Michael Sheen and Rachel McAdams Enter Splitsville!

They met in Paris while they were shooting for the movie “Midnight in Paris”. Initially just good friends, their relationship reached a climax when the shooting for the movie ended. Michael is believed to have proposed to Rachel. Though she had reservations at the outset, but she eventually agreed to enter into a relationship with him.

When they got together we were all thrilled to see such a gorgeous looking couple! Low profile as they were Michael and Rachel did manage to make heads turn when they arrived at any event together. Fans would screech in delight on the sight of them. They are now going to miss this. Michael and Rachel were a truly powerful combination, a mix of brains and beauty. They looked as good together in real life as they were on the silver screen.

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams had looked really good together as well. Rachel had dated Ryan before she started seeing Michael Sheen. Their break up had not been well received by their fans at all because they looked even more attractive as a couple than Rachel and Michael.

Ryan and Rachel had starred together in the movie “The Notebook”. They had developed an attraction for each other during the filming of this movie and had received rave reviews from critics because of their amazing onscreen chemistry. If Ryan would now break up with his partner Eva Mendes all would be well again. We would have a super couple! This is our joke of course! And we heartily hope that Rachel is able to come out of the break up strong and do good movies again.

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Michael Sheen and Rachel McAdams Enter Splitsville!