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Top 5 Most Attractive Politicians

Top 5 Most Attractive Politicians

5. Sarah Palin


Former US Alaskan State senator Sarah Palin holds our number 5 slot on this list, but if your wondering why she isn’t number one you will find out why in the next few slots. As some of our American readers know she lost the presidential election when she ran as Vice President for John McCain.

4. Yuila Tymoshenko

Yuila Tymoshenko

Yuila Tymoshenko is the former Prime Minister of Ukraine, and the fourth most beautiful woman on this list. Of course its a no brainier to include her on this list. Unfortunately she was beat out by 3 beautiful ladies for a lower spot.

3. Yuri Fujikawa

Yuri Fujikawa

 Yuri Fujikawa is a member of the Hachinohe city assembly, along with that she holds the number three slot. When I first saw her picture I thought she was just another young and beautiful Japanese model until I read about her. An interesting fact is that the internet is string up controversy, saying she’s too attractive to be a politician.

2. Eva Kaili

Eva Kaili

Eva Kaili is a member of the Hellenic Parliament of Greece, and she holds our number two spot on this list. Shes a 34 year old politician from Greece, a country that is suffering from severe economic and political problems at the moment, but for her sake lets just hope that this dime can keep her job while Greece goes through political restructuring.

1. Maria Rosaria “Mara” Carfagna

Mara Carfagna1

Before I get started im going to say this, the lady in the picture above is the same as the one in the featured image and yes she IS a politician. Maria Carfagna is the former Italian Minister for Equal Opportunity, and she was the lucky lady who took the number one spot. Wait just hold on not only is she a politician shes also a former show girl and model, wow who would of thought someone who looks like that was a model?

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