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The Sincere Friendship of Brandi Glanville and Cindy Crawford

The Sincere Friendship of Brandi Glanville and Cindy Crawford

American celebrity housewife Brandi Glanville is well known for her friendship with the supermodel Cindy Crawford. The two met for the first time in modeling assignments decades back and have been friends ever since. While friendships are not too genuine in the glamour industry, but this one seems to be different. Brandi and Cindy are close to each other in age, and share many common likes and dislikes. Their friendship was the talk of the town several years back and continues to remain so.

Brandi has written a bestselling book, “Drinking and Tweeting”. The book has received decent reviews from the New York Times, and is apparently selling in thousands. In the book she talks about her friendship with Cindy and how the two of them became friends when they went to Europe as a part of a modeling venture. They also got to be a part of the same circle after Brandi divorced


Brandi talks about how she asked Cindy to give her a new picture of their modeling days in Europe. She asked for a new picture as the one with her is more than ten years old and is gradually fading out. This goes to show the closeness the two shares. Brandi also supposedly asked for advice about her relationships. She even asked whether she should go ahead and introduce her children to her boyfriend Michael Meldman. We can’t wait to hear more juicy details about their friendship as it seems very sincere.


Cindy Crawford has not mentioned anything about her friendship with Brandi Glanville. She is rather discreet about her personal life. We respect this. But it would be good to get some inputs from Cindy’s end as well. We hope that the two will have more to reveal about their friendship in the coming months. What they have to say is certain to be rather interesting.


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