Celebrity Wedding Predictions For 2014

There's nothing more romantic than a wedding - two people, coming together to pledge their love to one another and the celebration of this union. And when you throw two big name celebrities into the mix, it's enough to make you swoon.From the custom made designer gowns, to the lavish venue and decor, stars are blessed with the riches to have the wedding every girl dreams of.Though many celebs have announced their engagements - or flashed their engagement rings in front of the watchful eyes of the paparazzi ( I'm talking about you, Amber Heard!) this list will focus on the celebs we predict will tie the knot in 2014 -no engagement necessary.

10 Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

It was while filming The Amazing Spider-Man back in 2011 that Emma fell in love with Andrew.  Andrew on the other hand, fell a little sooner. It seems his Spidey-sense was peaked, the first time she walked in the room, "She was the last person to screen-test, and I was so bored of it by then. . . . And then she came in, and it was like diving into whitewater rapids and no desire to hang on to the sides," he told Teen Vogue back in 2012. Though insanely private about their relationship, the twenty-five-year-old Stone, and Garfield, thirty, still manage to get snapped  by the paparazzi everywhere they go, most recently while on a romantic holiday in Hawaii back in January. And with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 coming out in the spring of this year, wouldn't a wedding would be the perfect way to promote the film?

9 Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling

Are they or aren't they together? Well if you read the gossip magazines (you're lying if you say you don't) then believe the latest news coming out of the Mendes- Gosling camp: they most certainly are! Mendes' publicist recently shot down the breakup rumours that have been surrounding the couple since December of 2013 telling E!News the rumours are just that - rumours. On a recent episode of Ellen, the thirty-nine-year-old actress poked fun at the gossip telling the reigning Queen of Daytime, “I’m not a big Valentine’s Day person. I’ll probably just order a deep dish and watch The Notebook or something.” The couple met back in 2011 while filming The Place Beyond the Pines and their relationship has been going strong ever since. If their low-key romance is of any indication, we can only imagine the wedding to be the same so don’t expect a showy spectacle a la Kim Kardashian. Instead we predict a small gathering of close friends and family in an intimate location. But don’t worry ladies, one thing that won’t be toned down is Ryan’s hotness.

8 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Since these two Hollywood heavyweights hooked up back in 2005, rumors have swirled that a walk down the aisle was in the immediate future. With the birth of their first biological child, Shiloh Nouvel in 2006, we’ve been on ‘Brangelina’ wedding watch ever since. Though the Mr. and Mrs. Smith stars have been very vocal on why six children later they still haven’t said ‘I do’ (in a 2011 interview, Pitt said he would not get married until same-sex marriage was legalized), when the couple announced their engagement shortly after in 2012, we all held our breath in white wedding anticipation. When the ceremony happens later this year, (the latest news to hit the rumor mill is that it will be a winter wedding in South Africa) we predict a classy and sophisticated wedding brimming with great food and even better champagne and a barrage of Hollywood friends in attendance - all except for Jennifer Aniston of course. We expect her to skip the nuptials altogether.

7 Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg

You would think that  The View’s  Jenny McCarthy had ‘The Right Stuff’ to snag New Kids on the Block member, Donnie Wahlberg when they met on the set of Andy Cohen’s, Watch What Happens Live last March. But it wasn’t until he appeared on the buxom blonde’s talk show four months later, that she decided to make the first move, slipping the Blue Bloods star her number. The lovebirds are seldom seen apart and not ones to shy away from PDA, whether passionately smooching for the cameras during a live taping of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2014, or appearing together in an episode of Donnie’s new reality show The Wahlburgers.  Both stars have children from previous marriages, and the idea of blending their families together seems to be propelling  them quicker down the aisle. “I think he would be an amazing husband,” McCarthy said during an appearance on Bethenny last November. “I wouldn’t be surprised if I was the one proposing!”

6 Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

We all breathed a unanimous sigh of relief when we heard the news that Friends’ cutie Jennifer Aniston and her hunky boyfriend actor and director Justin Theroux got engaged - we could finally erase those horrible images of man-stealing Angelina from our heads! Over the last three years, Jen and her man have made all the right moves to ensure their walk down the aisle will be a smooth one – purchasing a $22 million Bel Air mansion together in 2012, perpetually being snapped by the photographers while vacationing in tropical locations (and super toned bikini bodies) with their rich and famous friends, and even attending couples counselling to improve their already amazing relationship – don’t judge, it shows their dedication and commitment! And yes, although they were supposed to tie the knot back in 2013, their hectic work schedule kept them apart so this will definitely be the year. It just has to be…..

5  5. Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson

Can we say best dressed couple ever? Long-time loves Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson are known for making a splash on the red carpet for their always on trend outfits and adorably affectionate displays. The German born actress and the former Dawson’s Creek star were introduced by a mutual friend in 2006 and have been inseparable since, splitting their time between homes in Vancouver and Paris.  Even though Diane has been vocal in the past about not wanting to remarry (she was previously married to French actor Guillaume Canet), the Inglorious Bastards actress was recently spotted with what looked very much like an engagement ring on that finger sparking rumors that wedding bells may soon be ringing.

4 Charlize Theron and Sean Penn

It seems like age is just a number when you’re a member of Hollywood’s elite. Just ask new flames, Charlize Theron, 38, and Sean Penn, 53. The actors have had tongues wagging ever since news of their relationship became public earlier this year- the duo reportedly fell head over heels at a holiday party held by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane in December of 2013. Though it may seem a bit premature to save the date just yet, the couple continues to be photographed getting hot and heavy in parked cars, secluded restaurants and even grocery store aisles. The twosome recently spent a romantic weekend in Cabo to celebrate Valentine’s Day and it’s rumored that they’ve even moved in together.

3 Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Looks like our favourite Captain is getting married! Johnny Depp popped the question to girlfriend of two years Amber Heard in December of 2013 and she said yes! The couple met while filming The Rum Diary back in 2011, and confirmed their relationship in 2012 – not long after news broke of Depp’s split from long-time partner and baby mama Vanessa Paradis (the couple have two children together , Lily-Rose, 14 and Jack, 11). Since news broke, the engagement has received plenty of attention both positive and negative. Okay, mostly negative but that’s the best kind of attention! First there’s the massive age difference – he’s 50, she’s 27, the suspicious timing of their relationship status (just weeks after news of his split with Vanessa) and Depp’s a bit of a serial proposer – previously married for two years in 1983, Johnny’s been engaged three times to lovely ladies that include Jennifer Grey, Sherilyn Fenn and Winona Ryder. The two are reportedly planning a low-key wedding later this year on Depp’s private island in the Bahamas.

2 Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

Did Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher fall in love on the set of That ‘70s Show back in 1998 or was it really 14 years later in 2012 like it’s been reported? Maybe it was the fact that Ashton was 20 and Mila just 15, (boys are kinda gross at that age!) but whatever the case, we’re happy the two have reconnected and are apparently tighter than ever. With Ashton’s divorce from actress Demi Moore finalized this past November (no prenup equals one long, bitter battle)  the lovebirds are free to start their future together and reports have surfaced that the two are not only scouting wedding locations but have been trying to get pregnant for months. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what comes first, baby or marriage just that they make it down the aisle, prenup included.

1 Katy Perry and John Mayer

Will the second time be the charm for Katy Perry? We have to admit, we were kind of relieved when we heard the news that the Roar singer and her British husband Russell Brand were calling it quits back in 2011 after only 14 months of marriage  (what was she thinking?!?!), but even more perplexed when it was announced that her latest partner was none other than the king of the kiss and tell, John Mayer. In an interview with GQ in January, Katy said of her relationship, “I’m just having a wonderful experience with a wonderful guy. There’s no rush.”  Don’t believe anything you read! Katy was recently photographed wearing what looked like a very large sparkling diamond on her ring finger. Apparently, the Your Body is a Wonderland crooner proposed during a romantic candlelit dinner on Valentine’s Day  - although camps for both are denying the claims.

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