10 Actors Under 25 Who Are Destined For Greatness

A good actor is hard to find. Contrary to your personal feelings about Tinseltown's elite, what cannot be debated is that the next 'Leonardo DiCaprio' or 'Jennifer Lawrence'  is not as easy a discovery as some might think. The ten young actors on this list are proving that with hard work, talent and great genes, they just might the next big thing to take Hollywood by storm.

10 Katie Chang: 18-Years-Old

Where You May Have Seen Her: Playing Rebecca in 2013s, The Bling Ring

Bio: With barely an acting credit to her name, a 17-year-old Katie Chang decided to send in an audition tape when her manager told her about a role that was up for grabs - as the conniving Rebecca Ahn, a teen who gets her kicks from burglarizing the homes of filthy rich celebs. Clueless that the film she was auditioning for was being directed by cinema royalty Sofia Coppola, Chang's audition tape landed her a meeting with the filmmaker, and three months later, the high school student nabbed  the part (and made her Hollywood debut) as the Bling Ring leader. Dubbed the film's "spotlight stealer" the actress (who just completed her freshman year at Columbia University), went on to star in 2014s A Birders Guide to Everything alongside acting heavyweight, Ben Kingsley and is set to star alongside another huge star, Glenn Close in the upcoming film, Anesthesia. 

9 Craig Roberts: 23-Years-Old

Where You May Have Seen Him: Playing Oliver Tate in Submarine

Bio: Young actor Oliver Tate first garnered attention in his hometown of Wales with  roles in film and television including the critically acclaimed comedy-drama, The Story of Tracey Beaker. But it was his starring role as the star-crossed, infatuated teen Oliver Tate in the 2010 British coming-of-age film, Submarine that nabbed him world-wide attention. Since then, Tate has appeared in the 2014 Seth Rogen comedy, Neighbours, will soon be seen in the anticipated sequel 22 Jump Street and will star alongside Nicholas Hoult in the upcoming crime thriller, Kill Your Friends.

8 Nicola Peltz: 19-Years-Old

Where You May Have Seen Her: Playing Katara in The Last Airbender

Bio: When your mom's a former model and you're dad's a billionaire businessman, chances are you're already equipped with the goods necessary to 'make it' in Hollywood. But Nicola Peltz is more than just a pretty face. With a big screen debut in 2010s fantasy adventure film, The Last Airbender, the teen has gone on to star as Bradley Martin in the spooky TV drama The Bates Motel to much fanfare and landed the coveted role as Mark Wahlberg's daughter in the much anticipated blockbuster shoo-in, Transformers 4: Age of Extinction set to hit theatres in June.

7 Kodi Smit-McPhee: 17-Years-Old

Where You May Have Seen Him: As Owen in the 2010 horror film, Let Me In

Bio: At the young age of 17, Australian-born Kodi Smit-McPhee has already amassed an impressive acting resume including highly praised film and television roles 'down under' and mainstream Hollywood roles since he's packed up and moved to LA. Receiving a 2010 Critics Choice Award nomination for 'Best Young Actor' for his role in 2010s The Road, Kodi has gone on to star in some big pics with some big names including The Congress with Harvey Keitel, Romeo and Juliet alongside Paul Giamatti and the upcoming summer blockbuster Dawn of the Planet of the Apes alongside Gary Oldman, Andy Serkis and Keri Russell.

6 John Boyega: 22-Years-Old

Where You May Have Seen Him: Playing Moses in Attack the Block

Bio:  Garnering international attention for his role as a teen hoodlum in the British monster movie, Attack the Block, London-born John Boyega was chosen as one of the 'UK Stars of Tomorrow' by Screen International in 2011. Boyega went on to star alongside Thandie Newton and Chiwetel Ejiofor in 2013s Nigerian drama, Half a Yellow Sun to which he received stellar reviews and is a recurring character in 24: Live Another Day. But it was the recent and highly anticipated announcement of the upcoming Star Wars VII cast list that catapulted the relatively unknown actor into the spotlight. Amongst the familiar names - Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher is Boyega's. And although the characters have yet to be divulged, it's said that Boyega has nabbed a lead role. Guess we will have to wait until 2015 for the big reveal.

5 Britt Robertson: 24-Years-Old

Where You May Have Seen Her: As Cara Burns in Dan in Real Life

Bio: Just over ten years ago, a 13-year-old Britt Robertson earned a Young Artist Award for her film debut as ghoul lover Carrie in The Ghost Club and the North Carolina native has gone on to live up to the hype. For the last decade, she's had a steady stream of roles in film and television including 2009s Mother and Child with Naomi Watts and Delivery Man with Vince Vaughan. Despite her veteran-like resume, Robertson looks like her career is going to explode in 2015 - she's set to star alongside George Clooney in the highly anticipated science-fiction film Tomorrowland and is a part of the star-studded cast in the Jennifer Aniston lead film, Cake.

4 Ansel Elgort: 20-Years-Old

Where You May Have Seen Him: Playing Caleb Prior in the sci-fi film, Divergent

Bio:  From a very young age, Ansel Elgort knew he was going to be a star. When he was 12, the New York native began taking acting lessons and became hooked - making his professional stage debut in the off-broadway play, Regrets which earned him killer reviews. But it was his second movie role (his first was alongside Chloë Grace Moretz in the remake of Carrie) as Caleb Prior in the 2014 film adaptation of the young adult dystopian novel, Divergent that really put this young actor on the map. And if one YA novel adaptation wasn't good enough for Elgort, Hollywood's latest 'It Boy' will soon make an even bigger splash - as Augustus Waters in the upcoming film, The Fault in Our Stars. Set to be released on June 5th, if you want to know just how big this film will be, the best-selling book that it's based on has sold more than seven million copies and has been printed in 46 languages.

3 Douglas Booth: 21-Years-Old

Where You May Have Seen Him: As Shem in Darren Aronofsky's biblical epic, Noah

Bio: Not only does English actor Douglas Booth look like he stepped out of a Calvin Klein ad, the kid can act and has  gone on to demonstrate his impeccable range with 2012s breakthrough role as Boy George in the BBC two film, Worried About the Boy. Booth went on to play Pip in Great Expectations, and for this role, his performance was praised by Los Angeles Times critic Betsey Sharkey as "haunting." It was only fitting that the handsome Brit would go on to play the lead in literature's most tragic love story, Romeo and Juliet alongside another prominent up-and-comer, Hailee Steinfeld and that acclaimed filmmaker Darren Aronofsky would cast Booth as one of Noah's sons in his 2014 blockbuster bible-themed epic. But it is Booth's upcoming performance as Titus in the science fiction space opera, Jupiter Ascending a film Booth describes as being a "cross between Star Wars and The Matrix" that will really give him the acclaim he deserves.

2 Dylan O'Brien: 22-Years-Old

Where You May Have Seen Him: Playing Stiles Stilinski on the MTV series, Teen Wolf

Bio: New York native, Dylan O'Brien had barely even dabbled in acting (unless you count a few hilarious YouTube vids) before being cast as Teen Wolf's bestie in the show that's had young girls smitten since it first debuted back in 2011. Without a doubt the breakout star of the series, in just three short years, O'Brien has mustered up over one million Twitter followers and the recognition of some of the biggest names in the industry - director Kevin Smith wasn't shy about paying O'Brien some serious compliments telling the young actor, "Some people have to work at it, some people make it their whole life's work to pull off what you're able to accomplish just kind of naturally." Aside from Teen Wolf, O'Brien -  the 6th most reblogged actor on Tumblr in 2013, has starred in a couple of indie films and a major motion picture alongside Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson. But it's his starring role in the upcoming dystopian sci-fi thriller, The Maze Runner based on a series of best selling young adult novels set to hit theatres in September, that has tongues waging about O'Brien being "the next big thing" and will catapult him into stardom.

1 Kaya Scodelario: 22-Years-Old

Where You May Have Seen Her: Playing Effy Stone on the teen drama, Skins

Bio: Londoner, Kaya Scodelario has had successful turns on both the big and small screen since she first began acting in 2007. Aside from her critically acclaimed, four-year run on the popular teen drama Skins, Scodealrio's first feature film, 2009s Moon earned her world-wide recognition leading to other starring roles in films including Wuthering Heights - a performance that was hailed by one critic as a "heart-wrenching revelation." With a steady stream of film and television roles under her belt, the still relatively unknown actress is expected to becoming a household name with the 2015 release of The Moon and the Sun - a big screen adaptation of the popular science fiction/historical romance novel. With a $40 million dollar budget, the much-anticipated film will see Scodelario starring alongside Pierce Brosnan, William Hurt and Fan Bingbing.

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