10 Actors Who Could Replace Harrison Ford As Han Solo

This mont,h Star Wars: The Force Awakens is finally coming out in theaters worldwide. The hype for this movie is so huge it’s unbelievable. The movie is set to break all kinds of presales and box office records when it opens on December 18 in the US. For Star Wars fans who are hungry for more, however, the hype train doesn’t stop with The Force Awakens. Disney has announced that they will be premiering a new Star Wars film every single year from here on out. Every other year there will be a new installment of the main Star Wars series, and in the off years we will be getting what Disney is calling “anthology” films that fill in gaps in the mythos and even tell solo stories.

Next year’s Star Wars film will be called Rogue One, and it’s all about the rebel squadron who stole the plans for the death star. In 2018, the anthology film will be a solo movie about Han Solo. We don’t really know much about the movie or when it will be set, but the assumption seems to be that it will be about Han Solo before he ever met Luke, back in his smuggling days. If that is the case, the character will have to be recast with a younger actor. But how do you recast a huge star like Harrison Ford? When Star Wars first came out in 1977, Harrison Ford was still a young man himself, at 35 years old.

Any actor who steps in to fill the role will be walking in the shadow of a giant, and they will have to work hard to prove themselves worthy. Here is a list of 10 actors who could replace Harrison Ford as Han Solo.

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10 Miles Teller

After a disappointing turn as Reed Richards in the latest Fantastic Four film, Miles Teller could be looking for a new franchise to cleanse his palate. What better role than Han Solo? Teller is an amazing actor, as anyone who has seen his tour-de-force Whiplash knows. He could bring a raw intensity and emotion to the role that few other actors could match. His personality might not be the best match for the character, but it would be a shame if he wasn’t at least considered. Then again, the abysmal Fantastic Four might have scared him away from science fiction films for a while.

9 Garrett Hedlund

Garrett Hedlund, who starred in TRON: Legacy, definitely has the youth and good looks to pull of Han Solo. He doesn’t have any really iconic roles behind him, and he’s not a household name, but maybe Han Solo is the role he needs to play to get him there. TRON: Legacy was actually a pretty good film, despite its poor performance. We probably won’t be seeing another TRON movie any time soon, but maybe we could see Garrett Hedlund in another famous science fiction franchise. With any luck the Han Solo franchise won’t sizzle out like TRON did when Hedlund played the lead role.

8 Chris Pratt

No actor in recent memory has been compared more to Harrison Ford than Chris Pratt. Ever since Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt has been known for playing wisecracking roguish types. His character in Guardians of the Galaxy has a very Han Solo vibe, and the character he played in Jurassic World has some similarities with Indiana Jones. There is no doubt that Chris Pratt could pull off the character of Han Solo with aplomb. The main reason that this probably wouldn’t work is that too many comparisons would be drawn to Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy. It could work, but it’s probably best if Chris Pratt keeps his space cowboy antics to the Marvel Universe.

7 Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is perfect for the role of Han Solo. Not only does he have the same devilish good looks as a young Harrison Ford, he is also just about the same age as Harrison was when he first played Han Solo. From his performances in science fiction action flicks like Inception and Looper, we’ve seen that Levitt can hold his own in action scenes. He would bring a new energy and excitement to the character, and he’s the perfect high-powered star to launch a new Han Solo series. I wouldn’t be surprised if Han Solo becomes a trilogy, if the first movie is successful.

6 Dave Franco

James Franco’s little brother has really made a name for himself, with films like Now You See Me, Neighbors, and 21 Jump Street. He’s young enough that he could play the role for multiple films, and he’s got plenty of charisma for the part. Han Solo is a character that relies equally on cunning and wit. Franco has proven himself to be a funny man, and his role in Now You See Me proved that he can be quick-witted and smooth as well. 

5 Josh Hutcherson

The Hunger Games star might seem like a little bit of an odd choice, but he could totally work as Han Solo. Obviously he’d have to up his charm and rogue factor (Peeta is no Han Solo), but Hutcherson could make it work, especially as a young Han Solo just getting his start. Reinventing the character is probably the best way to go anyway: if whoever gets cast in the role tries to act exactly like Ford did in Star Wars, it is just going to come off as kitschy and forced. Hutcherson could play Solo in his younger days, before he had reached his full swagger and confidence.

4 Taren Egerton

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After playing Eggy in Kingsmen: The Secret Service, Taren Egerton has risen to fame as a promising young actor. He is Welsh, but like so many actors before him, he could easily do an American accent to play the role of Han Solo. Egerton is an excellent choice to play a young, overconfident Han Solo, running headlong into one sketchy situation after another. Egerton clearly knows his way around an action scene, and he’s already shared screen time with Star Wars alum Samuel L. Jackson. He could easily define the character of Han Solo for a new generation of fans.

3 Zac Efron

While Zac Efron may have risen to fame by starring in High School Musical, he has since proven that he can act in movies like The Lucky One and Neighbors. He even has experience with Star Wars. He played the voice of Anakin Skywalker in Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III. Efron has the good looks and charm of Han Solo. The only question is whether or not he can be a convincing action star. Nevertheless, if he was given the chance, Efron would most likely effortlessly embody the character of Han Solo and carry a new franchise with ease.

2 Tom Holland

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Tom Holland is about to rocket to super stardom when he appears in next year's Captain America: Civil War, followed by a solo outing in Spider-Man in 2017. He's young and handsome, and he's about to have the kind of star power that would really carry a new Disney franchise like Han Solo. Of course, he would have to do an American accent, but he will already have plenty of practice from playing Peter Parker, the friendly neighborhood wall crawler. Fans will have a better idea of his acting ability once he swings onto the scene as the young super hero.

1 Robbie Kay

via robbiekayofficial.com

Fresh off of an excellent performance as Peter Pan in Once Upon a Time, and the less impressive Nathan Petrelli in Heroes Reborn, Robbie Kay definitely has what it takes to play the role of a young Han Solo. He might have to pack on a little weight to look the part, but a big role like Han Solo could really launch his promising career into the stratosphere. Han Solo is a very different character than ones he has played before, but if he could pull it off, Robbie Kay could really shine and carry a new franchise.

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