Covering Your Butt This Valentine's Day

Of all the holidays we celebrate, Valentine’s day is the one with the most potential for controversy. If you happen to get the wrong gift or worse yet forget to get one, you could be setting yourself up for a year of heartache. Sometimes it may feel better to adapt the attitude of people who refuse to celebrate the event, seeing it as a fabricated holiday without any traditional backing. For those who subscribe to this view it is no more than a cash grab for confectioners, greeting card companies and florists. However, if your partner does not accept your beliefs on this matter, you will be forced to succumb and celebrate this holiday which has an origin that is shrouded in mystery.

The holiday has become a humongous cash grab for certain companies. TIME magazine compiled a survey in 2012 that showed that the average American spends $126 on this day. Furthermore 82% of the people polled would rather have an experience than a gift. Consequently approximately $3.5 billion was spent toward romantic evenings in 2012 according to the survey. This goes to show that you will likely spend money on your love, so rather than spending it on items, come up with a fun experience.

How can you be sure that your partner will be satisfied with your gift? Is there a magic present that will cater to everyone and satisfy the need to feel wanted and desired on this pseudo holiday? As there is not only one personality there can not be one gift to blanket the holiday in satisfaction. What follows are a few can’t miss suggestions that will provide your significant other with a truly remarkable memory of the special occasion. All you have left to do is choose the one which best fits their desires!

5 The Moon and Stars

When your special someone asks you how much you love him/her, the best answer is: to the ends of the universe. Why not offer a piece of this celestial infinity as a sign of your unwavering commitment. True this gift will not be for every one, many may scoff at the idea, but you can buy a plot of land on the moon, (complete with registry and deed) or have a star named after your loved one. You know your partner better than most and you are the only one who can be certain if this gift will be appreciate. It is a gift that will be met with great excitement for the right person.

4 Chocolate Themes

When we say chocolate with reference to Valentine’s day we do not think of an original gift. This is true if you will be offering a cardboard heart shaped box filled with unidentifiable chocolates. This type of gift may not the way to impress your loved one. How about a trip to a chocolate spa? This does not refer to a building made of chocolate, although that may interest them as well, rather it refers to a spa where chocolate is integrated into the treatment. Indulging in chocolate massages, cocoa butter body wraps or a chocolate pomegranate facial scrub is a fine way to marry a traditional valentine’s day gift with an experience that will be remembered. As an added bonus many of these chocolate themed spas have onsite restaurants, which will allow you to indulge your taste buds with the same delicacy your body has been subjected to. A sweet experience for all aspects of your being!

3 Dining

The candlelit dinner, complete with violinist playing in the background and fussing waiter is another image that seems to be forever linked to the February holiday. The trouble with this sort of Valentine’s day gift is that it can become repetitive. Unless you live in a major metropolitan center, there are vey few high end restaurants and these are often booked months in advanced for the day of romance. What original alternative can be spun on this classic? Why not have a top chef come and cook a five star meal in the comfort of your own house complete with a sommelier to discuss the wine pairings used for each course? You can even make reservations to have a celebrity chef make your meal (usually at their restaurants) and meet you after the experience. Once more this is an option that remains within the recognizable comfort zone for Valentine gifts but elevates it to a complete other level. Moreover, since it can provide an opportunity to remain in the comfort of your own home, it removes any concerns one may have about ingesting a 5 course meal with different wines for each course. You can both enjoy a fine meal without worries of drink or the babysitter waiting to be relieved.

2 Star Power

I am not rehashing a previous idea, or suggesting you harness the power of solar energy to impress your woman/man, this gift idea refers to renting time with a famous actor, sports star or even musician. This may seem like an impossibility, but the fact is that many stars perform this type of service, usually for a charity. Who has not wanted to sit down and have a conversation with their favorite celeb? This may seem a little out of context. The notion of giving the gift of another person to your love on the day your are supposed to demonstrate togetherness and devotion might seem strange, but the chance to meet one of your heroes is above the strangeness. This is truly a gift they will never forget.

1 A Trip for Two

Why not celebrate your love with a voyage? What would show you love your partner more than suggesting a getaway, planned specifically to cater to their interests. There are trips available for any type of person. You can plan a skydiving weekend for two, a visit to a French Chateau, bungee jumping, or a weekend of civil war recreation: the fact is no matter what your partner likes you can find a trip to cater to their needs. All you require is your imagination and some insight into your partner’s desire, even the strangest and most obscure. The only possible danger with this gift rises from this availability, the desire to fulfill your own dream and book a trip that may suit you rather than him/her might be tempting when planning , but remain focussed on them and you should hit a home-run with this gift!


If you want to really add a cherry on the top of your, already incredible gift, try out CharityBuzz.com which auctions off many of the items listed above. The positive of this site is that part of the proceeds are given to supported charities. No only are you giving a gift of love but the gift keeps on giving to others who might be a little less fortunate than you!

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