10 Actors Who Cursed Every Show They Starred In

The big break. It’s something that all actors strive for. Some actors garner their fame early on in their career, others don’t get their big break until they have paid their acting dues, and others, despite years of trying, never can seem to break down the proverbial door that leads to fame and fortune. These are the actors that try as they might, never can quite get into that shining spotlight. They have been in television shows, maybe even movies, yet no matter what they choose, their career has never risen to star status.

The actors listed below are some of the unfortunate soles that have been featured on countless doomed TV shows. Almost all of these shows lasted a season or less, leaving some wondering if the actors are the ones who are bringing about the bad luck, because even if these actors are talented, and even if the show they’re working on has a good premise, it always seems to fail, and quickly. Below is a list of these ten cursed stars. They’re talented and hard-working, yet they all seem to have a bad luck streak that keeps them from becoming truly famous.

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9 Tyler Labine

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Tyler Labine is basically the king of being on TV shows that are only able to hold on for one season. In the past, he’s been on shows such as Dead Last, Invasion, Sons of Tucson, Mad Love and Animal Practice. If you’ve never heard of any of these shows, don't feel bad, it’s probably because they were all cancelled after just one season. So is Labine’s string of bad luck the cause of all this failure? Labine is definitely funny, and if he were to land a role that put him on the map, there’s no doubt he would become popular with critics and audiences alike. Unfortunately, he has yet to land that breakthrough role. He is set to star on the show, Deadbeat that will be airing on Hulu, so maybe his big break will come soon.

9. David Walton

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David Walton has some of the worst luck that any actor can seem to have when it comes to doomed TV shows. His bad luck began in 2004, when he starred in the forgotten comedy, Cracking Up. After that, Walton starred in a string of shows that were all cancelled within one season. They included, Heist, Quarterlife, 100 Questions, Perfect Couples and Bent. However, Walton may have caught a break with his new show, About a Boy. The show was recently renewed for a second season and seems to be popular with both audiences and critics.

8 Kyle Bornheimer

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Kyle Bornheimer caught a bit of bad luck after starring in the show, Perfect Couples with fellow bad-luck actor, David Walton. Since then, Bornheimer has been in shows that have lasted a season or less. Prior to his appearance on Perfect Couples, Bornheimer was on the show Worst Week, which managed to make it to a full season and Romantically Challenged, which only aired four of the six episodes that were made. However, after Perfect Couples, Bornheimer’s luck only worsened. He appeared on the ABC show Family Tools, which was cancelled after just two episodes.

7 Jessica St. Clair

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Jessica St. Clair is a hilarious comedian who has yet to be noticed for her potential star power. All of the shows she has appeared on have been cancelled within a season of airing. She first appeared on The Colin Quinn Show, which was cancelled after just 3 episodes. She then went on to star in the shows Worst Week, In the Motherhood and Love Bites. All of these shows lasted just one season before being pulled off the air. Then in 2012, Clair appeared on the underappreciated show Best Friends Forever, which was, you guessed it, cancelled before it aired a full season. However, Clair may have finally caught her big break with her new show Review, which has been renewed for a second season.

6 Josh Cooke

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Although Josh Cooke seems to have gained a bit of luck in the world of television (his show Hart of Dixie is currently on its fourth season), things weren’t always so good for the talented actor. His 2005 comedy Committed, was cancelled almost immediately after it aired, and his other shows Big Day and Four Kings, both failed to complete just one season. Then, he was on the show Better With You. Unfortunately just two days after the season finale, the show was cancelled. Let’s hope his hit show, Hart of Dixie won’t be his only streak of good luck.

5 Erinn Hayes

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Although Erinn Hayes has had a successful stint on the soap opera, Childrens Hospital, her career hasn’t amounted to much more than that. Hayes has been on a string of TV shows that have all ultimately failed. She first tried her luck in comedic TV, when she starred in the show, Worst Week with Kyle Bornheimer. Obviously that show didn’t do too well. Then she moved on to The Winner, which only managed to air six episodes, On the Spot, which only aired five and Kitchen Confidential. Her luck seemed to be changing when she was slated to star on the show, Guys With Kids, but even that show ended up being cancelled.

4 Christian Slater

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Although Christian Slater is one of the bigger names on this list, he hasn’t had much luck when it comes to television. In 2008, he starred in the drama, My Own Worst Enemy. The show featured Slater playing two roles, but it only aired nine episodes before it was cancelled. Then there was the show, The Forgotten, which lived up to its name because it was cancelled after just one season. After that came the case of Breaking In, which was cancelled after one season, only to be renewed again, just to be cancelled before the airing of its season two finale. Finally, his last project, Mind Games, was cancelled after just five episodes.

3 Hayes McArthur

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Hayes McArthur is yet another actor who starred in the doomed show, Perfect Couples and his other television shows haven’t faired much better. He was in the show, Worst Week with Kyle Bornheimer, which only lasted a season, then he moved on to the show Go On, which was also cancelled after just one season. Currently, he is set to star in the show, Angie Tribeca. Maybe this show will finally be his big break.

2 Kristoffer Polaha

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Like the others on this cursed list, Kristoffer Polaha has been on a string of unsuccessful TV shows. First, Polaha landed a role on the soap opera, North Shore. The show was disliked by both audiences and critics, and was cancelled after just one season. Then he went on to star in the show, Miss Guided, which was cancelled after less than a month. His other shows Valentine, Ringer and Made in New Jersey all failed with viewers. His one show that managed to make it to a second season was Life Unexpected, but even that was cancelled after its second season. Currently, he is set to appear in the shows Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths. 

1 Jerry O'Connell

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Although Jerry O’Connell had a few hits it the 80’s and 90’s, things have taken a turn for the worst for the actor. Some of his failed shows include Do Not Disturb, which failed to air a full season. Then there was the show Carpoolers, which was cancelled after just one season, after that came, The Defenders, which also didn’t make it past one season, and finally there was the show, We Are Men which was cancelled after two badly reviewed episodes. We wonder if Jerry will ever manage to find the success he once had in the 80's and 90's.

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