The Story of Kate Upton

Rita Hayworth, Brigitte Bardot, Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe, Raquel Welch, Scarlett Johansson. They are the classic femme fatales. They epitomize the modern Helen of Troy, as they are women that nations would go to war for. Every generation would have one or two. And that is where the story of Kate Upton begins.


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7 Athletic and Privileged Beginnings

Kate Upton was born on June 10, 1992 in Michigan to a privileged family. His great grandfather was the co-founder of the appliance manufacturing and marketing company called Whirlpool Corporation. An uncle is a member of the United States Congress.

Her family then moved to Florida where she grew up. Her father is an athletics director for a local high school, while her mother used to be the state champion of tennis in Texas. Her parents’ love for sports evidently passed on to Upton as she started competing as an equestrienne at a very young age. She won three world championships at the American Paint Horse Association competition, namely the 13-and-under Western riding, 13-and-under horsemanship and the 14-to-18 Western riding. She was also named all around world champion.


6 Modeling Career

When she was only 12 years old, a talent scout for Trump Model Management already saw her potential. But it was only when she was 15 years old that Upton decided to give modeling a try.

She attended a casting call in Miami in 2008 for Elite Model Management. Elite must have spotted the same thing that Trump saw in her as they wasted no time and signed her up on the very same day. She later on signed as a model for IMG Models when she moved to New York City.

Her first modeling stint was with the Canadian clothing retailer called Garage. The company’s target market was girls aged from 10 to 20 years old, so it fit perfectly with Upton’s background. She also had a stint with Dooney and Bourke, a company based in Connecticut that specializes in fashion accessories.

Her big modeling break came when she became the face of Guess from 2010 to 2011. Her rise to the top was meteoric. She appeared in the 2011 swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated magazine for the first time. Upton was featured in the body paint section and was adjudged as the swimsuit edition’s Rookie of the Year.

Later that year, she also modeled for Beach Bunny Swimwear, before appearing in Complex. She was also featured in Esquire magazine as its “Woman of the Summer.”


5 Viral Videos

A year later, she was again filmed dancing, but this time while wearing a bikini. She was gyrating to the tune of “Cat Daddy” by The Rej3ctz. Just like the dougie video, this one also went viral after it got posted in the Internet, amassing nearly 750,000 views on its first day of posting alone.


4 Victoria’s Secret Controversy

Upton also modeled a line of lingerie for Victoria’s Secret. She was the perfect model as she has the body and sex appeal that the angels of the lingerie company are known for.

Amazingly, Victoria’s Secret dropped the ball and blundered big time. Despite the fact that she had already appeared as a model for them, Sophia Neophitou, the brain and creative mind behind the lingerie company’s iconic fashion shows, dissed Upton in public by telling The New York Times that Victoria’s Secret will never use anyone like her. She thought of her looks as stereotypical of wives of football players. Neophitou added that Upton’s hair was too blond and that she has a face that anyone with money can buy. To further add insult, Neophitou also said that Upton’s an obvious glamour girl who needs to shed off some of her weight.

Upton, to her credit, rose above the situation. She never fired back and only said that she is mightily comfortable with her body.


3 She’s the Upton Girl

And rise above it, she did. Barely a year after being adjudged Rookie of the Year, she landed the cover of the 2012 swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated. Not even Michael Jordan was named MVP in his sophomore year in the NBA.

Upton also quickly made her way from being a swimsuit model to becoming a regular in high fashion magazines. She has appeared in both American and Italian editions of Vogue magazine, even landing in the cover of the Italian version. She has also been on the cover of GQ. Upton has also consistently placed high on the list of sexiest, hottest and most desirable women in the world.


2 Athletic Appeal

Every curve in her body is oozing with sexuality, so it is easy to see why she her pictures will be pinned up on bedrooms and dormitories of guys all over the world. Even famous athletes have been trying to get her attention.

Her presence in Clippers games sparked rumors of a relationship with budding superstar Blake Griffin. And remember the comment of that Victoria’s Secret representative who said that Upton looks like a footballer’s wife? Well, football players are certainly praying for it. Quarterbacks Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez, who were teammates the past season for the New York Jets, were both linked to her. New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz was also spotted being friendly with the model. New England Patriot tight end Rob Gronkowski also made a fool of himself trying to get Upton’s attention on Twitter.

Hockey star Sean Avery of the New York Rangers was also said to be keeping correspondences with her. But basketball, football and hockey players all have to take a backseat to baseball’s Justin Verlander. The Detroit Tigers pitcher is said to be Upton’s current steady date.


1 Back-to-Back Sports Illustrated Covers

So, just three years into the business and Upton has already got it made. She further cemented her status by once again landing the cover of the 2013 swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated. This is the first time it has happened since Tyra Banks did the trick in 1996 to 1997. Upton’s only 20 years old, so it may be a good bet that she will match Elle MacPherson’s and Christie Brinkley’s record of three consecutive covers next year.

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