10 Adult Stars We Can See On Mainstream TV Today

The world of adult entertainment often crosses paths with the mainstream world for obvious reasons. Whether one wants to admit it or not, the names and faces are already known in our minds. There is a reason why adult entertainment is one of the key driving forces behind the success of the internet. Very few stars on the other side make it big in Hollywood. Those who do are welcomed more in film than TV, for obvious reasons. Sure you have the Sylvester Stallone's of the world who made a small adult film here or there that they are embarrassed about and hope the audiences forget. I'm not talking about those who made one or maybe two films in relative obscurity. They just don't cross over that often successfully. Most of these stars lead dual lives to make a living, starring in adult films alongside their Hollywood projects or appearances. That is why this list contains all adult entertainment stars that appear on television shows that are still on TV this year. They may have appeared in earlier years of a particular show. But through reruns, online streaming and such, you can still catch those episodes today.

The most common places to see adult entertainment stars are in Reality TV shows and sexually explicit cable shows such as Game of Thrones and Sons of Anarchy. Both of these shows use brothels as part of their plot lines, as such they often tap into the adult entertainment world for people not ashamed to shed their clothes and who can easily portray a character involved in the sex trade. In fact, of the ten people on this list, about 80% of them have four shows in common. Family Guy is also well represented. Reality TV is a great place for adult stars to gain some publicity as well. It's like the years gone by, when every star would appear on a game show to bolster a sagging career or to change careers. Many other television shows used such stars in the past, such as Married With Children and Entourage. But those shows are now defunct, so don't expect people from those shows on this list. We also don't include celebrities who have filmed a single tape with their partners or spouses. These people are not truly adult entertainment stars.


8 Ron Jeremy in Tosh.O and Family Guy

The king of adult cinema, and the one name in the industry that has transcended pop culture the most. The 62 year old mega star has performed in over 2000 adult films in the last 40 or so years. Can someone really accomplish all of that with those looks, in an industry that sells sex appeal? If Ron Jeremy can do it, then there is hope for any guy (that is of course if you have his endurance and endowment). His best adult entertainment titles: Debbie Does Dallas, 21 Hump Street, Natural Born Thrillers. Things you might not know about him: He has a masters degree, and started out as a special education teacher. In his own words, "I still have a valid teaching license. But if parents see me with a kid, they'll want to call 911." He released the single Freak Of The Week which remained on billboard rap charts for 27 weeks. Recently, Ron Jeremy made a guest appearance on Family Guy in the episode Brian Does Hollywood, playing himself of course. In the episode, Brian, the family dog exits rehab and flies to Hollywood to pursue a career as a screen writer, instead becoming a successful adult film director. Ron appears in a party scene as himself and as a presenter in the fictional Woody awards. His funniest role though, is his self parody video on the comedy central show Tosh.0. See it below.

9. Sahara Knite in Game of Thrones

The 40 year old actress was born in England, as Saeeda Vorajee. She started acting late in life, having appeared in over 90 adult film titles over the last 10 years. Her best adult entertainment titles: Blazed and Confused, For Your Thighs Only. Things you might not know about her: She started her career working 11 years in the fashion industry as a clothing technologist and a textile manager. From fashion she went to modelling. Currently, she plays a brother employee on Game of Thrones. With the television show's main brothel closing down in season 5, she might not reappear.

7 Aeryn Walker in Game of Thrones


Aeryn Walker is an Australian amateur who uses her "nerdy" appeal to make a living in the adult film world. Her best adult entertainment titles are not clean enough to appear in this article. Things you might not know about her: absolutely nothing printable. Appearances in shows currently airing: Unlike most other Game of Thrones cameos, she actually does not play a prostitute, but one of the nineteen wives of Craster, a rather disturbing character known for killing his male siblings and marrying his daughters. Need I say more?

6 Puma Swede in Sons of Anarchy

Puma is a 39 year old actress, who is considered a Swedish actress even though she was born in Finland, and now lives in California. She has starred in over 200 adult films. Her best adult entertainment titles: Big Bust Cougars, Tempted By Mommy. Puma began her career selling computers, a job she must have been successful at considering her clientele. Appearances in shows currently airing: Another show famous for characters who make a living off of adult entertainment is Sons of Anarchy. So the show no longer airs, but it's recent enough. Puma plays an adult film actress who has an important part to play in season 7, as the character stars in the first adult film that the motorcycle gangsters release in their attempt to legitimize their ways.

6. Maisie Dee in Game of Thrones

Maisie is a 30 year old film actress from the UK. She has starred in 19 adult films. Her best adult entertainment titles: On a Dogging Mission. Appearances in shows currently airing: Like many Game of Thrones adult stars, she played a prostitute in season 2. Although a brief appearance, it is definitely an unforgettable appearance no matter how hard you try not to remember it. In a film known for its sadism, Maisie's character Daisy, is the character on the receiving end of some rather violent acts from the young disturbed king Joffrey Baratheon, after she is gifted to him, by his uncle, Tyrion Lannister.

5 Farrah Abraham in Celebrity Big Brother


Farrah is only 24 years old, and has built a career out of being a reality TV star. Unlike other reality stars, she has two adult film titles to her credit with more potentially in the future, and these films are not just some sex-tape filmed with her husband or boyfriend. She hired an adult entertainer to appear with her and sold the results for over 7 figures. Her best adult entertainment titles: Backdoor Teen Mom. Farrah first appeared on the reality show 16 and pregnant, and delivered her first child at 17. Her boyfriend at the time, who she dated for two years, died tragically in a car accident before their child was born. Appearances in shows currently airing: She can currently be seen as a housemate for team USA on Celebrity Big Brother.

4 Samantha Bentley in Game of Thrones

Samantha is a sensation in her native UK. She started out stripping and modelling while studying design in University. She entered the adult film industry on the advice of her ex boyfriend. Her best adult entertainment titles: Brooklyn Lee:Nymphomaniac. Things you might not know about her: She has won six industry awards and was interviewed for Cosmopolitan UK, in August, 2014. Appearances in shows currently airing: She had a blink if you see me cameo in Game of Thrones season 4, where she played a prostitute in a brothel in the fictional town of Bravos opposite the character Davos Seaworth, in a tame threesome scene with full nudity, lots of talking and laughing but no ahem action.

3 Traci Lords in Celebrity Wife Swap


If Ron Jeremy is the king of adult entertainment, then Traci is the queen. Now 47 years old, it's been a long time since she left the adult entertainment industry for Hollywood. She is easily the most successful celebrity in her genre to make the transition. Her best adult entertainment titles: Gourmet Quickies. Things you might not know about her: You can't see many of her adult films, as she was underage when she filmed them. She's also married to a regular guy, iron worker Jeff Gruenewald. Appearances in shows currently airing: She appeared as herself earlier this year on Celebrity Wife Swap.

2 Bree Olson in Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Tosh.O

Born Rachel Marie Oberlin 28 years ago, Bree has over 280 adult films to her credit. Known for her sweet looks, she hasn't exactly transitioned to the mainstream just yet. She has also appeared on multiple Playboy and Penthouse covers. Her best adult entertainment titles: Superstar Showdown 3. Things you might not know about her: She originally attended Purdue University to become a doctor, but dropped out. Just to get the farmer's daughter image in everyone's mind, her first job was as a corn detasseler. Somehow Charlie Sheen got to date her as well. Appearances in shows currently airing: She got hired as a nanny on Keeping Up With The Kardashians only to get fired right away for inappropriate behavior and attire. Her Tosh.O appearance had her shooting ping pong balls out of her lady parts. Watch the censored version below:


1 1 . Jenna Jameson in Celebrity Big Brother and Family Guy


The one woman industry is now 41 years old. She was born Jenna Marie Massoli, but decided to change her last name after her favorite brand of whiskey. No longer listed on Wikipedia as an adult entertainment actress but as an entrepreneur. A statement that is pretty accurate as she has transitioned into actually running and owning various adult entertainment companies. She has starred in hundreds of adult films since the age of 19. Her best adult entertainment titles: Calipornia, Hard Evidence, Legal Tender. Things you might not know about her: She was very close to buying Penthouse magazine. Her first job was at a Disneyland Resort which she quit to be an underage erotic dancer in Vegas. Appearances in shows currently airing: She appeared on Family Guy as herself on the same episode as Ron Jeremy mentioned earlier. This year she represents the USA on Celebrity Big Brother.

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