12 Celebs Left With Absolutely Nothing After Their Divorce

Divorce can be a messy process, even if you’re not a celebrity. The proceedings can be lengthy, there are often disagreements about custody, and when there’s lots of money involved, things can get pretty crazy.

No one likes divorce, but unfortunately, it happens to a lot of couples. When you’re famous, details about a divorce can be just as prevalent in entertainment news as a celebrity marriage or a baby announcement. This, of course, makes the process even more difficult. People in Hollywood are known for having short (or multiple) marriages, so some people think that celebrities want their divorces to be public knowledge, since it counts as “publicity,” even if it’s not the most favorable kind. Then again, the public is also obsessed with every aspect of celebrity life, which is why many famous people can’t get any privacy, even when they’re going through something difficult like the dissolution of their marriage.

While the divorce itself can be devastating, it’s even more disheartening to know that some celebrities don’t walk away with any alimony after breaking up with their famous spouses. This could lead to a significant life change, and the children of the divorced couple sometimes suffer as well. Here are 12 celebs who were left with nothing after their marriages ended.

12 Porsha Williams

11 Dita Von Teese

10 Kris Humphries

9 Surata McCants

8 Michelle Ghent

7 Nigella Lawson

6 Zooey Deschanel

5 Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli

4 LisaRaye McCoy

3 Stephanie March

2 Russell Brand

1 Katie Holmes

Apparently, Katie Holmes was so glad to be ending her marriage to Tom Cruise that she didn’t even take any of his money in the divorce. A prenuptial agreement had already been put in place before the marriage, and Holmes didn’t contest it at all. Perhaps she should have listened to Nicole Kidman, who was also once married to Tom, and said that Cruise put her through “hell”. There have long been reports that Cruise’s devotion to Scientology made him a terrible husband, and with three divorces under his belt, he’s not exactly proving the “sources” wrong. While Katie didn’t seek to get any alimony for herself, she does get a pretty penny in child support from Cruise for their daughter Suri, and that’s good enough for her.


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12 Celebs Left With Absolutely Nothing After Their Divorce