Tiger Woods Scandals

Now that Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods have stated that they are an item, the media has keept a close eye on the couple.

Back in 2009 the story broke of Tiger cheating on his wife Ellin Nordegren, with not only one but various women. Some women claimed that they had been intimate with Tiger for a continuous three years during his marriage. Once the story became public, it was headlining news for months. His wife eventually  kicked him to the curb and many endorsement deals did the same.

Now that the media has turned their focus onto Tiger and girlfriend Lindsey, the public seems to be stunned, wondering why this Olympic ski champion has no cares about Tiger's scandalous past?

After months of speculation, the couple came out about their relationship on March 18th 2013.  Lindsey has noted that she trusts Tiger because he has maintained a very open relationship with her since they met. And that she feels she has nothing to worry about.

Woods revealed he and Vonn's relationship via social media, since then the couple have been spotted at several events, including The Masters where Vonn showed up in a matching outfit as her boyfriend and cheering him on full heartedly.  Not only does she feel secure about their relationship but she seems to be very tuned out of the media, not letting it get to her attention. One could only imagine that the Olympian has prepared for this feedback from the world.  

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Tiger Woods Scandals