10Billy Crudup and Claire Danes 

Billy Crudup is best known for his work on Almost Famous and Big Fish but he is also known for breaking up his couple at a rather precarious moment.  In 2003, amidst the hottest summer on record in the UK, Crudup began working on the

period piece Stage Beauty with costar Claire Danes.  Danes was already a big star at this time having appeared in several big budget movies and being Angela Chase on My So-Called Life.  Danes and Crudup began a relationship during the sweltering summer and carried it on until 2006, when Danes met her future husband Hugh Dancy on the set of the film Evening.  Without being judgmental, this reversal of fortune was somewhat of a payback for Crudup whose girlfriend when he met Danes in 2003, Mary-Louise Parker, was seven months pregnant  at the time of their rupture.

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