The 20 Sexiest Tattoo Models Of 2015

There is a certain look that guys (and girls) go wild for - the full body coverage of tattoos, multiple piercings, brightly colored hair and geeky t-shirts. Models who hold rock this look can become a huge name overnight as everyone just can't help but fall into full admiration.

Then in 2001, the Suicide Girls website launched and all of a sudden a sea of alternative, punky and incredibly hot women had a place to display their own true beauty. This is not a place which is considered an adult site - instead, it's a celebration of those who dare to be different. To date the website features over 2,700 Suicide Girls who have been carefully selected from the 25,000 applications they receive each year.

With this alternative appeal on the rise and an undying interest from across the world, this is one trend which we won't be seeing the back of anytime soon. We have carefully selected the most popular and sexiest tattoo models of 2015, which we are sure is a decision you will firmly agree with.

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20 Rachel Rampage 

via vancitybuzz.com

Rachel Rampage has been modelling since she was 14-years-old and she is now signed to Famous Inked Models. Born in Langley, Vancouver, she has already modelled for brands such as Crown the Queens and Lost Boys Inc, as well as appearing on a babesontees.com T-Shirt - so you can literally take her out for a night.

The 5 foot 11" model also works as a special effects make-up artist and appeared on the cover of Canadian rockers' Aviator Shades album. She labels herself on all of her social media platforms as "the girl with the coffin on her chest".

19 Jemmy Showler 

via keyseventeen.com

Jemmy Showler is not just an inked goddess but she also owns her own tattoo studio, Art LaVey Tattoo Studio in North East England. Talented and beautiful, she has almost full coverage over her body and there are no signs of her losing any love for getting inked anytime soon.

The best way to meet her is to book in for one of her famous inkings, but let's draw the line at not being too creepy and actually asking for her own face on your arm.

18 Alysha Nett

via kaloopy.com

Diesel model Alysha Nett has been hot property since her big break in 2012. She won over thousands of fans with her self-made sexy videos and can now boast an Instagram following of more than 350,000. The Kansas-born beauty claims that all her confidence comes from her loyal fans - the more likes, the less she wears.

Surprisingly, Nett got her big breakthrough via MySpace after she began uploading amateur photos of herself. Despite all her successes, she is still a sweetheart deep down. The 27-year-old told Complex magazine, "Everybody always thinks I’m a lesbian. That I’d be mean or that I’d be rude. I don’t know why people think that and I definitely don’t want people to think that about me but I think people can be intimidated by or feel like they can’t talk to me but most of the time they realize that I’m really nice".

17 Kayla Baines 

via ruekrew.com


Kayla Baines describes herself on InkedMag.com as "A wild, edgy barbie finding her way in this big world". Her edginess can't be denied, although her tough attitude is in contrast with her mostly floral tattoos. The Arizona born model also has a diamond ring inked on each finger.

She has deep meanings behind her body art, as she explains, "The Buddha represents the peace and positivity I pride myself. She's always there to remind me. The Lotus Flower and Third Eye represent wisdom and remain enlightened by all things living". If you think you might want to take her out on a date, remember her ideal man is Ryan Reynolds, so here's hoping you've got the looks to please her.

16 Annasthesia Suicide 

via yooying.com

Based in Florida, Annasthesia is a popular Suicide Girl recognized for her striking red hair. The majority of her social media consists of uploads of her latest cosplay adventure as she is a huge fan of playing dress up.

A self-confessed gamer girl, she told Examiner magazine, "I'm the biggest Borderlands fan I know. I could play those into oblivion. Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 are great guilty pleasures. I also love all Zelda games. I replay Ocarina of Time on my 3DS whenever I travel".

15 Lauren Fernandez

via listal.com

Lauren Fernandez, also known as Miss Fernandez, has been a Suicide Girl since 2013. The British born model is instantly recognizable for her extensive body art, which stretches from her shoulders to the top of her legs. She is also well-known for her photo shoots which show off her petite figure.

Currently, she bids her polaroid snaps on E-Bay so her fans can build their own personal collection. We're guessing that this is one busy auction for her.

14 Lua Suicide 

via twitter.com

Lua Suicide is another hardcore gamer girl. Although she is only 4 foot 11" she still packs a lot of punch and has that New Jersey-born fire about her. Just like Annasthesia Suicide, she is also a huge fan of cosplay. She can often be found hosting the conventions herself.

If you want to game with her then don't worry about dragging your console around as she pretty much has it all. She told Tha Bulb online earlier this year, "I have nine different consoles going all the way back to the original Nintendo. With tons of games for each. I have a huge video game collection but some of my favorites are Kingdom Hearts, Tomb Raider, The Legend of Zelda series and Super Smash." Isn't she just the perfect woman?

13 Angelica Anderson

via pinterest.com

Angelica Anderson is a fitness model and alternative beauty. Her YouTube videos of her workouts have, for reasons we don't have to explain, been extremely popular and gathered quite the following. With slow motion shots of her jumping rope, lifting weights and wrapping her legs around a punchbag, it's motivation for all to start getting into shape.

12 Dannika Daisy 

via dirtyfreshlaundry.com

Based in London, Dannika Daisy is one of those unavoidable personalities who has gathered quite the fan base via Instagram. She keeps all her followers on their toes with her ever-changing hair colour as she always opts for a new shockingly bright look.

The 5 foot 4" beauty studied Fashion Design at the London College of Fashion which is evident in her eclectic look. She first came to public attention when she appeared on British dating gameshow Take Me Out and has since enjoyed a successful modelling career as well as joining the Suicide Girls.

11 Roxy Lee Heart

via tumblr.com


Roxy Lee Heart is not only an alternative model but also a talented singer. Her new single and music video for Animal is due to be released in just a couple of months. She describes her music as "grunge-pop" and is determined to carve out her own niche market in the music industry.

Based in Denver, Colorado, she told Framed magazine last year that she enjoys being an alternative model as it allows her to have more creative freedom. She said, "The best part of being an inked model is full expression. Nothing is too taboo or off-limits." She is currently promoting herself as an artist worldwide - watch this space because Roxy has her eyes set on world domination.

10 Ashley Michelle

via sexyinkmag.com

California born model Ashley Michelle had her first tattoo aged 17-years-old. Her friend did it for free as he was practising so he chose to ink her foot. Since these early years, her love for tattoos has created a lucrative modelling career.

She is a self-proclaimed Tarantino junkie so a movie night is always on the cards for her. Her two favourite tattoos of her whole collection is the Jameson bottle on her forearm and the portrait of her pit bull, Kain.

9 Jade Allison

via teenspiritvibe.files.wordpress.com


Petitie model Jade Allison is only 5 foot 5" but she is still head and shoulders above the rest. Allison has been a dancer for ten years and graced the stage with huge names such as Primal Scream, Ashanti and Kylie Minogue. During one shoot for a music video, the make-up department painted tattoos all over her body and ever since then she has fallen in love with body art. To date, she almost has full body coverage.

Based in London, England, she has now attracted over 100,000 fans to her Facebook page. Her most recent shots have been proudly showing off her pregnancy as she is currently six months pregnant.

8 Kaitlyn Mason

via plus.google.com

Kaitlyn Mason is a Spanish-Vietnamese go-go dancer born in Dallas, Texas. The promiscuous model embarrassingly claims that she has been caught having sex in public a total of three times. Once at Six Flags theme park in New Orleans, another time in a movie theatre and then in a car by none other than the police.

Should you want to try and flirt with Kaitlyn if you ever meet her, then here are some tips. She told Lowrider magazine, "Don’t come up and compliment me. I feel like everyone does that and its really cliché. Also, don’t drop some pick up line. I’ve never really been one to be picked up. There’s not really a certain way to do it".

7 Karlee Jane

via pinterest.com

Karlee Jane has the words "wild child" inked under both her butticks and she certainly plays up to it. Her Instagram following has grown to over 60,000 followers which is not bad at all for a 22-year-old.

She does have some advice for guys who want to date her, which she told Kaboom Magazine, "Don’t come on too strong, just go with the flow. Also, sending tons of your p**** pictures is a little uncalled for". So keep those intimate snaps for yourself, guys.

6 Riae Suicide 

via tattooinkoficial.blogspot.com

Since 2007, Riae Suicide has been celebrated for her art-form look and natural curves. She considers herself not just a successful alternative model but also a talented artist. Leaving home at sixteen-years-old meant that she had to become instantly independent. She worked many jobs including waitressing, house cleaning, pet grooming and secretarial work.

After previous partners bullied her over how she looked, she never considered a future as a model. She told Fluffer magazine, "Let’s also say that a good amount of my exes always made it clear that I had to be grateful to them because of how kind they were to be together with an ugly one like me, thus smashing the already low self-esteem I had". Then she discovered Suicide Girls and ever since, her alternative look has seen her go far.

5 Maud Suicide 

via Facebook.com

Maud Suicide can put you under her spell with her natural beauty and also actual witchcraft. She is not shy in coming forward as a fan of the dark arts as she claims on her Suicide Girls page that she had been dabbling in some white magic herself. Maud has been one of the most popular girls on the site for a few years now.

She also claims that she is literally from out of space. The red-head wrote, "A ton of talk about me being a Witch/Alien hybrid, being an Alien is almost everything but my existence as a whole wouldn't be anything without my Witchy side". Beautiful and bizarre, if that's how you like your women.

4 Pandora Blue 

via Facebook.com

It's true, people just can't get enough of Pandora Blue. The Virginia born stunner has only been an alternative model for three years now but she has already amassed almost 200,000 followers on Instagram and one million fans on Facebook. She had her first tattoo at just 18-years-old in a bid to rebel against her parents who disagreed with body art and piercings.

Sadly, Blue is a spoken for woman. She is in a relationship with Matt Linkous who is another heavily inked model. This doesn't stop her from giving up the day job though, as she is always more than willing to treat fans to a sexy photo shoot.

3 Christy Mack 

via intouchweekly.com

Adult American actress and alternative model, Christy Mack is recognised as one of the sexiest women in the world. But earlier this year, her personal life took a terrible turn for the worst when she became a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of her ex-boyfriend.

War Machine, whose real name is Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver, was charged with kidnapping, bodily harm and attempted murder after he attacked Mack when he discovered her sharing a bed with her friend, Corey Thomas. 24-year-old Mack suffered a lacerated liver, a fractured orbital bone, broke her nose and lost two teeth.

2 Sabina Kelley 

via rebel.ink

Sabina Kelley is the kind of woman who is desired by - well, pretty much everyone. Her vintage, blonde-bombshell style has won her international status and she's not losing her touch anytime soon. As a judge on the show Best Ink, she has become a favourite with many viewers, including Jane's Addiction guitarist, Dave Navarro. He even had his assistant personally cut the show down to the scenes that she appeared in.

Despite being considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, she complains that men are often too scared to speak to her at social events. Kelley told Oxygen magazine, "Guys don't really come up to me and talk to me or anything. They'll be in the same room as me, and they wont say a word, but then they'll tweet me later or something or Instagram. I'm like, 'Why didn't you come say hi?' It's weird, I don't get it. I don't like it!"

1 Ruby Rose 

via freerepublic.com

Australian model, DJ and Orange Is The New Black actress Ruby Rose transformed into an overnight sensation when she became the world's biggest girl crush - ever. During an interview on the Conan O'Brien Show earlier this year, she attempted to count just how many tattoos adorned her tiny frame and guessed the number would be somewhere around sixty.

Her tattoos include "Just Love" inked on her knuckles, "Life" written across her wrist in red and orange, Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on her forearm, and “Danke Schön” which is German for thank you inked across her elbow. Next year, the 29-year-old model plans to marry her long-time girlfriend, Phoebe Dahl.


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