The Top 10 Hottest Peruvian Women


The country of Peru in Western South America is home to some of the most beautiful women in the world. Peruvian women have been seen on Ms Universe pageants and are usually known to be real head turners. Is it their big, captivating eyes, their dark hair, their sun kissed skin, or their salsa moves that make them so hot? Whatever it may be, the women of Peru are sure to leave men as well as women speechless as they walk down a catwalk. Therefore, here’s a rundown of the top 10 sexiest and most beautiful women of Peru.


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10 Johanna Botta


Opening the list at the number 10 spot is Johanna Botta. She currently works as an actress in New York. She has starred in some films but is more active in playing roles for TV series like “The Real World,” “The Challenge,” and is the host of “First Look.” She was born in Lima, Peru but grew up in the West Coast. Her look is more cute and charming as she is the quintessential girl next door.


9 Cynthia Chanta


This Peruvian beauty was first discovered for placing in the Miss World pageant. She then ventured into television where she worked as a TV presenter and then became a model. Secured at number nine for her vivacious and voluptuous body, Cynthia Chanta is a real head turner and a sultry vixen who has surely made her Peruvian countrymen proud.


8 Maricris Rubio


Maricris Rubio is a well-loved model who was born in Trujillo, Peru. As a teenager, she won the title “Queen of Spring,” which is a well renowned pageant in their town. Her next title was “Miss La Libertad,” which was held annually to showcase the most beautiful women of the La Libertad region of Peru. After another win, this time as Miss Hawaiian Tropics Peru, she ventured into modeling as she travels from Mexico to the US. Her golden tan and  voluptuous curves make her a perfect fit in the modeling and TV industry. Aside from doing gigs for men’s magazines, she has also appeared in a few television programs.


7 Silvana Arias


This Peruvian beauty began her career by starring in telenovela series in Peru and Miami. Soon after, she appeared on American television. Though she is an actress by trade, Arias is hoping to venture into fashion. She finished her degree in fashion design from a college in Peru and is hoping to launch her own clothing line. Not only does she have the beauty, she’s also got the brains. This Peruvian sweetheart can charm the wits out of any man or woman.


6 Stephanie Cayo


The very versatile and talented Stephanie Cayo began her acting career at the tender age of 10. She studied Action at the TVI Actors Studio in New York. She was also part of the Broadway Dancer Center where she learned how to sing and dance. She has played leading roles in numerous soap operas and released her first studio album in 2011. Her versatility and passion are what have kept her in the limelight and have sealed her position at the number six spot.


5 Vanessa Jeri


Aside from acting, Vanessa Jeri is also a dancer and model. Her deadly curves and mesmerizing looks were not what catapulted her into success as her career began when she attended a casting call for the Peruvian comedy series, Mil Oficios. The show became an instant hit and being one of the main characters, she instantly became a success. Soon after, she ventured into modeling and was considered to be one of Peru’s sex symbols.


4 Karen Schwarz


There’s no doubt that Ms. Shwarz is a true beauty. She earned the title Miss Peru Universo in 2009 which led her to represent her country in the Miss Universe pageant of that year. She is a mix of German and Peruvian which is perhaps what has added to those gorgeous looks and her height! She stands at 5’10”. She has appeared in a few television series but most of her TV work is done as a host. She is currently filming her first movie “Japy Ending,” which will be out in 2014. Prepare to see more of Ms. Schwarz in the coming years as she is serious with her career as a TV host and model.


3 Maju Mantilla


Landing at the third spot is Maria Julia “Maju” Mantilla. Aside from being a Miss World title holder, she is also a Triathlon and Pentathlon champion. She was elected as the national athlete of the year, too. But aside from sports, she is also into helping the less fortunate. She, along with other Peruvian women, developed a program in Trujillo to serve breakfast to hundreds of poor children. With the ability to win a race, a Miss World title, and the drive to help those who are less lucky than she is, Maju Mantilla deserves her spot as the third hottest woman in Peru.


2 Nathalie Kelley


Nathalie Kelley is a pure Peruvian who was born in the land down under, Australia. She is known for her roles in “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift,” and “Body of Proof.” It was her long-time dream to be an actress. She attended school in Sydney, the same school where Nicole Kidman went. When she turned 16, she became a salsa dancer and that helped her pay for her education. She was cast in the Bruno Mars music video “Just the Way You Are.” Her hard work paid off as she was able to finish a social science degree for college and then found her niche in show business.


1 Natalie Vertiz


At the number one spot and standing proudly at six feet is Natalie Vertiz. She represented her country in the 2011 Miss Universe Pageant after being crowned Miss Peru in the same year. Aside from winning Miss Peru, she also won the Best Body and Miss Silhouette awards, with a figure that only women could dream of having.

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