10 Amazing Facts You Need To Know About Deadpool

If you had a nice Christmas it is probably because you were surrounded by family, got some awesome gifts and you saw the newest trailer for Deadpool. You most likely shared the trailer on social media immediately once you saw it pop up on your feed. You are excited to talk about it with your friends or family only to find someone saying “Dead who?” or “Who is he?”

Like most of Marvel’s characters, some are more famous than others for one reason or another. But Deadpool is a little special. He is not Spiderman, Captain America, or The Hulk. He doesn’t have an extremely long history. Deadpool is a relatively young character out of the Marvel Universe, debuting in The New Mutants #98 in February of 1991. Since making his appearance, he has been an instant favorite among comic book lovers, even landing on Empire’s “50 Greatest Comic Book Characters” list. And with the hype of comic book films reaching its peak with the Marvel Cinematic Universe leading the pack, it was only a matter of time before Marvel’s favorite anti-hero would get his own film as demanded by fans.

So who is this chimichanga-loving guy in the black and red suit with a mouth that doesn’t know when to stop moving? What does he do? Why is Deadpool so popular with many comic book fans? To help answer some of those questions, here is a list we have made of the 10 most basic facts about Deadpool that everyone should know.

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10 Deadpool Named Himself Deadpool

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Wade Wilson, who was terminally ill, joined a government program called Weapon X, who gave him healing factors that prevents his cancer from killing him. While on a mission, he kills one of his teammates, a cyborg named Slayback. Wilson is kicked out of the program and put into a Hospice, where former superheroes go get treatment. Unbeknownst to the government, Doctor Killebrew and his assistant Ajax used the patients as test subjects, placing bets into a “Deadpool” to see which one will live the longest. Wilson underwent tortuous experimentation but remained in good spirits. After being fed up with Wilson’s taunting, Ajax lobotomizes one of Wilson’s friends. Wilson eventually kills his friend to cease his suffering, breaking one of Killebrew’s rules. As punishment, Ajax tears out Wilson’s heart leaving him to die. However, Wilson’s desire for vengeance was so strong that his healing factors kicked back in, revitalizing his heart. In turn, Wilson attacks and leaves Ajax for dead. It's after this moment Wade Wilson gives himself the name Deadpool and escapes the Hospice.

9 Deadpool Is Canadian and Proud Of It

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Some may believe that Deadpool was born and raised in the United States. In fact, according to Marvel’s website, Deadpool was born in an “ unrevealed location in Canada” to a mother and an abusive father. While working as a mercenary, Wilson relocated to the U.S after refusing to complete an assignment - to kill Sumo Wrestling ring leader Oykata because he fell in love with his daughter. Department K, who helps Wilson with his cancer, is part of the Canadian government. Its program, Weapon X, expands to both the U.S and Canada. Deadpool often references his native homeland in the comics. It’s unclear if the film will make him Canadian, American or carry a duel citizenship.

8 Deadpool Is Based Off DeathStroke From Teen Titans

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Deadpool was created by Fabian Nicieza and co-writer/artist Rob Liefeld. While Nicieza was in charge of making Deadpool’s speech and mannerisms, Liefeld did the character design. Liefeld was such a big fan of Teen Titans that his familiarity with the show accidentally became an influence. Liefeld showed Nicieza his design. Taking into account Deadpool’s mannerisms, Nicieza told him “this is DeathStroke from Teen Titans”. They named their new character's real name “Wade Wilson” after “Slade Wilson” (aka DeathStroke) as an inside joke about the two being “related” to each other.

7 His Healing Powers Are Derived From Wolverine

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Deadpool's healing factor is one of the most important facets of Marvel’s beloved anti-hero and we have Wolverine to thank for that. Department K’s program, Weapon X, used the X-Men member’s healing powers on Deadpool to give him abilities that are beyond any human. The only difference is that Deadpool’s healing powers are more mentally driven. Deadpool is able to regenerate cells faster than humans, including the ability to regrow body parts and organs. He has a strong immune system to fight off poisons and can resist any disease. Most notably, he has extraordinary agility and a quicker reaction time that outshines any athlete.

6 His Lover, Vanessa Carlysle, Is CopyCat

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Before he became Deadpool, Wade Wilson dated a young girl named Vanessa, who was a prostitute. The two of them stood by each other's sides, especially during Wade Wilson’s early days as a mercenary. Wilson hoped the two would see better days. Unfortunately after Wilson learned of his terminal cancer, he broke up with Carlysle because he did not want to force her to stay with someone as sick as he was. Like Wilson, she would later join the Weapon X program, which gave her powers that allow her to shape shift. She goes on to call herself CopyCat. Vanessa Carlysle will appear in the upcoming movie, played by Gotham star Morena Baccarin.

5 Deadpool Is An Assassin With Teleportation Skills

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That’s right! Not only does Deadpool have incredible healing techniques, he is a master at hand to hand and unarmed combat due to his background in the military and his mercenary career. He does have an incredible arsenal to take down his enemies. He carries many weapons that include several guns, two blades (which are strapped to his back), and a belt with a teleportation device. He uses it to get out of any situation that he deems dangerous. The belt can also project holographic images in front of him so he can use it as a disguise.

4 Deadpool Loves Breaking The Fourth Wall

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If you have seen any recent commercials for Deadpool over the holidays, you may have noticed that the man loves talking to the audience. While it may help further generate hype, it is actually part of his schtick. In the comics, Deadpool breaks the fourth wall and it's used as a comedic effect. He often makes cultural references and mentions current events that happen as the comic is being written. He also brings up previous comic issues. The fact that Deadpool is aware that he is a fictional character adds more to his charm. He is just one of few Marvel characters who do this.

3 His Nickname Is “Merc With A Mouth”

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This one goes along with the fourth wall. While Deadpool loves talking to the readers, he loves talking in the middle of a battle just as much. Maybe a little more. Deadpool is also referred to as “the Merc With A Mouth” because of his endless taunts and constant chattering as he fights his foes. His talkative nature can be quite dark and twisted. This is an example of Deadpool’s mental instability because of a possible underlying mental health problem. Wilson’s withdrawn nature or his troubled childhood may be a factor. At one point, he did not regain mental stability after losing his healing factor.

2 Deadpool Is Pansexual

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In 2013, Gerry Dugan, Deadpool writer, confirmed on Twitter that the anti-hero is indeed Pansexual, meaning that Deadpool falls in love with anyone or anything regardless of its gender. He's fallen in love with women, has a bromance with Spiderman, and he even had an affair with Death.  Deadpool’s co-creator Fabian Nicierza has stated that while he understands that readers want to make characters their own, this often excludes what the character may mean to other fans. He said, “I've been dogged with the DP sexuality questions for years. It is a bit tiring. He is NO sex and ALL sexes. He is yours and everyone else's. So not dismissive, but rather the epitome of inclusive”.

1 Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool Have A lot In Common

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It's obvious fans of the Deadpool comics and of Ryan Reynold’s performance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine have been able to rest easy since the announcement that he will be reprising his role in the stand-alone film. Though it’s no secret that Reynolds has been a long time fan of comics, what makes Reynolds the perfect fit is the two share many things in common. First off, they are both Canadian! They have similar features from age, height, eye color, hair (before Wilson lost it due to cancer), and weight. Reynolds and Deadpool have full names that are alliterative, Ryan Rodney Reynolds and Wade Winston Wilson, respectively. Reynolds shares Deadpool’s sense of humor. Finally, Reynolds started his acting career around the same time Deadpool debuted in the comics. I think it's fair to say that Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool.


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