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Chris Brown and Rihanna Split Again

Celebrity Divorce
Chris Brown and Rihanna Split Again


 for some time now. Apparently it seems that they have ended the relationship again. Once again, the news has shocked their admirers. It has been revealed by both Rihanna and Chris on their twitter accounts. Chris also mentioned the breakup while he was speaking to Power 106, a radio station.

Rihanna and Chris were in the eye of the storm recently when Chris allegedly hurt her for not paying enough attention to him. Rihanna filed charges of abuse against him. Chris ended up stalking the musician after this. In fact, Chris was on the brink of facing criminal charges, but luckily he was able to reform himself and become a better man. He spent many months in house arrest. He was trying to control his angry emotions and come to terms with who he really is.


Rihanna went into severe depression at the time. It wasn’t clear whether she would be able to heal emotionally from the situation. This however changed at the MTV Music Awards in 2009. Rihanna went ahead and forgave Chris Brown for what he had done. Since then, the two have been spending time together. Their admirers were happy that the two had hooked up again. Both Rihanna and Chris Brown were terribly in love. It is thus sad that the relationship is over again.


Chris Brown, while speaking to Power 106, said that he will always be grateful to Rihanna for having forgiven him. He also added that he is going to love Rihanna always for this. The rapper wrote a number of songs to vent his feelings at the time. Chris says that he is now much more mature after this current breakup. Rihanna on the other hand is quite torn-up over the whole affair. She wants her fans to support her in this time of crisis.

Rihanna writes on her Twitter page how painful the breakup is for her, and how she had thought that she and Chris were really going to make it work this time. The cause of the split is not yet known.

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