Human Torch is an ally and one of his best friends.

9 The Death of Jean DeWolff

via: Marvel Comics

This classic four-part Spider-Man story arc is from 1985 and 1986, and sees an ally of Spider-Man's, NYPD police captain Jean DeWolff, being murdered in her sleep. DeWolff is actually the first victim (dying very early in the story) in a larger murder case - a murder spree conducted by the villainous former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent known as Sin-Eater.

8 Back In Black

via: Marvel Comics

2007's Spider-Man: Back in Black is a five-part story that sees Spider-Man single-mindedly hunting down the person who shot his Aunt May in the aftermath of the Civil War event, donning the black suit that is modelled after the Venom Symbiote in order to emphasize the ruthlessness and completely humourless aggression he demonstrates in doing so.

7 Reign

via: Marvel Comics

Spider-Man: Reign is a 2006 and 2007 arc made up of four issues that would make a very unique movie, as it takes place in Spider-Man's future. It skips forward thirty years to when the ageing Peter Parker is in his late sixties or early seventies in a New York City that is relatively safe from criminal and super-villain threats, thanks to the ruthless policing of "The Reign" (a government-utilized force).

6 Agent Venom

via: Marvel Comics

While this isn't a story arc as such (it's a concept that began in Spider-Man comic books until the character of Agent Venom was given his own ongoing series), the concept would certainly be cool to see in a Spider-Man movie - and it would definitely differentiate the MCU Spider-Man and Venom from those that appeared in Sony's Spider-Man movies.

5 The Commuter Cometh

via: Marvel Comics

The Commuter Cometh is actually a single-issue of a Spider-Man comic book (The Amazing Spider-Man #267) from 1985 that is essentially a classic fish-out-of-water story. It sees the web-slinging hero heading to the suburbs in search of a criminal - a thief called Ron - and comedy ensues.

4 Death Of Spider-Man

via: Marvel Comics

The Death of Spider-Man arc was a 2011 story in the Ultimate universe (part of the Ultimate Spider-Man volume), but don't let that make you think that rules it out of getting the movie treatment, as plenty of Ultimate influences have been evident in the MCU to date. It would differentiate this Spider-Man from previous ones, as the character would obviously die, which would make for a completely different tone to anything seen before.

3 Kraven's Last Hunt

via: Marvel Comics

One of the most iconic Spider-Man villains that we are yet to see on film is Kraven the Hunter, and therefore, it would be very cool to see an on-screen depiction of the brilliant 1987 storyline Kraven's Last Hunt. Like the aforementioned Death of Spider-Man, this story as a movie would see the titular hero in serious danger - something that is generally lacking from superhero movies.

2 One More Day

via: Marvel Comics

One thing that can definitely be said of the Spider-Man movies to date is that they are all very grounded in the world of science (this would change with an adaptation of 2007's Spider-Man: One More Day). It's not exactly one of the most popular Spider-Man stories (that's an understatement), but it would certainly be different and could easily be improved upon for the big screen.

1 Maximum Carnage

via: Marvel Comics

Arguably the most iconic Spider-Man villain that we're yet to see on film is Carnage. The character's introduction would have to come after Venom's, given his origin, but it would be well worth the wait. An adaptation of Maximum Carnage - a fourteen-part story from 1993 - would be the wildest and most violent Spider-Man movie to date.

Carnage is Kletus Kasady, a serial killer who found himself in jail in the same cell as Eddie Brock (Venom). After the Venom Symbiote enabled Brock to escape, its offspring bonded to Kasady, turning him into Carnage, an even stronger version of a symbiote-based character. Maximum Carnage saw him being incarcerated again in The Vault - a super-villain prison - where he recruits some fellow psychopathic villains and attempts to take over New York City. Spider-Man has to team-up with Venom and several other characters in order to stop the takeover. It would make for an awesome blockbuster movie.

Sources: Marvel Wikia,, Comic Vine.

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10 Amazing Spider-Man Stories We Need To See In A Movie