TheRichest List Of Sexiest Women In 2013

Lists of the world's sexiest women never get old. Men and women alike enjoy to browse the list, making sure that the women selected deserve such a title as "sexy". Everyone has different opinions of w

Lists of the world's sexiest women never get old. Men and women alike enjoy to browse the list, making sure that the women selected deserve such a title as "sexy". Everyone has different opinions of what they consider attractive, however, that doesn't seem to be the case for this list. Millions of men constantly refer to these women as sexy, and women even sometimes wish too look like them so much that they get plastic surgery to enhance their own personal features.

The women included on this list were not selected based on any other list found on the internet, instead our own personal team at TheRichest has hand selected every person. Age, success, career, ethinicity, and other variables have been discarded for a well-rounded list of stunning women all found in the spotlight we have come to know as Hollywood.

As the last quarter of the year arrives, it brings the joy associated with the nearing holiday season. However, for most men, this is the time to anticipate who the sexiest women of the year will be. Well, the wait is finally over and TheRichest team brings your our personal selection of the 10 Sexiest women of 2013.

10 Eva Mendez

Almost every action movie needs a hot babe. You will never find one with more curves to keep you on the edge of your seats. Eva Mendes was born in Miami, Florida. She is a Cuban-American actress who made the silver screen sizzle with her performances in 2 Fast 2 Furious, Training Day, Fast Five, The Other Guys and Once Upon A Time In Mexico.

9 Scarlett Johansson

Every man has been swooning over this beautiful actress since Scarlett Johansson made her appearance in Lost in Translation. Her role as quirky Charlotte was loved by everyone. Since then, there’s been no stopping. Guys have been watching her in movies like Iron Man 2, The Avengers, He’s Just Not That Into You and others. There’s no surprise that she’s one of the top 10 sexiest women of 2013.

8 Charlize Theron

Besides her stunning looks, Charlize Theron has been known for her exceptional performances in movies like Monster, The Cider House Rules, Young Adult and Hancock. Her most recent performance was in Prometheus as the favorite acid-blooded alien. According to reports, she even auditioned for the lead role in Showgirls. However, she was rejected, but came back strong with the above mentioned performances.

7 Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai has always been one of the most famous actresses in India. For years, she has been working as the leading lady in Bollywood. In fact, some people even consider her to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. A list comprising the top 10 sexiest women of 2013 can not be complete without including her name.

Aishwarya Rai became the first Indian woman to win the Miss World crown in 1994. Although she’s 39 years old, her looks still leave guys breathless. She’s not only beautiful, but also one of the most influential women in India. In fact, she’s become a style icon for many women around the world. Her beauty has always been admired by both men and women.

6 Emmanuelle Chriqui

Emmanuelle Chriqui is a Canadian television and film actress and has done a lot of Hollywood movies. However, she’s best known for her performances in You Don’t Mess with the Zohan and HBO’s popular television series Entourage. Her role as Dalia in Entourage received a lot of critical acclaim.

5 Jordana Brewster

Jordana Brewster’s remarkable looks got her the role in the Fast and Furious series. Since then, guys have been going berserk over her good looks and curves.

4 Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene was first recognized by most people for her role in the Twilight series. She played Robert Pattinson’s vampire sister, Alice. Before rising to fame, Ashley appeared on numerous shows including MAD TV, Crossing Jordan and Punk’d. With Breaking Dawn Part 2, the Twilight series has ended but we’ll definitely be seeing a lot more of Ashley Greene in future.

3 Nicole Scherzinger

All of us have seen a lot of girl bands in the last few years. However, the idea to turn an unknown touring troupe called The Pussycat Dolls into a pop sensation was just brilliant. It couldn’t have happened without Nicole Scherzinger being the first lead singer of the band. She was always in the center of it all. Since then, she has been able to build a successful solo career. Currently, she uses her performer’s instincts and musical chops to breed young talent as a judge on X Factor.

2 Cassie Ventura

Cassie Ventura made her debut as an R&B singer about seven years ago. Since then, she has not produced a new album. However, she has still been able to capture the spotlight around her. All the credit goes to her multi-background stunning looks. Cassie Ventura is a perfect NYC girl. Her father was a Filipino, while her mother is a mix of Indian and Mexican, African-American. Recently, Cassie collaborated with Nicki Minaj for a single called "Boys". In fact, her new album is about to be released by the end of 2013.

1 Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole rose to instant fame with the show the X Factor. She is an English recording artist, dancer, songwriter and television personality. She got a lot of attention when she auditioned for Popstars : The Rivals on ITV, a popular reality television show.

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TheRichest List Of Sexiest Women In 2013