10 Adult Jokes You Never Noticed In Disney Movies

Disney has remained to be a hallmark in our childhood for several decades, however as our innocence slowly fades, so does the veil of purity over the adolescent entertainment conglomerate.

Ever catch yourself watching cartoons that used to fill you with delight as a kid, and later wonder how some of those scenes got passed the FCC? Well some of the most heartwarming Disney classics are riddled with this kind of content, and purposely so. Consider it a little wink from America's favorite studio, as some of these adult jokes were likely to go far over your head as a kid.

Allow yourselves to be fooled no more. Feast your eyes on some of the highly inappropriate jokes that kept your parents chuckling while you were struck with confusion. Read on and destroy the little bit of your childhood you have left!

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10 Frozen – Size Doesn't Matter

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Hopefully you were all old enough to catch the sexually suggestive quip in this recent Disney billion dollar success. If not, no worries. We got you covered.

In the scene where Anna meets up with the jealous Kristoff, the ice harvester attempts to dissuade the princess in favoring the marriage proposal presented by Hans. He resorts to quizzing Anna on random facts about the prince and ends up asking her about his shoe size, in which she responds, “foot size doesn't matter.” We're clearly not talking about feet anymore.

9 Wreck-It Ralph – Cherry Chaser

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We knew that the video game industry was competitive, but there's no room for language like this in a kids' movie, let alone a Disney film!

The beef between Wreck-It Ralph and Pac-Man was real in this scene, and the classic video game character makes it known when he calls him a “cherry-chasing dot muncher.”

According to UrbanDictionary, a cherry chaser is "An adult male chasing a young girl's virginity." You can use your imagination to define dot muncher.

8 Toy Story 3 – Mrs. Potato Head's Mouth

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Mr. Potato Head was an instant success among fans of the Toy Story franchise, and the addition of Mrs. Potato Head only served to make him more interesting. The dynamic between their relationship had been that of any average married couple, however this one particular scene lead us into uncharted territory: their sex life.

When the toy Lotso takes Mrs. Potato Head's mouth off her body, her husband swiftly retorts by saying that only he “is allowed to take her mouth,” a fairly blatant joke. As obvious as this joke may seem, Disney would have expected this joke to allude most child viewers. Most.

7 Cars 2 – Lemon Party

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Disney has been clever enough by not masking their adult humor in the dialogue every time, but sometimes in the context of the scene.

If you've never heard of the dreaded “Lemon Party,” consider yourself one of the luckier human beings on this planet. Don't google it. However, for the unfortunate few, this hidden joke made you cringe but laugh at the same time.

In a particular scene, the Lemons decide to throw a party. A Lemon Party. We needn't explain further.

6 The Emperor's New Groove – Pitching a Tent

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What's a suggestive joke without some risk? There's nearly no way that this bit went by without alerting the attention of adults and kids alike. But, you know... Disney.

In this scene, Kronk is forced to camp outside underneath a tent that is clearly to small for his massive body. The bodyguard then decides to pitch the tent directly over his crotch, which not only drew uncomfortable imagery, but succeeded in being a crude pun.

5 Muppet Treasure Island – Long John

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For most of us, the Muppets hold a special spot in our childhood, and to have had it soiled by this sexual reference is unforgivable, albeit pretty funny.

Kermit and Miss Piggy's relationship has been anything but smooth over the years, however this one quote alone had to have destroyed any chance of the two Muppets reuniting in the future. After encountering each other on Treasure Island, Piggy raves about her “experience” with the infamous “Looooong John.” Emphasis on the long.

4 Ratatouille – Tiny Truth

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Subtlety is usually best when it comes to adult humor, and boy does Disney know how to cover their bases. Honestly, you may have missed this slight nuance if you blinked during this scene, however it is still worth a thousand words.

During the scene where Linguini is preparing to confess to his kitchen crush Colette, the secret to his culinary success, he initially describes it as a “tiny truth.” For a split second Colette's eyes dart down toward Linguini's crotch, hinting at one of the cook's possible inadequacies. Disney animators sure are fans of penis jokes.

3 Bambi – Skunk Kiss

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Yes, even old school classic films like Bambi aren't exempt from strategically sexualized content. In fact, you can debate it being one of the most obvious references of them all.

What begins as an innocent example of young love between the two skunk admirers, Bluebelle and Flower, soon turns into something not too innocent at all. After the two share a kiss, the male skunk, Flower, becomes completely stiff and flushes with blood. A pretty bold "hard" joke that was just safe enough to avoid any awkward questions from the younger viewers.

2 Aladdin and The King of Thieves – Wedding Night

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Due to this third entry in the series being heavily overshadowed by the original, you may not have seen this movie to begin with, however that would also mean that you missed one of the most clever wisecracks from Genie in the franchise.

In preparation for Aladdin and Jasmine's marriage, the palace undergoes an attack that shakes the castle floor. Genie retorts to this by saying, “I thought the Earth wasn’t supposed to move until the wedding night.”

Genie's constant comedic banter may have helped this go unnoticed, but we have to attest to it being one hell of a one-liner either way.

1 Hocus Pocus – Intimate Desires

via theodysseyonline.com

This Halloween classic may have been guilty for many things, but you probably never remembered it for this racy scene.

After being resurrected, the Sanderson sisters attempt to familiarize themselves with modern day, and soon encounter a bus on their nightly debacle. After being questioned by the bus driver, the witches tell the man that they “desire children,” prompting him to respond, “It may take me a couple tries, but I don't think that'll be a problem.” Really man?

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