Top 15 Hottest Female Athletes to Follow on Instagram

Instagram is an immensely popular social media app. Combining the snap of a picture with the Internet, people's entire lives can be summarized by the photos they put on Instagram. Especially popular with the youth, Instagram is also utilized by celebrities and athletes. It allows people to constantly follow their favorite stars in every facet of their day-to-day lives. Another reason people use Instagram? I'm not going to sugar coat it. They use it to look at hot guys and hot women.

With this in mind, this list compiles the 15 hottest female athletes to follow on Instagram. From athletes in bikinis to ones cruising the mall in a tight dress, Instagram is loaded with hundreds of thousands of these photos. Let's get started and enter one of the world's most popular apps.

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15 Ellen Hoog - Field Hockey

Via ellenhoog.com

If you had to choose a professional sport that doesn’t get a lot of attention, field hockey is definitely one of them. Moreover, women’s field hockey probably doesn’t have too much of a following. However, there are some gorgeous women who play the game professionally, and Ellen Hoog is one of them. Hoog has racked up some major achievements in her life, including two gold medals from the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. Besides the medals she’s won, Ellen is also known for her popular Instagram account. She has a nice blend of personality photos as well as photos that show off her athleticism. Currently, she has 68,400 followers.

14 Allyson Felix - Track and Field

Via successimg.com

Another Olympian to grace the list is Allyson Felix, whose willpower and “never give up” attitude has led to a gold medal, two silver medals, and three world championships for the United States in track and field competition. Felix’s Instagram is loaded with athletic pictures, including many with her dominating her opponents on the track. One of the more famous photos from her Instagram account catches Felix in mid-jump on a beach…in a very revealing swimsuit. The photo itself is impressive for two reasons. First, the photo shows how fit Felix really is. Second, it shows how inhumanly high this woman can jump.

13 Lindsey Vonn - Skiing

Via mirror.co.uk

12 Victoria Azarenka - Tennis

Via sportbuzzbusiness.fr

Tennis player Victoria Azarenka is extremely active on social media. She is constantly adding new content to Instagram and Twitter. It also helps your following if you aren’t bad to look at either. Known as one of the more beautiful tennis players to ever play the game, her beauty is only matched by her fierce intensity on the court. On Instagram, she posts photos of just about everything. From her vacations to her play on the court, you’ll see it all if you head over to her account. A fiery player, Victoria and her signature ponytail are a staple in the world of tennis.

11 Miesha Tate - Mixed Martial Arts

Via tuningpp.com

When you think of the UFC, the first things that come to mind are sweaty guys punching and kicking each other. Some may be shocked to find out that women also compete in the UFC. Miesha Tate is one of them. Standing at 5’6 and weighing 134 pounds, Tate is ranked #2 in the UFC Women’s official bantamweight rankings. Besides sporting lean muscles, guys may like Miesha for another reason. There are numerous photos of her on Instagram sporting guns and riding dirt bikes. Not your average girl to say the least, Tate is a rising star in the UFC. Her only real rival in the UFC is the more popular Ronda Rousey.

10 Stephanie Rice - Swimming

Via nydailynews.com

Another Olympic athlete to add to the list, Rice's three Olympic gold medals is only matched by her grace and beauty outside of the swimming pool. At only the tender age of 26, she has retired from the sport of swimming. Going out on top of the mountain, Rice still has an extremely active Instagram following. At 91,300 followers, Rice is pretty popular. With her gold medal wins at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, she slipped into the world of celebrity fame. She won the third season of The Celebrity Apprentice: Australia.

9 Kaylyn Kyle - Soccer

Via pheed.com

For such a smoking hot woman, it's a surprise to find Kaylyn only touting 23,000 followers. Maybe this article will change that, as Kyle is definitely worth checking out on Instagram. A professional soccer player from Canada, she started her career in her home country. Playing for the Vancouver Whitecaps proved to be a great move for her and she soon caught the eye of scouts in the United States. In January 2013, she was acquired by the Seattle Reign FC. She has since been a part of two other clubs, the Boston Breakers and the Houston Dash. Looking at Kyle, you wouldn't guess she was a soccer player. A model would probably cross your mind first.

8 Michelle Jenneke - Hurling

Via socialnewsdaily.com

The number of Olympic athletes on this list is staggering, and it continues to grow with the #8 spot, Michelle Jenneke. She holds a unique distinction on this list. Although she has won Olympic medals (Summer Youth Games), Michelle is one of the only people on this list to have a separate job apart from her choice of sport. For most of the year, she's found on the track practicing her hurdling. Other times, she can be found modeling. Though most women on this list could model, Jenneke is one of the first that actually is a model. Although she is just 21, she has already gained a considerable amount of fame. She may be best known for her unique warm-up routine, which involves shaking her groove thing to some music.

7 Ronda Rousey - Mixed Martial Arts

Via bleacherreport.com

Earlier on this list, you saw the second most popular woman in the UFC. Now, meet THE most popular woman ever to grace the Octagon. Known for her ripped body and her incredible strength and agility, Rousey is world renowned for her martial arts skills. The consensus is that she is the #1 pound-for-pound female MMA fighter in the world. Like Jenneke, Rousey is also a woman who has multiple talents. Her "tough guy" persona has led to small roles in action movies, such as The Expendables 3. Her Instagram account is loaded with pictures of Ronda working out and random photos of her posing in bikinis. A guy's dream, she is the perfect combination of strength and beauty.

6 Angela Rypien - American Football

Via ichwanperyana.com

Switching from one contact sport to another, we leave the Octagon and step onto the football field. However, we're not stepping onto an NFL field. Instead, welcome to the Legends Football League. An all-female football league, one of the most popular players in the league is Seattle Mist quarterback Angela Rypien. Though not as ripped as Ronda Rousey, Angela is definitely a treat for the eyes. Her Instagram account contains many scantily clad photos, including those both in and out of her football uniform. Spouting only 14,000 followers, Rypien may be a dark horse in the world of Instagram and her account could explode in popularity at any time.

5 McKayla Maroney - Gymnast

Via celebmafia.com

If you've used the Internet in the past five years, you probably know who McKayla Maroney is. Though you may not know her name, her photo from the 2012 Olympics will definitely spurn your memory. Known as the "not impressed" girl after obtaining a silver medal in the Olympics, the photo taken of her on the pedestal instantly spread across the Internet like wildfire. Within weeks, the photo was circulating as a popular meme. Two years later, another photo reportedly circulated around the Internet of Maroney. Supposedly, McKayla's phone was hacked and photos of her were released during the infamous "Fappening". Though she's just 19, her Instagram numbers are through the roof. She has amassed an impressive 699,000 followers.

4 Leryn Franco - Javelin

Via newsmov.com

Another Olympic athlete/model, Franco is a pretty good javelin thrower. Setting her personal best in 2012, she hurled the javelin a whopping 57.77 meters. During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Franco became an Internet sensation due to her excellent javelin skills. It would surprise many to know that Leryn is actually 32 years. For 32, Franco is looking extremely attractive and in-shape. She currently throws and competes for her home country of Paraguay.

3 Gracie Gold - Figure Skating

Via news.nike.com

One of the American darlings that emerge at nearly every set of Olympic Games, Gold captured American's hearts and imaginations with both her ravishing beauty and her ice skating skills. Gracie ended up winning the Bronze medal in the Team event at the Sochi Olympic Games in 2014. Laden in make-up, her charm emanates on the ice. You can see the warm personality she possesses. At age 19, her career is just starting and seems promising.

2 Alana Blanchard - Surfing

Via reddit.com

Surfers tend to get overlooked. Some may not even consider surfing a sport. But, the amount of athleticism it takes to actually ride the waves is staggering. That being said, no one rides the waves better and prettier than surfer/model Alana Blanchard. Blanchard's job entails her to constantly wear a bikini. This may be a huge plus for guys perusing Instagram. It's no wonder that Blanchard has amassed over 1.1 million followers on the social media app. Not only does her beauty strike you, but her personality does as well. A vegan and animal lover, Alana looks like a woman who stands up for what she believes in.

1 Anastasia Ashley - Surfing

Via nextimpulsesports.com

Once again, bikinis rule the female side of Instagram. It also tops this list, as the #1 hottest female athlete to follow on Instagram is Anastasia Ashley. Similar to Blanchard, Ashley is also a surfer. A model when not on the surfboard, Ashley's skills should not be questioned. She won her first surf contest at the age of six. What's more amazing is that she started to learn how to surf just a year before. Once she won the contest, it seemed the surfing community began to pay attention to her. Only seven years old, and Anastasia had her first sponsor. It's also interesting to note that she attended a summit in November of 2014 that dealt with using social media tools to self-promote. It seems to have worked. 714,000 follow her on Instagram.

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