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Julianne Hough Having a Good Time after Breakup

Celebrity Divorce
Julianne Hough Having a Good Time after Breakup

Ryan Seacrest and his girlfriend Julianne Hough made headlines recently by ending their relationship. The two looked extremely good together. But the good times are over now. It has been said that the couple split due to their busy schedules. Ryan and Julianne would rather focus on work at the moment and not anything else.

Julianne has been seen in high spirits since the break up. She and Ryan had been together for almost three years. Julianne now seems to be enjoying the company provided by her friends in Hollywood to help her get over the breakup.

She was recently seen with her friend, the actress Nina Dobrev at the LA Lakers basketball game at the famous Staples Center. Julianne was cheering loudly for the Lakers with Nina, who also looked absolutely thrilled to be at the venue.

Dobrev has also made a name by playing the role of Elena on the hit television show, the “Vampire Diaries”. The two were seen chatting and giggling and having a good time with some other friends. It is good to see Julianne doing so well after the break up. Her relationship with Ryan was really intense. The actress had invested a lot in the relationship to make it work and had seemed genuinely dejected after the breakup. It is really a good thing that her friends have chipped in to help her get over it. The “Safe Haven” actress has been seen spending a good deal of time on the beach as well with her lady friends.

Things are however amiable between Ryan and Julianne. The two continue to be in touch with each other and are pretty good friends as well.

We are only too happy for Julianne Hough and hope she comes out of this breakup stronger than ever. Ryan it seems has been dealing with the break up pretty well too. He has thrown himself into his work and is submerged in it.

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