10 Actors Who Refused To Take It All Off For The Big Screen

There seems to be an increasing number of scenes involving nudity both on film screens and on the screens of HBO shows. Whether it’s because our culture is more permissive towards nudity than it was fifty years ago, or because the world of Hollywood is looking to shock and awe a lot more, it’s a fact – more and more actors and actresses are choosing to bare it all, whether it be for attention or artistic reasons.

In response to the risqué trend, there are several actors and actresses that have taken a strong stance, either writing “no nudity” clauses into their contract, or outright turning down roles that may require them to strip on camera. Regardless of what the role is or what impact a certain role might have on their career, they stick to their guns and insist on never peeling off every article of clothing on camera.

The stars on this list show that taking a strong stance like refusing to go nude doesn’t always equal a destroyed career – the actors and actresses on this list are all highly successful in Hollywood, despite having strict rules that other actors or actresses may not have. It shows that, even in the fickle world of Hollywood, if one’s talent and star power is significant enough, concessions can and will be made.

Whatever their reason – and their reasons are certainly diverse – nudity just isn’t an option for these celebrities when it comes to their time on camera. Here are 10 celebrities who didn’t want to go nude for scenes.


10 Sarah Jessica Parker

Any fans of Sex and the City, the popular HBO show that countless women were obsessed with during its airing and even after, remember the many risqué scenes. Characters Charlotte York, Miranda Hobbes and Samantha Jones were all seen nude on screen several times throughout the series – but what about a certain Miss Carrie Bradshaw? Never. While Sarah Jessica Parker occasionally appeared in her underwear, she had an infamous no nudity clause in her contract that meant you never got a full look at Carrie. It’s reportedly mainly due to self-consciousness, as she’s said she doesn’t love the way she looks naked.

9 Jessica Alba

Given that she played a stripper in both Sin City and Sin City 2, it may be slightly surprising that Jessica Alba refuses to bare it all on camera. However, she’s stayed firm – though several of her roles celebrate her physique in tight and tiny outfits, she never gives audiences a full look. Why? Alba has cited family as the main reason – namely, that she wouldn’t be able to look her grandparents in the eyes during holidays and family gatherings if she were to strip on camera. She stated her position clearly to Elle magazine, saying point blank “I don’t do nudity. I just don’t….maybe I won’t get hired in some things. But I have too much anxiety [about it].”

8 Christina Hendricks

Curvy Christina Hendricks started a bit of a craze when she sauntered on screen in her figure-hugging 60s apparel as the feisty and ferocious Joan Holloway in Mad Men. However, this actress is determined to leave a little to the imagination as an actress. Though her enviable figure has likely garnered many requests for risqué scenes in her roles, she has maintained a strong no nudity position – despite having been offered many roles that required nudity, Hendricks has said, she has opted to turn them all down rather than compromise her beliefs. Hendricks’ stance shows you can be sexy without baring it all.

7 Isla Fisher


Funny redhead Isla Fisher has never gone nude in a film. What about Wedding Crashers, you may ask? Not her – Fisher used a body double. When it comes to the reasoning behind her no nudity rule, Fisher refers to her craft. In an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, Fisher stated that nudity compromised one’s comedic chops, stating “I feel like if you have a female comic character and then you see her nipples, then she is no longer funny, which is clearly wrong, but that was my theory and that’s why I didn’t want to do it.” Whether or not her theory applies, she continues to be cast in film roles, both comedic and dramatic.

6 Rachel Bilson

Bilson came into the public eye as the loveable Summer Roberts on teen drama The O.C. and has since continued to snag the lead in many movies, as well as on another television show, Hart of Dixie. When it comes to nudity, Bilson sticks to her guns that it just isn’t necessary in movies. She’s stated that “movies can be sexy or sexual without showing things.” Her position was brought to the forefront when she starred in the R-rated The Last Kiss. Her views of full nudity as “a deal breaker” mean that her role in the film was nearly jeopardized, as she has said in interviews that rated-R movies often put in nudity wherever they are able to, but that she remained firm in her beliefs: “I’m pretty strong-willed and believe it can be avoided,” said Bilson to Playboy. Anyone who has seen the film knows she was successful, sticking to her guns and still keeping her lead role.

5 Emma Watson

While many child stars go the opposite route during their transition into more grown-up film roles, British superstar Emma Watson isn’t one of them. She places a high value on her role of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film franchise, the role that made her an international star, and has stated that role is why she would never strip on-camera. “I don’t want everyone to forget me as Hermione. I’m really proud of her,” Watson told the New York Daily News. That pride means that, though she’s taking on diverse roles now that the Harry Potter films are finished, she’ll keep her good girl image by having a strict no nudity rule in any film roles that come her

4 Neal McDonough

While it’s generally actresses who get the attention for their refusal to go nude in films, actor Neal McDonough has made headlines with his no nudity policy. McDonough has been forthright about his Catholic beliefs and the value he places on family. Because of these beliefs, the successful actor who has appeared in everything from Desperate Housewives to Band of Brothers will never go nude on screen. His stance led to him being replaced on ABC series Scoundrels, which while it was merely explained as a casting change, was actually because McDonough wouldn’t compromise his values and flat out refused to do any love scenes.


3 Oona Chaplin

When you think of HBO’s Game of Thrones, many immediately think of nudity – and lots of it – as it’s a frequent feature of the series. Nearly every actor or actress on the show has been fully, or at least partially, nude at certain points during their time on the show. Actress Oona Chaplin, who plays Talisa Maegyr, appeared nude throughout the first part of the series, but as it has taken off in popularity, her position has changed. Now, she told British paper The Daily Telegraph, she’d prefer to be known “for my acting not for my breasts.” Chaplin isn’t the only Game of Thrones actress to have a change of heart. Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen, is rumored to now have a no nudity clause in her contract because she feels her new role as a powerful leader would be undercut by frequent nudity.

2 Mandy Moore

Actress and singer Mandy Moore is known for a fairly squeaky clean image, so it likely comes as no surprise to hear that on-screen nudity just isn’t her thing. Her reason is similar to others on this list who fear their families seeing them on screen, though her anxiety is a bit more general – as she told USA Today, “it would be completely uncomfortable to walk down the street and know that the person passing by had seen me without my clothes on. Like many on this list, sticking to her guns on the nudity issue has caused her to lose several roles that required nudity.

1 Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts has outright stated that she doesn’t plan to do nude scenes in her career. What about the role that launched her career, playing the prostitute Vivian in Pretty Woman? That was a body double, not Roberts herself. She has told E! News that on screen nudity is just “not my thing,” and now that she is a mother, she has become even more insistent upon her no nudity role, even calling into question other mothers who might opt to bare it all. What does this A-Lister do when she is faced with a role that requires nudity? Easy – she’s Julia Roberts, she tells them the scene needs to be toned down (read – she needs to be covered up a little) or she won’t do it. When you have the kind of star power that Roberts does, here’s betting that they’ll change the scene around a little.


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