10 Actors That Have Just Stopped Caring

actors who don't care about making good movies

It can be incredibly hard as an audience to determine how successful a film is going to be. It must be even harder to do that as an actor. As a result, sometimes when your favorite actor puts out an awful film or performance, you can sometimes give them the benefit of the doubt.

There are a lot of actors, such as Daniel Day Lewis, that have tremendous careers full of many more fantastic performances than duds. Other actors seem to care a lot less about their legacy, and a lot more about the dollar figure that sits in front of them on the cheque.

It's not that these actors don't have talent, in fact they needed to have talent to get where they are. They didn't get their movie opportunities by sheer luck, but once some actors taste success, they choose some movie roles that are the definition of lazy. There is nothing wrong with expanding your comfort zone, but some actors are content to stay in the same niche role their entire career. It is even worse when the failure on the actor's part leads to significant financial losses for the studios involved.

Laziness is one thing, but it can be concerning when you start to see a pattern develop. It gets worse when you start taking home nominations or awards from the Razzies (an ironic award show, awarding mediocrity) and not the Academy Awards.

Many of these actors have films coming out in the near future that will give them a chance to perhaps redeem themselves! Yet for every promising film, come others like Zoolander 2 which may be promising, but there is definitely cautious optimism towards the film. There will always be the chance that some upcoming films will flop and cement them even further on this list.

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10 Will Ferrell 

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There was a long period of time when Will Ferrell was one of the funniest actors in Hollywood. People could not get enough of him on SNL, and his emergence on the big screen was well received with roles in films such as Zoolander, and Old School. Ferrell’s career furthered when he realized he could spoof the sports genre, and Blades of Glory and Talladega Nights both hit theatres. These films, while clear indications that Ferrell has fallen into his niche, survive persecution because we still quite enjoyed them. But Semi-Pro? Semi-Pro was an absolute train-wreck of a film and perfectly personifies an actor who can be so outstanding, but often just takes a gimmick way too far.

9 Kevin James

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I don’t hate Kevin James, in fact, The King of Queens is one of my favorite sitcoms. Kevin James, despite his success on television, is absolutely awful in most of his cinematic films. It is clear that James is content to stay well within his comfort zone of being a zany heavy-set fellow and has yet to tackle a role that shows that he can act. The worst offense is the sequel that didn’t need to be made to begin with, Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2. There has been some great stuff, such as Hitch, but it all came early in his career before the sequels, such as Grown Ups 2, started taking hold and drowning his career in the process.

8 Nicolas Cage 

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How can one even begin to describe Nicolas Cage? He can blow you away with an outstanding performance like in Matchstick Men and then go on and do some awful and over-the-top garbage. If you haven’t seen The Wickerman, it is worth it only to see Cage’s acting continue to ramp up in zaniness as the film progresses (keep in mind it’s supposed to be serious). Other films like Next not only had Cage acting hurt the film, but also had Cage produce the film. There are no shortage of awful Cage performances to pick from, and if you can accept them for what they are, Cage can be a hilariously entertaining actor to watch. Just from the outside, it really seems like sometimes he just does not care anymore.

7 Kevin Costner 

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6 Mike Myers 

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As a fellow Canadian, I feel it is unpatriotic to be super against Mike Myers. After all, Wayne’s World is a classic and Myers is the man behind Austin Powers! Even if Austin Powers had moments where the jokes ran too long, it was still a fantastic series that offered some great comedic moments. Myers is also the creative force behind some of the worst films to come out, but none worse then The Love Guru. The film was not only a critical and commercial failure, but received the Worst Picture Award at the Razzies that year. To help complete the duo, Myers took home the Worst Actor Award for his performance in the film.

5 Rob Schneider 

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One has to wonder if Rob Schneider decided at one point to stop caring, or if he was always just incredibly unfunny. Schneider had some early success in the 90s after leaving SNL, but his track record is still awful. Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo did okay, but of course it spawned an even worse sequel, which is the downfall of many of these actors. Schneider’s worst offense may be Don’t Mess With the Zohan,  which was absolutely dreadful and was a collaboration with long-time friend and fellow non-caring actor Adam Sandler. It's understandable wanting to make movies with your best buds, but it would just be nice if they were funnier.

4 Jim Carrey 

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3 Ben Stiller

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I still want my money back for Along Came Polly. Don’t even get me started on other disasters like Duplex starring Stiller and Drew Barrymore. It’s always disappointing when actors can be so inconsistent with their work. Stiller had success early in his career with successes such as Zoolander in 1996. Stiller also had success as his career went on with some great films such as Dodgeball. Yet, mixed in with all of the success are inconsistent sequels (Meet the Parents franchise) and other films that clearly just seemed like a cash grab and it shows. Let's hope Stiller really cares about making Zoolander 2 awesome, or it’ll be a great tarnish on a fantastic film.

2 Eddie Murphy

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1 Adam Sandler 

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Adam Sandler is the personification of someone that just does not care anymore. Sandler has had some outstanding roles in his career, but that just gave him a bigger career to bastardize. Current-day Sandler is pumping out some of the worst, most mind-numbingly awful comedies, such as Jack and Jill, where he thought “hey, let’s play two roles!” Combined with the fact that Sandler often casts his friends, of whom most people are sick (such as David Spade, Kevin James, and the aforementioned Rob Schneider), his films are even harder so sit through. There are more duds than gems in Sandler's career now, and that trend does not look to be changing anytime soon.

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