14 On-Off Celebrity Couples Who Just Can't Quit Each Other

Relationships are tough under any circumstances. But maintaining a celebrity relationship in the glare of the public eye and paparazzi's lens can prove very nearly impossible. Celebrity marriages a

Relationships are tough under any circumstances. But maintaining a celebrity relationship in the glare of the public eye and paparazzi's lens can prove very nearly impossible.

Celebrity marriages are especially doomed. According to a recent study by the American Marriage Foundation, they fail at a rate double that of the American national average. But, to be fair, many celebrity couples who split inevitably hook up again - if not again, and again. And of course, it's a reunion usually filmed, posted and debated on all manner of social media.

We love following these on-again, off-again, back-on-again celebrity pairings. They show us that even the rich, famous and beautiful can also be fickle and romantically messed up - just like us. The following are just a few of our most-loved celebrity couples who couldn't ever quite uncouple.

14 Pamela Anderson & Rick Salomon


13 Eminem & Kim Mathers

12 Billy Ray Cyrus & Tish Cyrus

Married in 1993, this couple were the model of stability – even as daughter Miley grew into a superstar. But in 2010, theses parents filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. However, that wasn’t the end of their achy-breaky tale.

11 Chris Brown & Rihanna

A lot of people are appalled that his couple keep getting back together. What began as a ‘platonic’ relationship between two youngsters turned into a full-blown (media acknowledged)  love affair in 2008. But then came the pre-Grammy incident in which Brown punched Rihanna in the face. He was eventually convicted of assault but did no time.

10 Sonny & Cher

This was an early example of a celebrity couple whose break-up became a tabloid feeding frenzy. The married musical duo had a few hits in the 1960s but were doing Las Vegas when they were spotted by TV executives in 1971. Their singing and stage banter (Sonny was the idiot, Cher was the sexy, sarcastic, stoic one) proved perfect for a TV variety show.

But after three successful seasons, The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour was cancelled when the couple divorced. It was a messy, very public uncoupling, full of accusations of abuse and infidelity.

9 Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor

Between them, the couple had  13 marriages. Yet most folks only know of their marriage to each other. And divorce. And remarriage. And divorce. Their whole relationship began with a public scandal during the filming of the epic 1963 film Cleopatra. This off-screen affair led to dual divorces from their respective spouses, and their eventual marriage to each other. That would last ten tempestuous years as the high-maintenance couple became known for their loud fights and drunken, tabloid-friendly antics.

8 Katy Perry & John Mayer

Talk about a hook-up in fast-forward. This musical relationship covers barely 18 months, yet contain enough ups-and-downs for several marriages. First there was the Are-They-A-Couple? stage in the fall of 2012 when they began appearing together. Their relationship became ‘official’ with a Hawaiian vacation that Christmas. Then came the rumoured break-up in March of 2013, followed by the reconciliation in June and the inevitable duet single ‘Who You Love’.

7 Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott

Their relationship began in the tabloids, as these two had an affair while shooting a movie in Ottawa in 2006. Unfortunately, McDermott was married at the time to TV cook Mary Jo Eustace, so the press wasn't good. Tori and Dean managed to eventually turn the tabloids in their favour with four kids and no less than four reality shows chronicling their lives.

6 Pink & Carey Hart

You wouldn’t think a singer and an X-Games enthusiast would be able to hang around with each other for 13 years. Still, it hasn’t been easy. Pink first met Carey at the 2001 X Games, when he famously attempted a backflip on his motorcycle, sustaining multiple broken bones. Apparently, Pink found that sexy. After dating for years, Pink proposed to Hart in 2006. The marriage lasted two years before the pair separated, with Pink releasing her hubbie-ain't-nuthin'  ode 'So What?'.

5 Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber

No one really knows what this pair are up to. Just when you think they've broken up, they appear together, canoodling at some celebrity event. In most cases, it’s the Biebs himself who is posting (then deleting) pics of the couple together, only to deny a relationship.

4 Danny DeVito & Rhea Perlman

3 Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee

Credit where credit's due, Pamela doesn’t like to give up on a guy – especially one who fathered two of her kids. It’s been reported that Pamela and Tommy married after knowing each other for only 4 days. That’s not strictly true. They first met in 1994 at a bar. Pam gave Tommy her number. But when she failed to make a date with him for a week, he followed her to Cancun and, after four days, they married.

2 Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson

Fans of the Twilight movies really wanted this romantic screen coupling to work in. And it did - for a year or so. The 'It Couple' eventually moved in together in Hollywood. But it all crashed and burned in 2012 when Kristen Stewart was caught cheating, apologizing in the press for her mistake.

1 Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Martin

Will this be the celebrity couple of 2015? Maybe, though so far the Oscar-winning actress and the Coldplay front man have kept it mostly on the down low - with only a few blurry tabloid photos of them together.

Martin - who only split from Gwyneth Paltrow in March - is said to have started dating Lawrence in June. They allegedly split in October, though were recently snapped sharing some holiday sushi in a Hollywood restaurant.

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14 On-Off Celebrity Couples Who Just Can't Quit Each Other