10 Amazing Photographers You Need To Follow On Instagram

In the world of Instagram, there are so many “models” and “photographers.” Instagram has become a place where people pour their art out and hope to catch the eye of countless followers. With literally thousands of photographers on Instagram, we at TheRichest were curious to see who our top ten would be and we have come up with a list. The following photographers all have different and unique styles, only having a large social media following as a common ground.

The following ten artists all bring something different to the table, which is why they are so interesting to us. Some of these photographers are inspired by their travels, while others find inspiration through unique architecture. Whatever their inspiration may be, the following ten shutter bugs all know how to take a dope photo. Instagram really is the best way of finding new artists, so check out these next ten 'grammers, we guarantee you may discover a new talent to follow!

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10 Victoria Siemer

Lacanian Forest

A post shared by Victoria Siemer (@witchoria) on

Witchoria is a Brooklyn-based photographer who is also known as Victoria Siemer. This unique photographer has managed to rack up over 100,000 followers with her supernatural tinges and abstract style. Her Instagram page is filled with imaginative photographs and clean style. Witchoria is one of those Instagram photographers who marches to the beat of her own drum and her work exemplifies that. She mixed her photography with incredible graphics to make her visions truly come to life. This Instagram favorite uses her art as a platform to express herself and have her voice heard, which is part of the reason we love her.

9 Joshua Lott 

Chicago River

A post shared by Joshua Lott (@joshualott) on

Joshua Lott is a Chicago-based photographer who takes all his photos on a Samsung Galaxy X4. Joshua Lott is without a doubt one of the most brilliant photographers on the 'gram, and if you check out this page you will see why we at TheRichest had to include him on this list. With 43,000 followers, Lott has only just begun to reach the masses, but his talent and keen eye separate him from other photographers on Instagram. His versatile and unique style are undeniable and we know he has a bright future ahead of him.

8 Asa Sjostrom 

Asa Sjostrom is a Swedish documentary photographer who has yet to reach her social media peek. Not only is she a talented and awesome photographer but she has a message which she is trying to get across. This photographer puts her focus on social issues concerning children and women. She is the kind of artist that wants to create awareness and build connections between her subjects and her viewers. With over 12,000 followers, we at TheRichest know her Instagram deserves more credit than that. Her phenomenal photography skills make it easy to follow her and she is well deserving of a place on this list.

7 Drik Bakker 

Concrete Love . #Architecture #Amsterdam #iPhone6S

A post shared by Dirk Bakker (@macenzo) on

Dirk Bakker aka Macenzo is one of the most talented and interesting photographers on Instagram, which is why he earned himself a spot on this list. This Amsterdam-based photographer has a keen eye for fabulous architectural patterns. His mind-blowing compositions force anyone viewing his photography to see landscapes in a different way. Bakker has over 350,000 followers on Instagram and there is no question why he is so popular. The way Macenzo finds a way bring his vision to life through his photography is incredible. We love Dirk Bakker’s work and we can't wait to continue to see how he continues to grow in the world of photography.

6 SDJ 

#NYC #🇺🇸

A post shared by SDJNYC@GMAIL.COM (@sdj) on

When in comes to being a photographer (or any artist), New York City is one of the most inspirational places to be. The city has incredible architecture, interesting people and stunning views, and photographer SDJ demonstrates exactly that. This photographer’s Instagram page is 100% New York City, which is something we love about him. Not only does he know the city well, giving him a chance to find the best locations to shoot at, he also knows a lot of people who he collaborates with, taking his art to a completely new level. SDJ is a versatile photographer whose voice is heard through his mind-blowing photographs.

5 Dave Yoder 

If you are taking photos for National Geographic it is considered a big deal, which is why Dave Yoder has made this list. Yoder is a contributor, which means that his feed on Instragram is often fueled by insight, inspiration and incredibly breath-taking images. He is a photographer who has the ability to showcase different sides of all different walks of life. Yoder’s Instagram account is one every photography fan should follow, and his thousands of followers will agree. Dave Yoder is one of the most badass photographers on Instagram and we love to see what else he is going to come up with.

4 13th Witness 


A post shared by 13thwitness (@13thwitness) on

13th Witness, also known as Timmy Mcgurr, is one of the most loved photographers on the 'gram. Mcgurr, who has artistic blood pumping through his veins, is son of the iconic street artist Futura. However, separate from his father, 13th Witness found his own medium of art - photography. This fan favorite has over half a million followers and counting, which comes as no surprise to us because his work is pure fire. His raw talent and ability to capture beauty in every detail of his work is truly admirable. 13th Witness is on the fast track to greatness and his Instagram is dedicated to his craft.

3 Jason Goldwatch 


A post shared by Jason Goldwatch (@goldwatch) on

We couldn’t have 13th Witness on this list without including Jason Goldwatch. Together, these two badass photographers have begun a collaboration called WatchxWitness, which brings together both photo geniuses creating spectacular and visually appealing pieces of work. Goldwatch, who has a little over 35,000 followers on Instagram, has some of the most inspiring shots you'l ever see. His incredible eye and unique perspective, which is captured through the lens, truly separates him from other photographers. There is no doubt that Goldwatch deserves to be on this list, as he is by far one of the top photographers on Instagram and we love seeing what he posts.

2 Ami Vitale 

Ami Vitale is a Nikon ambassador as well as a photographer for National Geographic, and with over 400,000 followers on Instagram, you know she must be doing something right. The American-born journalist has quite the incredible eye when it comes to taking photos, which is probably why she has been exhibited all over the globe. The 45-year-old talent has one of the most visually appealing pages on Instagram. Her photographs are filled with life and color and she has the ability to capture a feeling and emotion within a photo, something not many can do.

1 Simone Bramante

Simone Bramante goes by Brahmino on the web, and with close to a million Instagram followers, there is no reason why you shouldn’t know about him. Bramante captures magical images of landscapes. In his Instagram biography, he describes himself as a storyteller first and a photographer second, and his work is truly demonstrative of that. He is the type of photographer who is so passionate about his work he pours his soul into it, which is obvious to anyone who has viewed his photos. Follow this page to be able to see some of the most captivating photos of some of the most unbelievable locations. Trust us, he won't disappoint.

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