10 Actresses Who Could Play Lara Croft In The Tomb Raider Reboot

Everyone remembers the two movies featuring Lara Croft, brought to life by the gorgeous Angelina Jolie. I mean, who didn’t love Jolie’s portrayal of Croft? She was sexy, she was strong, she was smart, and she was just an overall badass who got things done her way. No one bothered to suggest any additional films in the franchise for a while, but recently Lara Croft fans got some exciting news – the series was set to be rebooted. First came the video game reboot, which featured a younger Lara Croft when she was starting out her adventures. Now, it looks like a film franchise will follow suit. After so many years, it would be silly to return to Lara Croft at the age she would have been if the movies had continued. Instead, fans are hoping to see a reboot featuring a younger Lara.

There’s little to no chance that Angelina Jolie would return to play Lara once more – and, quite frankly, a reboot almost requires some fresh blood to be successful. However, that leaves one question – who should play Lara Croft in the reboot? As many actresses prove, Lara Croft doesn’t necessarily need to be British – an actress from anywhere in the world can work with a coach to master the British accent. She needs to be talented enough to pull off Croft’s character, and she needs to be in good enough physical shape that she looks like she could pull off all the moves in the often action-packed films.

Here are 10 actresses who would do a killer job playing Lara Croft in a reboot.

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10 Margot Robbie

Australian actress Margot Robbie is fascinating. Her youth and gorgeous blonde bombshell looks might make you assume that she’d take on lighter roles in comedies and chick flicks, playing a sexy wife or hilarious single girl on a mission for love. However, she’s defied all expectations by taking on different types of roles, including in The Wolf of Wall Street, Z For Zachariah, Focus and Suicide Squad. Though relatively new to Hollywood, Robbie has starred alongside some of the biggest A-List celebrities, and has managed to not only hold her own, but often outshine them in scenes. She’ll be getting in even better physical condition for her role as Harley Quinn, and will likely get some fitness inspiration from her co-star in Tarzan, so we have no doubt she’ll soon be equipped to play Lara Croft both physically and mentally.

9 Evangeline Lilly

8 Lauren Cohan

American-born British actress Lauren Cohan got a strong start in Hollywood, snagging roles in hit television shows like The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural, before getting what is arguably her best known role to date on The Walking Dead. Cohan plays Maggie Greene on the popular zombie-centric television show, and has continued to thrill fans with her portrayal of a tough and complex character. She’s shown a tremendous amount of talent in several extremely emotionally charged scenes, and has definitely shown some physical prowess in a show dominated by undead creatures. We have a feeling that playing Lara Croft would feel like a walk in the park after spending so long on a show about zombies!

7 Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt is a phenomenal actress, plain and simple. Sure, she’s taken on a few fluffy roles, but she’s also done a lot of incredible complex independent films. She’s proven that she can handle taking on an iconic character, playing a young British queen in The Young Victoria, and some of her recent roles in thrillers like Edge of Tomorrow prove she can handle high impact, action-filled flicks as well. I mean, before she had to bow out and hand the role to Scarlett Johansson due to scheduling conflicts, Blunt even snagged the role of The Black Widow in Iron Man 2. She would make a killer Croft.

6 Niamh McGrady

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Irish actress Niamh McGrady may not have played an archaeologist before, but in her role on Irish television series The Fall, she definitely channels some badass female power as Danielle Ferrington. While she may not have as many films on her resume as other actresses in Hollywood, it can often be incredibly refreshing to have a fresh face playing an iconic role like Lara Croft. For most audiences outside of Ireland, McGrady is pretty much an unknown, meaning that she could easily step into the role of Croft and make it her own – with a little bit of brunette hair dye, perhaps.

5 Tatiana Maslany

Most fans of Orphan Black will agree – Tatiana Maslany can pretty much do whatever you ask of her, and has some pretty insane acting chops. After all, she often plays herself in multiple roles – now that takes skill! She’s no stranger to a good fight sequence, and she could easily master whatever accent was required of her. Plus, since she allegedly lost one of the lead roles in the new Star Wars spin-off, we’re betting that she’s hungry for a big role now – she’d absolutely nail it. I mean, once you’ve played several different clones of your character, what role can’t you master?

4 Kaya Scodelario

3 Camilla Luddington

Okay, Camilla Luddington is pretty much our frontrunner for the role of Lara Croft in any film franchise reboot. Why, exactly? Well, because she’s already played the role – although not on film. Luddington is the one who provided the voice and motion capture of the iconic character in both Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider, two popular video games featuring Croft’s character. She’s spent countless hours capturing the spirit of the action heroine for the video games, so we have no doubt she could translate that experience to the set. I mean, she’s pretty much already taken a course in Croft’s character, motivations, history and more.

2 Lyndsy Fonseca

Unless you’re a huge How I Met Your Mother fan (Fonesca played Ted’s daughter in the explanation scenes) or a die-hard The Young and the Restless devotee, chances are you might know much about Lyndsy Fonseca. After getting some roles on her resume, the young starlet managed to snag the role of Alex Udinov on the television show Nikita, where she proved she had some pretty phenomenal acting chops as well as the ability to master very physically demanding scenes. Her most recent role has been another action packed one on Marvel’s Agent Carter, and if she wanted to venture away from television into film, we have a feeling she’d make a killer Lara Croft.

1 Emilia Clarke

When Emilia Clarke was cast as Daenerys Targaryen in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones, most fans didn’t even know who she was. She was simply an unknown British actress with several stage credits to her name. However, she quickly enchanted fans and became one of the breakout stars of the show, absolutely slaying as the badass Mother of Dragons week after week. In 2015, she added some silver screen success to her television dominance, taking the role of Sarah Conner in the movie Terminator Genisys. She’s got the accent down, she can hold her own in action sequences, and she can serve up a ridiculous amount of girl power and attitude – what more would you want in an actress playing Lara Croft?


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