10 A-Listers Who Hated Their Most Famous Roles

It’s easy to think that actors will enjoy all the films that they have worked on. After all, they are living out the dream job of many people around the world, working with other great actors and film

It’s easy to think that actors will enjoy all the films that they have worked on. After all, they are living out the dream job of many people around the world, working with other great actors and filmmakers and getting paid for the privilege. After all, if they didn't enjoy the movies they had roles in, then why would they agree to appear in them in the first place? And why would they continue to work in the industry that pays them millions of dollars every year?

The truth is though, just like with every type of job out there, not every single film is a pleasure to work on. It doesn't matter how much you enjoy doing your job, there will almost certainly have been times when you just didn't enjoy doing the task assigned to you. It is the same with actors. Whether it is because they feel that their individual performance is below what they expect of themselves, or that the script was not as good as it could have been or perhaps, even that the filmmakers were difficult to work with, some actors ended up absolutely hating a particular case.

In many cases, the film in question can be very surprising because it will often be the role that an actor is most well known for, or one that launched their careers and yet they still despise them. Here, this article will look at 10 actors who, for a variety of reasons, hate the most famous films that they had roles in.

10 Jackie Chan – Rush Hour

Jackie Chan is a prolific actor who has appeared mostly in martial arts films, showing off his prowess in fighting and stunt work. However, the famous actor and director is probably best known in the Western world for his role in the Rush Hour film series, rather than his more serious work. This is a problem for Chan, who has stated that he never really understood Rush Hour for its American humor, or enjoyed the story and action sequences. He even explained that the only reason he took part in the sequel was because of the large pay that came with it and the actor has gone so far as to warn his Asian fans not to watch Rush Hour, or any of his other American movies.

9 Alec Guinness – Star Wars

Alec Guinness was a prolific and very talented actor who had appeared in a number of critically acclaimed films, as well as having a promising stage career. He won numerous honors (including an Academy Award and a BAFTA Fellowship Award) throughout his career, and was a hugely influential actor in the 1960s. Unfortunately for Guinness, he is known almost exclusively by the vast majority of people for his work in Star Wars as Obi Wan Kenobi. He also hated the dialogue and story of the films, refused to do any promotion for them, and only reprised his role thanks to Lucas doubling his pay. The veteran actor, unlike many of his co-stars, also reportedly refused to discuss the film and would not sign autographs or answer fan mail from Star Wars fans.

8 Sean Connery – James Bond

Unlike many other of the entries on this list, Sean Connery is perhaps most famous for the film that gave him his big break in acting. Before that, he had only had minor bit roles in unsuccessful films. The Scottish actor though, was never fond of the James Bond movies, despite the fame and fortune they brought his way, and in particular, hated playing the spy. He also complained that the plots of the films were becoming increasingly wacky and that the franchise had become something of a parody of itself. Realizing how popular Bond was in the role, the filmmakers were determined to keep bringing him back and Connery continued to appear, simply because of the vast amounts of cash offered to him.

7 Christopher Plummer – The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music is a classic film that has had a huge effect on the movie industry, due its popularity and the fact that it essentially saved 20th Century Fox from bankruptcy after the huge budget of Cleopatra. Because of this, it is the film that Christopher Plummer is best remembered for, despite the fact that he has appeared in over 100 different films. This is enough to annoy the actor but he has also stated that he found playing his character extremely boring and disliked the entire production. While he doesn’t mind the film itself, he has consistently talked about his hatred for Captain von Trapp in interviews.

6 Kate Winslet – Titanic

Kate Winslet has appeared in starring roles in a number of high profile films throughout her career, but the biggest profile movie she has worked in is undoubtedly Titanic. The film went on to become one of the most successful of all time, but Winslet has said on multiple occasions that she is not a fan. The reasons for this are varied, including the fact that she does not like her performance in the movie and the fact that she is constantly sung the lyrics from “My Heart Will Go On”. But the biggest issue was the fact that shooting was such a challenging experience. She has confirmed that working with James Cameron was difficult due to his temper and demands, as well as the fact that she suffered numerous injuries during filming, including a near death experience whereby she reportedly almost drowned.

5 Megan Fox – Transformers

While Megan Fox has always been open about the fact that the Transformers movies launched her career in Hollywood and brought her plenty of success, she has also been very clear that she pretty much hated working on them and in particular, disliked her relationship with director Michael Bay. She criticized his professionalism and explained how the two were constantly arguing on set. She even claimed that Bay was deliberately offensive to her and demeaned her at every opportunity, stating that he was a nightmare to work for. Not surprisingly, she subsequently did not appear in the third Transformers film.

4 Crispin Glover – Back to the Future

Crispin Glover will be relatively unknown to most people, but he is recognizable for his role in the hit movie, Back to the Future. The actor though, has said in interviews that he has an issue with the film in that the message at the end seems to be a bad one. Glover explained how it is a bad message to have the characters become rich at the end of movie, as a reward for doing the right thing in the rest of the story. He admits that he enjoys the overall experience, but that it would have been a much better movie with a more appropriate message. He declined to appear in the sequels, leading to the producers using cut footage and another actor to portray him. Glover then sued and got a settlement out of court.

3 Katherine Heigl – Knocked Up

While Katherine Heigl has been a relatively successful television actor, having recurring and main roles in shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and State of Affairs, she has struggled to have successful major parts in movies. One of the most critically acclaimed films she has appeared in was Knocked Up, written by Judd Apatow and co-starring Seth Rogen. Heigl has since admitted that while she found filming to be pleasant and enjoyed working with both Apatow and Rogen to be enjoyable, she dislikes her character and the overall message. Her main gripes are that she believes the film is sexist for the way it portrays her character compared to the men, with her role being very uptight and less funny than others.

2 Angus T. Jones – Two and a Half Men

Angus T. Jones appeared in Two and a Half Men for several years, earning up to $300,000 an episode, starring alongside Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer. In 2012 though, the child actor revealed that he no longer wanted to work on the show and urged others to stop watching it. This was largely due to the fact that many of the messages and themes of the show were in conflict with his recent Christian beliefs. He later admitted that he was a paid hypocrite for appearing in the Two and a Half Men and further acknowledged that he regretted working on it immensely. Jones did not appear in any episodes after the original outburst and officially left the show in 2014.

1 Jake Lloyd – Star Wars

You will most likely recognize the face of Jake Lloyd but might have trouble placing the name, and that is because the 25-year-old retired from acing in 2001, having appeared in just a handful of movies. You might think that getting cast as Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: Episode 1 would have launched his career, but Jake disagrees. He cites George Lucas as ruining his childhood for the constant bullying he received from classmates for appearing in the film, and the large amount of promotional work he had to carry out before and after the movie released. The former actor also complains about harassment from fans of Star Wars for ruining the movie, even though Lucas should probably get most of the blame. The experience was so bad that he quit acting altogether in 2001.

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10 A-Listers Who Hated Their Most Famous Roles