Top 10 Women with the Sexiest Legs

It’s often said that one of the best traits to look for in a woman is “legs that go for miles.” That doesn't necessarily mean that an eight-foot tall lady is considered more attractive but a shapely p

It’s often said that one of the best traits to look for in a woman is “legs that go for miles.” That doesn't necessarily mean that an eight-foot tall lady is considered more attractive but a shapely pair of athletic legs can make anybody melt. Unlike other parts of the body that can be surgically enhanced, sexy legs are either the result of a natural blessing or hard work in the gym and these ten women present the assets one way or the other.

10 Alicia Sacramone

Long slender legs aren’t the only gams that could be considered sexy and for those who enjoy a muscular, fit, physique perhaps it’s time to start following gymnasts such as Alicia Sacramone. The 2008 Olympian has a unique combination of strength and beauty as she was also signed on to be a Cover Girl spokesmodel. Alicia didn’t leave much to the imagination appearing nude in ESPN’s Body Issue in 2011 and this beauty also packs a punch literally, with a popular YouTube video circulating of the gymnast knocking out a frat boy as part of drunken escapades.

9 Maggie Grace

Grace is famous for playing Liam Neeson’s daughter in the Taken movies and a glimpse of Grace showing off her legs at various Hollywood Premieres leaves viewers’ breath taken away. Neeson seemingly killed entire continents trying to rescue his movie daughter princess but Maggie’s long athletic legs lends to the notion that she could pack a good roundhouse kick if needed.

8 Lea Michele

The Glee star has fans singing to the heavens when she shows up at a function with a side slit dress that exposes her slender dark legs. Lea Michele is on the fast track to success as both an actress and a singer with a long resume of Broadway performances including Les Miserables, Ragtime, and Fiddler on the Roof. Fans suggest that she may be too busy and needs to take some time off to get captured by the Paparazzi as she strolls the Malibu Beaches in a string bikini.

7 Ciara

Ciara Princess Harris has delicious legs that could befit royalty. Famous for the hit song “1,2-step,” it’s obvious that the multi-talented star gets plenty of work on her strong fit gams. The singer, songwriter, actress, and fashion model was previously romantically linked to rapper Bow Wow but pictures of Ciara flaunting her legs on the runway prove she's no hound.

6 Marisa Miller

If Angie Everhart was able to insure her legs for $1,000,000 – fellow supermodel Marisa Miller should be able to get $10,000,000. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl is one of the most beautiful human beings on earth, from head to toe. Miller has even released her own line of exercise videos with the leg workouts being very popular.

5 Beyoncé Knowles

Everybody knows that she's ‘Bootylicious’ but Beyoncé’s legs aren’t too bad either. It’s a fact that motherhood enhances a couple parts of the top half of a woman’s body but B seems to have even sexier legs after giving birth to her daughter. In a poll of 2000 women asking what celebrity feature they most coveted, Beyoncé’s legs garnered the most votes. Jay-Z might have 99 problems but his wife’s legs definitely aren't one.

4 Julianne Hough

There’s a famous quote said by nobody ever, “Julianne Hough's cut-off jeans are just too short.” Before going mainstream and expanding her talents acting in movies, Hough was a professional dancer and it appears the long hours spent perfecting the Tango have packed some muscle onto the beauty’s sexy legs. In a March 2013 interview with Self magazine, Julianne stated that she had gained 20 pounds since leaving Dancing With the Stars and she had no intention of returning to her skinny ways and instead was going to ‘embrace her butt, legs, and newfound curves’ ….that seems like a plan we could all get behind.

3 Allison Stokke

From 2007 to 2011 there may have been more fans at the University of California Track & Field meets than there were at football games. Pole vaulting became a popular sport pretty much because of one athlete, miss Allison Stokke. She became an Internet celebrity with one simple picture of her jostling her hair went viral, it didn’t hurt that she was wearing spandex track shorts. Her athletic body comes from years of track and field competitions as well as over a decade of gymnastics training. Stokke is a hopeful for the 2016 Summer Olympics but her sexy legs have already captured the gold.

2 Pippa Middleton

While Kate Middleton might be married to a prince, her sister Pippa has got one royal bottom half on her. The English socialite's bum has its own web site and Twitter account and her legs are repeatedly the subject of UK paparazzi photographs. It appears most of her ‘talents’ are God given as from all accounts Pippa isn’t particularly athletic or a gym freak. Still with only working two days per week for her parent's company Party Pieces, Pippa has plenty of time to work those glutes and thighs and it appears she’s doing something right.

1 Stacy Keibler

At 5 foot 11 inches, Stacy Keibler indeed has legs that go for miles. Professional wrestling fans have been salivating over the leggy superstar since her days of performing as a Nitro Girl in World Championship Wrestling. She eventually took her talents into the ring and her seductive entrance into the squared circle was the best part of most adolescent boy’s Monday nights. Keibler parlayed her girl next door style and hot body into acting with appearances on How I Met Your Mother, What About Brian, George Lopez, and Psych to name a few. She eventually appeared on Dancing With the Stars where one of the judges dubbed her the ‘weapon of mass seduction.’ Keibler has been romantically linked to George Clooney for years and the Ocean’s Eleven star has definitely landed a Ten in this tall beauty.

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Top 10 Women with the Sexiest Legs