Celebrity Meltdowns And Mishaps At The Oscars

The 86th annual Academy Awards are just a heartbeat away. The nominees are set, the host is ready and the musical numbers have been rehearsed. At this stage in the game, there are only a few things we don’t know: who will win, what will they say and most importantly, what will go wrong.

The Oscar’s are a time for triumph and tears but what viewers (and audience members) tend to remember most are the odd and awkward moments this kind of excitement can precipitate. You can bet that on March 3rd we’ll all be talking about crazy acceptance speeches, inappropriate behaviour and abysmal fashion choices. And to help viewers prepare we’re invoking the spirit of Oscar mishaps from Academy Award’s past.

8 Adrien Brody: The kiss heard around the world

At the age of 29 Adrien Brody was nominated for his role in the The Pianist during the 75th annual Academy Awards. The youngest male actor ever to receive the award, Brody’s win generated massive applause and a standing ovation from the star studded audience. Turns out Adrien, just a young Hollywood actor was a little too overwhelmed and overexcited. And after dopily making his way to the stage he planted a surprise Hollywood grade kiss on an unsuspecting Hale Berry. Reactions to the bold lip lock ranged from ‘way to go’ to ‘how disrespectful’. Either way, the world will remember this awkward moment for many Oscars to come.

7 Angelina Jolie: “Wait. Who did she say she’s in love with?”

Appearing on the red carpet in a black Elvira style couture gown, Jolie was photographed planting what some called a passionate kiss on her brother, James. The strange PDAs continued throughout the evening causing the ick factor to skyrocket. Eyebrows rose up when Jolie’s accepted the award for best supporting actress in Girl Interrupted, and announced “I’m so in love with my brother right now”. Though Angelina dismissed media implications about an unusual relationship with her brother and would go on to be one of entertainment’s most sophisticated women, the yucky sibling kiss has never been far behind her.

6 Gwyneth Paltrow: A bucket of tears

5 Cuba Gooding Junior: Not knowing when to wrap it up

We haven’t heard much from this actor since is exuberant speech at the 69th annual Academy Awards. But after his supporting role as football player, Rod Tidwell, in Jerry Maguire, Gooding Junior and his character’s one-liners were on the lips of every man woman and child that year. In fact, his character’s assertion of “Show me the money” on screen was just a preview of the shouting we could expect that year at the Oscar’s.

After his win Cuba gave heartfelt thanks to his cast mates, family and studio but when the “wrap it up” music began to play he really amped it up. Shouting the names of co-stars and close friends each followed by a shattering “I love you”, the star went on way past his time hollering, jumping “I love you” well beyond his allotted time. He has since not been shown the proverbial money.

4 Cher: Sheer Fashion fail

Simply put, Moonstruck is a tremendous film. And when Cher arrived at the red carpet after being nominated for best actress she figured wearing a tremendous outfit was her only choice. Her sparkling beaded sheer midnight blue Bob Mackie catastrophe was over the top—even for the 80’s. It’s possible the singer had no expectation she would win since the gown was so heavy and form fitting she could hardly get up the stairs to the to the stage after her win was called. A clamoring sparkling, wrap-fixing mess, Cher approached the stage losing one of her massive chandelier earrings and nearly tripping over the only thing truly covering; her shawl. Extra bonus points for Cher’s hair stylist who was the first person she thanked.

3 Trey Parker and Matt Stone: Queens of the Oscars

Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been creating and producing South Park for the past 20 seasons. Whether you agree with their hysterical style or not, these two have enjoyed a longevity and success that most celebrities can only dream of. When the duo were nominated for South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut (cue raised eyebrows) they took the opportunity to continue their tradition of undermining the sanctity of Hollywood’s elite.

They pair hit the red carpet in drag mimicking Jennifer Lopez’s infamous plunging green safari gown and Gwyneth Paltrow's pink crybaby-princess Oscar dress. The two were recorded spewing insincere catchphrases and verbiage typically delivered by Oscar nominated celebrities while clutching their hearts and batting their eyelashes. Their behavior was considered rude and inappropriate by many including The Academy who has since to invite them back.

2 Sasha Baron Cohen: Admiral General Aladeen goes to the Oscars

In 2012 the Borat actor was nominated for his serious (and sincere) work in the Martin Scorsese film, Hugo. Not wanting to waste a once in a lifetime opportunity to do a bit, the London born actor arrived at the Oscar’s as Admiral General Aladeen, the fictional fascist leader of the fake Republic of Wadiya, from Cohen’s latest movie, The Dictator.

Flanked by two lady bodyguards, Baron Cohen in full character caused quite a scene and had security at the Kodak theatre in frenzy. As staff tried to limit Admiral General Aladeen’s bad behavior he began an impromptu interview with on air personality, Ryan Seacrest. The Dictator delivered an awkward interview and ended the chat by “accidentally” spilling the pretend ashes of the late Kim Jong-il he’d been carrying all over Seacrest’s crisp tuxedo. Baron Cohen was promptly escorted off the premises.

1 Ben Stiller dressed as avatar

To be fair, Ben Stiller is one of the most underrated comedians, actors and writers in Hollywood. But when he showed up dressed in full make up as a character from Avatar, the Oscar watching public was subjected to two of the most awkward moments in the show’s history. Though he was presenting the award for best makeup the gag fell flat. Between the blue face paint, yellow eyes, shaggy beaded hair and long blue tail protruding from his pants, the bit could not end fast enough and Ben knew it. After speaking in tongues a la Avatar, Stiller practically ran off the stage once the award was handed out.

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