10 Actors Who Would Make A Better Lex Luthor Than Jesse Eisenberg

There is plenty about the upcoming Batman V Superman movie which will be released in March 2016 that is going to be controversial among comic book fans and among fans of the characters portrayed in the film. Will people buy Ben Affleck as Batman? How will the destruction that took place in Man of Steel be addressed? Will the addition of the Wonder Woman character be a plus or a minus for the movie? Then, there are the obvious concerns about whether or not the movie will be any good when compared with the plethora of superhero blockbusters that have been released over the past several years.

One topic that has been making the rounds on social media websites and in forums is Jesse Eisenberg playing the role of Lex Luthor. Some Superman fans have not been able to envision Eisenberg being the famous villain. Such skepticism naturally led to discussions on which actors would make a better Lex Luthor than Jessie Eisenberg. Some names that are immediately recognized to even casual movie fans make the list. One of the actors who could have made a better Lex Luthor than Jesse Eisenberg has some experience playing the role, but it is not known if he would have been interested in doing so again.

10 Michael Rosenbaum 

9 Adam Driver 

8 Joaquin Phoenix 

7 Tom Hanks 

6 Andre Braugher 

5 Matthew Rhys 

4 Jon Hamm 

3 Jared Leto 

2 Matthew McConaughey 

1 Bryan Cranston 

Head on over to your favorite Internet search engine and look up “Bryan Cranston” and “Lex Luthor,” and you will see that you have plenty of material to read. There are many reasons for that, one of which being, of course, that the Walter White character famously played by Cranston looked so much like how Luthor has been portrayed in the past. It was thus just assumed by some that Cranston and not somebody such as Jesse Eisenberg would have won the role of Lex Luthor. As Cranston has explained, though, any talk about him playing Luthor in Batman V Superman was nothing more than hype. We wish that wasn't the case – no disrespect to you, Mr. Eisenberg – because Cranston playing Luthor is a dream come true.

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10 Actors Who Would Make A Better Lex Luthor Than Jesse Eisenberg