Top 15 Sexiest Canadian Celebrities

Let's be real, America makes a lot of jokes towards Canada, and although most of them are funny (and true), Canada is not given enough credit for the talent and beauty they have given Hollywood.

Although Canada is geographically close to America, the two are entirely different countries. Canada is known as a laid back country and the following 15 celebrities are not only gorgeous and talented but they are also some of the best personalities in Hollywood. We all know America is great, but we also know that Canada gets the raw end of the deal when it comes to being the centre of ridicule.

This article is all about the hotness that Canada has given Hollywood. Not only are these celebrities wildly successful they are also beyond gorgeous. So sit back and enjoy the sexiest celebrities that immigrated to show business from north of the border.

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15 Keanu Reeves 

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14 Shay Mitchell 

In the past few years, actress Shay Mitchell has been rising in the ranks of Hollywood. The exotic beauty is best known for her role as Emily Fields on the hit television series Pretty Little Liars. Mitchell has gained a lot of popularity from the show and her star is not done rising. What many don’t know is that Shay Mitchell is as Canadian as they get. The actress and model is from Mississauga, Canada and loves representing her home country. This pretty little liar is not lying about where she comes from and her proud Canadian background is what makes her so chill and laid back.

13 Elisha Cuthbert 

12 Emily Vancamp 

11 The Weeknd 

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Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd, is killing the game right now, releasing hit after hit. His soulful sound and mesmerizing lyrics is not the only reason why ladies go crazy for this Canadian singer. His awesome style, trademark hair and handsome face make him not only one of Canada’s hottest stars but one of Hollywood’s sexiest. The Weeknd is no stranger to beautiful women and was recently dating model and socialite Bella Hadid. Although the couple are rumored to have split, something tells me it is just a rumor…I mean they are perfect together, just look at them!

10 Avril Lavigne 

9 Ellen Page 

8 Evangeline Lilly 

7 Hayden Christensen 

At one point or another, I think everyone had a crush on this Canadian heartthrob. Hayden Christensen is one of those actors who is so beautiful that you don’t expect him to be talented…but he is! He has appeared in incredible films such as The Virgin Suicides and Life as a House. Since 2007, this hunk has been dating the adorable Rachel Bilson. The pair are perfect together and have even been spotted in his hometown of Vancouver on a few occasions. They are by far one of Hollywood’s cutest couples and we hope they last.

6 Emmanuelle Chriqui 

The world fell in love with Chriqui when she played Sloane in the hit series Entourage. The Moroccan beauty is originally from one of Canada's best cities, Montreal, which she still refers to as home. Emanuelle Chriqui is by far one of the sexiest women Canada has ever produced and many would agree with that. Her youthful features and incredible physique make you forget the fact that she is 40 years old! Montreal is known for its beautiful women and Chriqui is a good advocate of that. So many men around the globe fell head over heals for Sloane on the show and we are sure her reality isn’t any different.

5 Ryan Reynolds 

Yep, Ryan Reynolds is a Canadian. The actor is known for his roles in movies like The Proposal, Just Friends and The Change Up. Reynolds always seems to play the “hot guy” in his films; because let's face it, he is incredibly good looking. Reynolds has not only dated some of Hollywood's hottest leading ladies, he has also married two of them. His first wife was the sultry and sexy Scarlett Johansson -the pair tied the knot in 2008 and called in quits in 2011. His current wife is just as beautiful, Blake Lively, who he married in 2012. Lively and Reynolds have a gorgeous daughter together named James. Lets hope those good Canadian genes kick in on the offspring!

4 Drake 

3 Rachel McAdams 

2 Ryan Gosling 

When it comes to being sexy, Ryan Gosling knows a thing or two. The gorgeous Canadian actor has lodged his way into the hearts of millions of women around the world and we can see why. His boyish charm and manly aura mixed with his talent are a triple threat. Gosling, like many other Canadian actors, began his career on Canadian sitcoms. However, he always knew he was going to break through the US market and boy did he ever. Gosling has appeared in incredible films such as Crazy Stupid Love, Drive and The Notebook (which he starred in alongside fellow Canadian McAdams). Gosling is super sexy and so is his wife Eva Mendes. The couple have one child together and we can't wait for this perfect couple to reproduce more.

1 Justin Bieber 

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that little Justin Bieber has grown into quite the handsome man. The singer, songwriter and music producer has become one of Canada’s national treasures and it's not only because of his undeniable talent. 2015 was the year the entire world caught Bieber Fever (it was about time). 2015 was also the year the world got to see Bieber’s penis. Justin is one of the hottest celebrities on the planet right now and the Stratford, Ontario native is a long way from home. He is without a doubt one of the biggest and most successful artists of our generation and Canada is proud to be his home country.

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