Jillian Barberie Reynolds Files for Divorce from Husband Grant

The fairytale marriage of Grant Reynolds and his wife Jillian is over. Jillian has filed for divorce, and is also seeking physical custody of her two children. This is indeed very sad. Both Jillian an

The reason for divorce, as cited by Jillian in her legal document, is “irreconcilable differences”. Apparently the two have been facing difficulties for quite some time now, and were seeking counseling to make the marriage work. But it didn’t help. The differences were so large that the councilor could not make the two come together and agree. They were married for seven years. That’s not bad, and this is why we are sad to see it go. While Jillian does want the custody, but she also wants Grant to get visitation rights, so that he can see the kids from time to time. Daughter Ruby is only five and a half years of age, and Rocco is only three. Hence they really do not have a say in this matter at all.

In spite of the divorce, Grant and Jillian are likely to continue being good parents to their children. They have agreed to cooperate on all matters about the kids. Grant has not been available for comment after the statements made by Jillian. It seems that he is avoiding the media and paparazzi.People Magazine got to know about the breakup on the day Jillian filed for divorce. She announced with great regret that she was ending her marriage. She called him an amazing person, and that she had two of the most beautiful children in the world with him. It is good to see that there is no unpleasantness between the two. Certain celebrity divorces tend to take an ugly turn, particularly with custody issues. This is unlikely to happen with Grant and Jillian. The two have been very decent and civil with each other. This is a sign that they share a good friendship even now. The kids have been informed about the divorce. But they are too young to understand the implications at this time.

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Jillian Barberie Reynolds Files for Divorce from Husband Grant