Top 10 Social Media Women To Follow

Social media is the new business.

We used to look up to celebrities such as actors and singers who we would either watch in movies or perform in award shows. However, today, it’s all about the online world. Everything you have seen on television like your favorite shows or celebrities are using social media to gain more exposure and fame. Because of it being so popular and on-demand, a lot of regular folks are starting their career straight from the online business and there’s only a few who do it right.

From fitspo models to bloggers, these girls, in particular, are owning the social media business. How do they do it? Well, we don’t know exactly, except that they are just really good at what they do, but their exposure and popularity is really all up to their followers. The likes, the comments, the shares and the follows are what makes these social media personalities successful. As we said earlier, it is a business now so the fun features such as the likes aren’t just for fun for these online celebrities. It’s their career.

Even real celebrities such as Shay Mitchell or Jessica Alba have taken advantage of this phenomena where they are now mostly seen online as opposed to where they started; television. They have started using Instagram and Twitter as tools to gain more attention on their businesses all while sharing their journey with their followers.

Self-proclaimed selfie queen Kim Kardashian has no doubt something to do with the whole success of the social media world. She is the one who made the “selfie” really popular and has 50.5 million followers on Instagram. It is safe to say that a lot of these social media models we’re about to take a look at have taken her strategies and used them for their own success.

Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Social Media Models that you need to start following or at the very least check out.


10 Jessica Green - The Aussie Social Queen


Aussie model, Jessica Green, is mostly known for her crazy, beautiful face. She took our breath away with her selfies and distinctive appearance. Aside from being a model, she likes to travel and share all of her adventures with her followers. The pretty traveler is only 22 years young and she’s already made a name for herself in the online business as a public figure. With that distinct looking face, you’re sure to be recognized anywhere you go.

The actress has starred in feature films like Red Billabong and also played roles on Australian films such as Lightning Point AKA Alien Surf Girls. She’s modeled as the face of the company Cellini Australia. As for her social media work, she serves as an ambassador for Oscar Hair, ProBio Skincare and Bella Bronze tan. The Australian babe can be seen mostly on Instagram where she posts lots of pictures of herself from swimsuits to fitness gear to her personal life. She’s generated a following of 290,000 on Instagram.

9 Liane Valenzuela - From YouTube To The Real Tube


Liana Valenzuela began as a Vine star where she gained a lot of exposure and generated a following of 2.5 million followers. She began on YouTube where she was recognized by the company, Brand X, and later was signed by them. Her number one dream was music which she probably got from her family as her parents used to run a DJ company on the side. She later appeared in music videos for Tyga and Far East Movement.

The young talent and personality was seen hosting red carpets for The Voice, X-Factor and American Idol so she obviously knew what she was doing if she wanted to succeed in music. She is now trying to pursue her own music career as a singer but you can see her mostly on Instagram modeling several clothing brands and sharing her lifestyle to her 2 million followers.

8 Marianna Hewitt - Life On The Web


Blogger Marianna Hewitt is one to look up to if you are thinking of getting into this whole social media business. The brunette started out with her own personal blog, "LifeWithMe," where she shares tips on beauty, travelling and recently on how to start a blog the right way. Hewitt is currently an editor for Harper’s Bazaar, giving out all the juicy details on how social media personalities make a living. She’s also a YouTuber where she gets to go more in depth on all her tips. Hewitt is definitely all over social media.

Before she became Insta famous though, the blogger wanted to become a TV news anchor. Her dream was to be on television hosting the latest on entertainment news. Although, it didn’t exactly work out for her, the online world certainly has. She’s a well-recognized name in the blogging industry and known for her travelling adventures. She’s gone to almost everywhere you can imagine and gets to sit back and relax in luxury. Looks like the social media industry is working out pretty well for the young entrepreneur. She gets to share her journey with her 465,000 followers.

7 Julia Kelly - The Adventures Of Julia Kelly


Social media celeb Julia Kelly is the mini Kim Kardashian of Instagram. If you don’t follow her online, then you have probably seen her on MTV shows like Guy Code and Not Exactly News. Through Instagram, Twitter, and SnapChat, she bonds with her 1.3 million followers by sharing her adventures in Los Angeles. Known as MissJuliaKelly on social media, the 21 -ear-old can be seen going out and about with friends, hanging out by the beach taking photos, or just on her way to a gig.

The actress is of Korean, Native American, Irish, African-American, and French descent. She might be a pretty face, but the personality has been open about her depression disorder through social media and is always giving out small, motivational speeches or quotes to her followers. The social media model is known for getting intimate with her audience which is probably why she has such a big audience engagement.

6 Yovanna Ventura - Fitspo Model


One of the most well-known fitspo models out there is Miami local Yovanna Ventura. Selfie after selfie, photo shoot after photo shoot, Ventura is doing her job really well by making us get up and head to the gym. The Latina personality is very engaged with her 1.7 million followers on Instagram by posting workout videos, plans, nutrition and of course, selfies. Her most admirable feature? Her butt. If you scroll down her page, you will see she is really proud of her physique, particularly her backside. If we had that backside knowing we worked hard for it, we would be doing the same thing. If you have it, flaunt it.

Besides making a name for herself on social media, Ventura rose to fame by being linked to mainstream musician, Justin Bieber. The two were seen together a few times, mostly after the singer broke up with ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Some were wondering if this was his rebound girl. Both youngsters never confirmed their status with each other, but based on some social media pics, it looks like the two were more than just friends. The curvacious model hasn’t been involved or seen with the Biebs for a while. She’s been keeping busy with her fitness work and modeling gigs which you can see it all happen through Instagram and SnapChat.

5 Chantel Jeffries - The Intimate Selfie Queen


Another familiar face on social media is Chantel Jeffries. The 22-year-old also got her recognition when she was rumored to be dating Justin Bieber in 2014. She was seen with him in the car when he got pulled over for drag racing. Although the two were never seen that serious with each other, she has been romantically involved with Diddy’s son, Justin Combs, and Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson. Ever since, Jeffries hasn’t been linked to any other men. Perhaps it’s because she been too busy focusing on her career as a professional model. She has been represented by Wilhelmina Models in Miami and has done modeling gigs for Mint Swim and Fine Ass Girls.

You can now see her mostly on Snap Chat and Instagram where she’s pretty intimate with her followers. She enjoys sharing inspirational quotes, selfies and sexy snapshots of her in bikinis on the photo app. On Snap Chat, you can enjoy her ventures on her way to the gym or on set, and get to know her on a more personal level. She has a pretty good sense of humor. The super sexy model has accumulated a following of 1.5 million.

4 Devin Brugman - A Bikini A Day

Oakland native Devin Brugman has taken the social media world beach by beach with her partner in crime, Natasha Oakley (we’ll talk about her later). The bikini connoisseur is known for mostly her Instagram profile where you can catch her flaunting her insane physique on different locations around the world. Brugman has traveled everywhere from the Bahamas to Bali to Australia to what used to be her home, Maui. Her followers get to see all of her remarkable photos as they scroll down her page full of envy. It’s pretty obvious that anyone who follows the 25 year-old wishes they can have her perfect life.

The best part is it’s basically her job to travel the world. The young entrepreneur co-owns her business, ABikiniADay, where she poses in a different swimsuit every day to promote multiple lines. She also is a co-designer of her own swimsuit line, Monday Swimwear. So you see, not only is this bombshell nice on the eyes but she’s also in charge of her own life as a business woman. Her life is basically unreal but at the same time, inspirational to all of her 1.1 million followers.


3 Katya Henry - The Fitness Guru


Fitspo model Katya Henry also has the world full of envy with her incredible, hard-earned figure. She’s earned her way as a personal trainer but you can also catch her workouts and nutrition plans on her Instagram profile. Like gal pal, Yovanna Ventura, Katya enjoys sharing workout videos and tips with her 1.7 million followers showcasing her most admired feature, her butt. The two are actually good friends and have been seen hanging out with each other.

She serves as an ambassador for EHPlabs, a supplement company. You can grab some serious fitness and health inspiration by scrolling down her page on Instagram. On Twitter, she likes to post inspirational quotes for her devoted followers. She is also on Snap Chat where she gets a little goofy but still incorporates her workout life in some way. All around, Katya Henry has definitely earned her spot as a fitspo model.

2 Jen Selter - Famous For Her Rear


It looks like fitspo models are the real deal on Instagram. Check out Jen Selter, another fitness junkie famous for her backside. The 22-year-old has gained massive attention through social media, generating a total of 7.6 million followers on Instagram. Some of her followers even include celebs like Rihanna, Terrell Owens, and Amare Stoudemire. Her posts usually collects about 150.000 likes. She has also been recognized by magazines such as ELLE, Muscle and Fitness, Vanity Fair and Maxim. The social media star has made a name for herself throughout these platforms but one that stood out was in a feature with People magazine in 2010, where she confessed about being bullied in high school because of her appearance.

1 Natasha Oakley - The Hottest Fitspo Model

Fashion and lifestyle blogger and model Natasha Oakley takes the crown for the number one social media model to follow. The bikini connoisseur is on fire right now. She first started out as an Instagram model posing in different swimsuits and eventually began her own business, ABikiniADay, with her partner and best friend Devin Brugman. The business page took over Instagram with the nice visual photos that ultimately led to their own personal profiles where their number of followers skyrocketed. Besides being a model, she is also a photographer like her best friend which allows her to capture breathtaking photos of her travels around the world.

To this day, the 25-year-old has made us aspire to be her with not only her achievements but also her insane figure. How does she stay so fit and toned? The Australian blogger has been interviewed several times where she gives us the scoop on how she manages to stay healthy when it looks like she has no time based on stalking her on Instagram. She insists she naturally eats healthy so nutrition is not a problem and always tries to squeeze in a workout in her schedule. The majority of her followers are women so they tend to look up to her immensely for her amazing work while the guys just enjoy watching her photo after photo. She posts quite often which can make it difficult for her followers to keep up with her. It seems like the social media celeb is at a different location every day.

Oakley's social media presence has generated over 1.5 million followers on Instagram and over 32,000 followers on Twitter.


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