Demi Moore Upset With Ashton Kutcher

Yes it is now out for all to know! Demi Moore is severely distraught with her former husband Ashton Kutcher. She is reportedly filing for a divorce settlement that is quite pricey, as a means of getting back at her former lover. Ashton is said to have cheated on his wife on the night of their wedding anniversary. What a shocker! Demi charges that, Ashton did so with Mila Kunis who performed with him on the American sitcom, “That Seventy’s Show”. The show was quite a hit, and ran for many seasons.

Ashton is now as popular as Moore. But it was different initially. At the time of his marriage to her, she earned much more than he did and to everybody, their relationship had seemed a lot like mother and son. Demi Moore and Ashton were together for six years. The fans and admirers believed that it might continue to be well for a long time. Ashton, who Demi split within the month of November 2011, was at the time perceived to be her boy toy. The divorce settlement filed by Moore, will not of course include spousal support even though by all means it should. Demi Moore is worth as much as a hundred and fifty million dollars, while Ashton is worth a hundred and forty million dollars.

Ashton it is said does not consider that he owes his ex wife much money. It is true that his career did start off after the marriage, and he gained a lot in terms of experience by being married to her, but he is still in denial about how much he owes her. This is rather selfish of him. He is being viewed negatively for this. It now seems that Ashton was with Moore only for the good times and that he did not really care about her much as a person. To cheat on his wife with another person on the night of their anniversary is a particularly insensitive thing to do. But Ashton has not shown any remorse about it. He has treated it as quite a casual affair, and has even gone public with his relationship with Mila Kunis.

As Moore is older than Ashton and earns more than him, one cannot expect the judge to get Ashton to pay too much in terms of spousal support. However, given the amazing benefits he has reaped by simply being married to Demi, Ashton should be doing quite a bit. Demi Moore has in the past been quite successful when it comes to divorce settlements. When she got divorced from her former husband Bruce Willis, she is believed to have walked away with as much as ninety million dollars which is such a terrific sum.

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Demi Moore Upset With Ashton Kutcher