10 Male Celebs Who Wish They'd Kept It In Their Pants

Let's face it, men really don't enjoy keeping it in their pants, wanting nothing more than to get it on with whatever lovely lady fits the bill. Many celebrities are notorious womanizers, some with a different woman (or multiple) each night. There have been quite a few situations where the guy really should have exercised some self control because it got him into huge trouble. We've got everything from losing the love of their life to a royal scandal all the way to having a severed ding-dong. Yes, you read that right.

Men through history have gotten in trouble by not keeping their manhood down and this century is no exception. While most of them probably just wish they didn't caught, they probably now wish they just kept it in their pants. Here's a list of the men who really wish they could have kept it in their pants and the consequences for not doing so!

10 Tiger Woods

9 Bill Clinton

8 Bill Cosby

7 Robin Thicke

6 Arnold Schwarzenegger

5 Prince Harry

4 Hugh Grant

3 Charlie Sheen

2 John Bobbitt


1 Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant got himself into a world of trouble after having adulterous sex with a maid at the hotel he was staying at in Colorado. The woman then accused him of sexual assault and he was arrested and charged. His wife stood by him while he stated that the sex was consensual and Bryant ended up getting the case dropped when the accuser refused to testify. She did take it to civil court where Bryant ended up settling, and publicly apologizing to the accuser. While this did cause a stir in Bryant's life, he didn't lose his wife and went on to sign a seven-year contract in the NBA and receive many endorsements.



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10 Male Celebs Who Wish They'd Kept It In Their Pants