Did You Know About These Celebrity Hobbies?

Is there a hobby you have always wanted to try? Looking for some new and exciting hobbies? Here’s a list of interesting celebrity hobbies to choose from! It is hard to imagine how celebrities find the time to get bored with their daily lives and take up new hobbies. A hobby is an activity that is done for leisure and for pleasure such as gardening, cooking, painting, writing and any other artistic and creative pursuits. Celebrity life often looks full of pleasure and excitement even without hobbies. With their nonstop travelling, shopping sprees, filming and days at the most luxurious spas, it is a wonder when they find the time to expand their collections and try new sports. While the rest of us spend our free time watching television, collecting stamps and reading, these celebrities are out on the slopes snowboarding and starting collections worth more than our homes. Some hobbies and collections start at a young age before the celebrities are famous are carries with them into adulthood. Their limitless funds make it possible for them to complete their wild collections and take on new and extravagant ones. Sometimes hobbies start because of the influence of other people around them. In any case, hobbies allow them to unwind and blow off some steam after a long day of making television. Is that why most of the public unwinds watching television and celebrities are off spending their free time doing anything other than sitting on the couch and watching TV?


7 7- David Beckham takes up Fencing

After retiring from the soccer field, David Beckham has taken up a new hobby.  He now fences. Beckham’s new hobby was introduced to him by his best buddy, Tom Cruise. Beckham and his two buddies, Will Smith and Tom Cruise, get together to practice the old sport. The three musketeers now bond over the sport and Cruise even had a special fencing room built in his mansion. Unlike soccer, there is not much running involved in fencing though it improves stamina, agility, strength, dexterity, hand and eye coordination, physical and mental agility and explosive leg power. Beckham is such an admirer of the sport that he even gave a pep talk to Piers Gulliver, a child wheelchair fencer before a major school competition.

6 6- Cameron Diaz loves Snowboarding


The girl who always plays the stunning girl next door has a love for sports with speed and adrenaline. Cameron Diaz finds the rush from snowboarding relaxing and incomparable to anything else. Despite being injured on the slopes and having to get plastic surgery on her nose to repair the damage caused by an injury, she refuses to stop.

In 2005, she was injured again, this time when another snowboarder bumped into her and she fell awkwardly on her wrist. One broken wrist later, she still keeps talking about her love for the sport. She is also a fan of rafting and surfing.

5 5-  Justin Timberlake loves to golf

Being a great singer, dancer and actor was not enough for Justin Timberlake. He now wants to be a great golfer! He is a self proclaimed golf fanatic but he admits his skills suffer because of his heavy work schedule. He installed a putting green in his Los Angeles mansion backyard so that he could practice whenever he wanted to. He also belongs to the exclusive LA Sherwood Country Club. Timberlake even travels with his clubs, just in case he finds some free time for his hobby. He launched the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children Open Golf Tournament, where he also performed at the final end party.

4 4- Jerry Seinfeld collects Porsches


Jerry Seinfeld, most famous for his wildly popular 90s sitcom Seinfeld, collects not stamps or stickers, but Porsches! His collection is estimated to be worth $10 million dollars. Before he began construction on his $1.4 million dollar private garage in Manhattan to store his collection, he had to rent a hangar in the Santa Monica Airport! His collection includes a Porsche 550 Spyder, numerous Porsche 911s, even more Porsche boxsters, a Porsche Carrera GT, a Porsche 959 (of which only 337 were ever made) and many more. Who knew a show about nothing would be so successful as to allow him to collect Porsches!

3 3- Ryan Seacrest collect Wines

Ryan Seacrest’s busy schedule is dictated by his jobs as radio personality, a television host and producer. He apparently likes to wind down after a long day with a glass of red wine. But not just any old wine. Seacrest collects wines and is very knowledgeable about them.  He will often know from the label of the bottle the type and quality of the wine. He even had a new wine cellar installed in his home. He admitted that he was never a beer guy in his college days and always preferred wine coolers. His ex-girlfriend Julianne Hough commented that since they started dating, she is now able to distinguish between good and bad quality wines.   Seacrest clearly enjoys having a packed schedule. Perhaps he can look into becoming a winery owner too?

2 2- Reese Witherspoon collects antique linens


Reese Witherspoon often plays the girl next door in her movies. She is herself a beautiful Southern girly girl whose favorite color is pink. It should then be of no surprise that she enjoys collecting antique linens. Furthermore, she admits she is crazy about old embroidery. This girl next door must have a living room rivalling that of her grandmother’s!  Her other hobbies include doing arts and crafts with her daughter Ava, visiting flea markets, doing yoga, cooking, reading, hiking and going snowboarding. Witherspoon is an actress and producer famous for her roles in Legally Blonde, Sweet Home Alabama, and Water for Elephants and Walk the Line.

1 1- Nicole Kidman likes playing Nintendo

Nicole Kidman, an actress and mother of 4, enjoys playing Nintendo. She enjoyed the game “More Brain Training From Dr. Kawashima: How old is your brain?” so much that she even agreed to be the game’s spokesperson. She claims the game measures speed and accuracy in completing aptitude tests. She said that she liked the self-improvement aspect of this video game. She was chosen as the spokesperson for Nintendo because of her personality and her ability to combine the world of film with her family life. She thinks the game helps her mind stay young and for someone who is known for her youthful looks, she can now say her mind is as young as her appearance!


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