The Top 10 Richest Divorcees

Financial issues are one of the leading causes for divorce and marriage difficulties. As this list of divorced billionaires proves, however, money isn't always the issue at stake. These successful bil

Financial issues are one of the leading causes for divorce and marriage difficulties. As this list of divorced billionaires proves, however, money isn't always the issue at stake. These successful billionaires have still divorced their spouses even in spite of their incredible wealth.

The simple fact is that sometimes love doesn't work out and sometimes people get divorced. That's just the way it is. Ever wonder who the richest people are who have gotten divorced? If so, we've put a list together for you. You'll find a list of the richest people to ever get divorced, along with their net worth.

Perhaps its a coincidence, or perhaps not, but every person on this list is an American citizen! Of course, a major reason for that might be because the United States is home to the largest number of billionaires. Then again, the United States also has one of the world's highest divorce rates.

Anyways, check out these billionaires and learn about their not-so-successful marriages.

10 Ronald Perelman, Net Worth $14 Billion

The third time's a charm, right? Well it wasn't for Ronald Perelman. At age 70 he is on his fifth wife, Anna Chapman. Mr. Perelman has made his fortune through investments in various industries. Mr. Perelman follows a simply strategy taught to him by his father. He buys a company, trims off the under-performing and superfluous divisions, builds up the core products and services, produces a profit, and then sells it off. Considering he's made most of his billions on his own, this strategy has certainly paid off.

9 Donald Bren, Net Worth $14 Billion

The sole owner of the Irvine Company, Donald Bren has made his fortune primarily through real estate investments. With the net worth of $14 billion, he's certainly been successful at buying low and selling high. Mr. Bren is most famous for his real estate developments in Orange County, and is actually the richest real estate developer in the United States, beating out even the famed Donald Trump. He is now married to his third wife Brigitte Muller, a woman 34 years his junior.

8 George Soros, Net Worth $20 Billion

Even as far as billionaires go, George Soros is a famous guy who can grab the headlines. An immigrant from Hungary, Soros came to America looking for a fresh start and a chance to succeed, and succeed he did. Soros has made most of his money off of various financial investments in stocks, Forex, and other investment vehicles. Mr. Soros is also famous for his philanthropic work, vocal political stances, and efforts to support free speech. Mr. Soros is now married to his third wife, Tamiko Bolton. At 83 years old, Mr. Soros may not get another chance, so hopefully this time, he finally found the woman of his dreams.

7 Jacqueline Mars, Net Worth $20.5 Billion

Candy is a sweet luxury, enjoyed by many and for a lucky few, including Jacqueline Mars, it's generated a heck of a lot of wealth. Married and divorced twice over, however, she hasn't had as much luck with the guys. Jacqueline Mars has three children, all from her first marriage with Mr. David Badger. Mrs. Mars is the third richest woman in the United States and 36 richest person in the world.

6 Forrest Mars Jr, Net Worth $20.5 Billion

Forrest Mars Jr is another heir to the Mars fortune and has divorced and married on two separate occasions. At the moment, Forrest is single but at 82 years old he might not be looking for another wife. Besides his grandfather's famous candy, Mr. Mars is also known for his philanthropic work and for owning an 82,000 acre ranch in Montana.

5 Sergey Brin, Net Worth of $27.7 Billion

Okay, we might be jumping the gun here, as Sergey Brin isn't technically divorced. He and his wife have separated, however, they are in the process of getting divorced. One of the hippest billionaires around, Sergey is believed to be dating a fellow Googler Amanda Rosenberg. Sergey has two children with his soon-to-be divorced wife Anne Wojcicki.

4 Michael Bloomberg, Net Worth of $31 Billion

There might not be a more famous person in New York City. Besides being a self-made billionaire, Michael Bloomberg has also ran the city as mayor for the last several years. Now, Bloomberg is being termed out of office, so he will have to find a new profession. In 1975 Mr. Bloomberg married a Ms. Susan Brown, but they divorced in 1993. Now, Mr. Bloomberg is in a domestic partnership with Diana Taylor.

3 S. Robson Walton, Net Worth of $33.3 Billion

Heir to the Sam Walton fortune, S. Robson is one of the richest people on the planet. While his business and investment strategies have certainly been paying off, his two marriages didn't quite work out. Mr. Walton fathered three children with his ex-wife Melani Lowman-Walton. He is now the chairman of Walmart, the company his father founded.

2 Alice Walton, Net worth of $33.5 billion

Walmart is practically everywhere these days. Besides the United States, Walmart has operations in Mexico, China, Europe, and numerous other places. It should come as no surprise then that another one of the heirs to the Walmart fortune, Alice Walton, is worth over 30 billion dollars. Besides being insanely rich, Alice has also divorced on two separate occasions.

1 Larry Ellison, Net worth of $41 billion

The CEO and founder of Oracle, Larry Ellison is one of the richest people in the world and number one on our list. At 69 years old, he's entering his golden years but he's still an active business leader and active philanthropist. With over 40 billion dollars to his name, Ellison is also one of the richest and most influential people in the world. He has had a total of four wives and has divorced from all of them so far, but who knows, maybe the next wife will finally be “the one.”

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